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A Quick Guide to Axolotls

While researching information for this post, I had the pleasure of speaking with several axolotl owners. I just want to say that I’m eternally grateful for your time and contributions. 616 kata lagi


12/5/15 Two salamanders

Two salamanders
dug into the mud on
the freshly rained road.
Tire tracks marking the path
of carelessness.

And isn’t it so?
After all, we call… 24 kata lagi


Malachite & Salamander Necklace

Beautiful Handmade Black Leather Necklace with Malachite & Salamander

Would you like to wear this necklace? Please let me know, thank you :-)

You can find this necklace… 17 kata lagi


Dag 180 - Klein schepseltje

Elke dag lopen er kleine groene wezentjes om mij heen. Ze zijn snel, en verdwijnen tussen de stenen van het huis en de tuin. Ze zijn goed voor een vakantiegevoel ;) 33 kata lagi


DT 28157 - DT 28161

DT 28157

DT 28,158

Monk plugged in power tool and portable stove (10) = SALAMANDER

monk = LAMA, power tool = SANDER


Fish or… 119 kata lagi

DT Cryptic

The Killing Times' Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama: Happy Valley (England) v Salamander (Belgium)

We’re back to Group C in the Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama, and even though the England football team went out of the tournament last night, their crime drama counterparts are still going strong and look likely to progress to the quarter-finals. 292 kata lagi

Happy Valley

The Killing Times' Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama: Love/Hate (Ireland) v Salamander (Belgium)

It seems odd doing something a bit frivolous today of all days, but the Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama stops for no person. Yesterday we saw Shetland continue its fine form with an emphatic victory against Germany’s Cenk Batu. 248 kata lagi

Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama