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This is a very simple but tasty salad for any day of the year. Worm with chicken, cool with salad and delicate with a dressing of Caesar salad. 271 kata lagi


Leek and salmon frittata

I was having my aunt Dawn over for lunch one Saturday and as she is mostly vegetarian, though occasionally eats fish, I wanted to find something simple and filling for lunch which we would both enjoy. 273 kata lagi


Time to enjoy Greek food

Yiouvetsi is a traditional greek dish originally served with lamb which we will exchange by chicken.

Chop 1 red onion, 4 garlic cloves, and if you like it spicy, 1 spicy little pepper. 116 kata lagi


shaved fennel & mandarin orange salad

We’re currently going through that awkward time of year when it’s still winter; still cold, bleak, and unapologetically, seemingly, never-ending. And then you spy the little daffy-down-dillies popping up by the side of the road, tossing their heads as if to beckon the sunshine. 414 kata lagi

Food Photography

Recipe: Fermented Sencha Tea Leaf Salad

Looking to shake up your salads? This is such a delicious way to get your green tea and your greens! Crunchy, tart, and wholesome, this is a traditional Burmese dish that you can make right at home. 335 kata lagi

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