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Bloody Mary Chicken Salad

When Hubby gave off a somewhat strangled noise, skirting the edge of panic last weekend while giving his weather forecast app a disdainful glare, I knew we were in trouble. 1.492 kata lagi

Nahdala's Midweek Special

Chipotle Cashew Dressing

This dressing was inspired by the sauce used in Hot For Food’s jackfruit tacos recipe as well as my laziness.  I didn’t want to use a bender to make the dressing, so I figured a way to not use my blender!  181 kata lagi


Sexy Summer Salad

Sexy Summer Salad

See… something named after you at last! :P :D

Ahhh… Summer! :D The longest day of the year has been and gone which means nights are drawing in already! 637 kata lagi


Guacamole, mixed salad and baguette

Guacamole with mixed salad and baguette.

Avocadocreme mit gemischtem Salat und Baguette.

Cheesy Lasagne

Adapted from You magazine

This is a lovely vegetarian alternative to the traditional lasagne recipe


100g butter

750g mushrooms (thinly sliced)

1 tub cream cheese… 157 kata lagi


Greek Salad

Perfect summer salad of chopped tomatoes, green peppers and cucumber. I’ve included my preferred dressing, but you can always substitute your favorite vinaigrette, and add options kalamata olives if you like. 270 kata lagi


Balsamic Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad

Strawberries are in season! Is there anything better than a freshly picked, sun-ripened strawberry? Don’t think so.

My neighbour yelled out to me the other day, “I just picked some strawberries, do you want some?” Hells ya, I want some! 385 kata lagi