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Salamanders + other animals = awesome

A few days ago, an announcement was made about the University of Edinburgh’s discovery of the “super salamander” fossil. The 6 foot salamander looks a bit like a amphibious crocodilian. 120 more words


Amphibian art for conservation

I found Leah Jay’s artwork when I was looking for artwork that captures the conservation of salamanders. Her artwork is… poetry. The use of watercolors and words to look like a combination of naturalist paintings and street art is just wonderful. 72 more words



A new species of prehistoric crocodile-like amphibians has been discovered. According to a new study published in the Journal of Vertebrate Palaeontology, the Metoposaurus algarvensis, which had hundreds of sharp teeth and measured the length of a small car, thrived over 200 million years ago during the rise of the dinosaurs and was among the top predators of its era. 150 more words


Rare Breed: Texas Blind Salamander beer

I was privileged enough to spend a little time with some captive Texas blind salamanders over the weekend, which got me looking around for Texas blind salamander art etc. 174 more words


Hike: Chub Sandhill - long leaf pine, resurrection fern & salamander eggs!

Last Thursday I joined ten others for a Chesterfield Parks and Recreation hike thru Chub Sandhill Natural Preserve in Sussex County, Virginia. I love hiking with these folks! 465 more words