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As per Salafis Allah swt does Jogging [Nadubill'ah]

It is well known to everyone that Salafi Creed is full of Jokes and funny tales. Sometimes they limit the Allah swt and sometimes make absurd claims about him. 217 kata lagi


Surely Umar bin Khattab was Strongest of all Arabs !

It is common prespective held by majority of the Sunni school of thought that Umar bin Khattab was most bold and strong person among early muslims. 314 kata lagi


Bahasa Arab, penting kah?

Ketika mendengar bahasa Arab, mungkin yang terngiang di benak kita adalah Al-Quran atau Hadits. Ya, walaupun mungkin agak asing di telinga kita, bahasa Arab ini digunakan oleh jutaan orang di dunia ini. 786 kata lagi


Nasibi Usūl of Salafis !

One of the Bubbling Salafi scholar from Pakistan by the name of Hafidh Muhammad Yahya Gondalavi has written a Book about Weak and Fabricated Narrations. In the… 101 kata lagi


Defending a Narration of Lady Aisha regarding Tawwasul !

There us a Famous Narration in Musnad Darimi which proves the Tawwasul from Prophet pbuh even after his Death. But Salafis try everything to prove it… 502 kata lagi


Who are the Real Muhajirs ?

Sunnis have been extreme in the case of Muhajireen and Ansar and they label every person as Mujahir who had travelled from Mecca to Medina. When we look at the time of Companions there you can see a contrast with what they are propagating today ! 435 kata lagi


Reality of the an excuse of Muwaiy'ah to wage a war against Imam Ali [a.s]

During the Caliphate of Imam Ali he had to face two wars after the Killing of Uthman bin Affan by Muslims. The main excuse of those who waged these wars was ” … 353 kata lagi