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Day 21: Garden Slender Salamander

I found this little guy living under one of my potted plants when it was wetter out side.  The leaf next to him is only about an inch and a half long so you can get an idea of how small this little fella is.   6 kata lagi


Sally Mander

Slowly the front page of Karen’s book is coming together. It’s been another crazy couple of days and I’m just sitting down for a little sketch time. 159 kata lagi


Fire salamander in the morning

What a start into the day!

I walked on my normal way to work, along the Lake of Lucerne. Yesterday I saw a big dead fish on the shore and a very green caterpillar on one of the trees. 235 kata lagi


A Beastly Picnic - Memori Reading Group June meeting

When 24th June 2015, 3-o’clock

Where: Outside the John Percival Building, Cardiff University for a picnic (weather permitting)!

What: Memori Reading group, June meeting

Special Feature: 705 kata lagi