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What is Fiq-hul-Waaqi’ and how it is leading the Ummah to misguidance ?

Question: What does Fiq-hul-Waaqi’ mean?

Answer: The term ‘Fiq-hul-Waaqi’’ is neither found in the Qur-aan nor in Hadiith nor in the speech of the Swahaabah. It is a term that has recently originated from those who feel very much concerned about the Ummah. 555 kata lagi


A woman can stipulate a condition in the marriage contract which he MUST abide by

A woman may stipulate in the marriage contract that she be the only wife

A woman can stipulate in the marriage contract. If a condition is stipulated then it is a must for the one bound by the condition to abide by it. 854 kata lagi

Two Wings of the Brotherhood

The text has 75 footnotes. Samuel Tadros of the Hudson Institute has dutifully followed the internal power struggle consuming the Muslim Brotherhood since the fall of Morsi. 1.474 kata lagi


Khurooj and the Method of Hizb ut Tahrir

In these oppressive times, we witness the Ummah under great difficulty. Oppressive rulers are subjugating it and implementing such systems upon the Ummah that solely emanate from Kufr. 2.993 kata lagi


My 5 Favourite Things (14/08/2015)

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

Another week is over subhanAllah and it’s the blessed day of Friday (Jumuah) alhamdulillah. I’m seen so many amazing things this week mashaAllah but I’ve only got 5 spots. 484 kata lagi