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Quick and easy recipe: Lamb's lettuce, duck and red beets salad

Crazy week, crazy time! With me leaving my current job, I have little time for cooking, except for a cake for my farewell lunch (the best) where everybody stepped in! 291 kata lagi


CourseHorse Cooking Class- Sur La Table!

I’m finally back from my whirlwind of a trip to New Zealand + Australia and I’m excited to catch up on some blog posts! Soon I will be posting a recap of our adventuress. 687 kata lagi

Favorite Freebie Source & Free Canola Oil

When I browse reddit.com/r/freebies I request everything I can. I go through the site about once a month or so & finally got something I wanted to blog about.  125 kata lagi

Daily Freebies

Texas Roadhouse - USDA Choice Meal

So, the idea that anyone reading this blog hasn’t been to Texas Roadhouse is almost unfathomable. Back when I lived in Colorado, this place was my… 652 kata lagi


Roasted Aubergine & Garden Salad

This morning I read a post by Glover Gardens Cookbook about a chipotle rub and a chipotle barbecue sauce. I put the rub recipe together within minutes of reading. 128 kata lagi


Salade Lyonnaise/Frisée Salad with Pancetta

This quintessential salad originated in Lyon, France. It’s a classic salad that is found in many bistros throughout the country. I consider it a gourmet dish, and does require a little juggling in the kitchen. 727 kata lagi