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Salamander Fairyland: Conserving a unique treasure in the Blue Ridge Mountains

On a cool, crisp evening, Liberty University professors and their students trek through the damp understory of the Jefferson National Forest as the sun falls behind the treeline. 970 kata lagi

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Salamanders at Big Cypress Tree State Park, TN

Since our university was on Thanksgiving Break (3rd week of November). I had the honour of visiting Josh Hall’s family in West Tennessee. Josh and I collaborate on a series of projects to study how invasive lizards might be adapted to urban adaptation so we’ve gone down to Miami, FL together a couple times. 246 kata lagi


Does the sense of smell drive brain regeneration?

Is it possible that olfaction affects the ability to regrow brain cells? Currently, any definitive answer to this question would be far-fetched, but we do know that the olfactory bulb, the brain region that deals with smells, may have a critical role in regulating axolotl brain regeneration. 397 kata lagi

The Tale of A Spotted Salamander.

Waaaay back in 1975, a salamander was discovered by Paul Elias and dubbed Jackson’s Climbing Salamander. Only two were found, both females, one of which was preserved and the other brought to the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at U.C. 365 kata lagi


Lathrop's Quiet Vernal Pools

by Barbara Walvoord

First Printed in Lathrop Lamp Post, Nov.  18-24, 2017

Last spring, our vernal pools were jumping with visible life.  Mating wood frogs quacked in a loud chorus.    367 kata lagi

Observing Our Land

Park Ranger On His Lunch Break Rediscovers Rare Species Lost For 42 Years

(CBS Local) — A nature preserve guard in Guatemala made history while on his lunch break when he spotted a creature that biologists had lost track of for 42 years. 278 kata lagi



My generation, and yours, whatever your age, will see more and more species go extinct.  That is a result of what our “civilization” and resource exploitation has done to Earth.  73 kata lagi

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