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San Marcos Springs

Sometimes your most interesting moments throughout the day don’t transfer well to photographs. My sights in the Springs at the historic Meadows Center included a large alligator gar searching for dinner, turtles sunning on a limb, tons of fish swimming in the clear fresh water, a mother nutria shepherding her babies into their den for safety, and a view of the water flowing from the deepest part of the springs from inside a glass-bottom boat. 33 kata lagi


We go marching on...

Good afternoon watchers, pressers and followers,

There has been a flurry of activity at the Brushworks. Having moved into the new studio a few weeks ago the productivity has improved and escalated. 144 kata lagi

Games Workshop

Ity Bitty Salamander enjoying life!

Teeney Tiny Salamander in a pool atop a mushroom.

My first attempt at focus stacking.

WAY easier than I thought it would be

What a treat to find this tiny Salamander in my rock garden. 161 kata lagi

Home And Garden


There are no mirrors
in wetness under a stone