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White salamander. It’s big and looks just like it shows on the internet. It was in the conservatory at the museum. Imagine that. Honest, it was (there).



I remember the day the new freezer arrived. It was huge. It was from Sears complete with a warranty. Now we could stock up on fresh halibut flown south from Alaska. 153 kata lagi

Salamander in the forest

4 October 2017

Just been for my daily walk through the forest and came across this chap!  It’s a Fire Salamander.  I was lucky to see him as on my way back he had disappeared.   13 kata lagi

Reading: L’Orangerie by Yves Bonnefoy

The French poet Yves Bonnefoy (1923-2016) published major collections of poetry throughout his livetime. He lived, and died, in Paris in 2016. Today, I read a poem headed ‘L’Orangerie’. 485 kata lagi


A Scar and a Salamander...... 

So my aim this week was to finish the White Scar model, which I did and then also got the Salamander finished :D

Between the two of them I preferred painting the Salamander purely because of the variety of textures on him. 137 kata lagi

The Original Starter Pokémon, Re-Imagined

(Source: kotaku.com)

“What would the first Pokémon generation look like if they were introduced today?” To answer that question, Pokéfans infinipede and ShedSimas embarked on a project to redesign the original 151 Pokémon, with their first targets being, of course, the original starters. 349 kata lagi


A Non-Adventurous Hodgepodge...

Folks, can you believe it’s Wednesday, again?  Me either!  I’m struggling to get these questions answered, while watching for the stray salamander who’s playing peek-a-boo from under my couch!  633 kata lagi