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Pretty Sailor Armor

Their costume was very well put together. Everything looked very details, but sadly they weren’t in the cosplay contest.

Cosplay Photography

Official Sailor Couple

If you watch Sailormoon you know this is a very official ship XD. Sailor Neptune x Uranus. I ship it hard.

Cosplay Photography

What Sailor Moon will do?

(Yeah I am Sailor Avie and I will punish you in the name of the moon)

Oh I just want to share my frustrations lately and I am sorry to write here. 490 kata lagi


Sailor Venus

I can’t get enough when the cosplayer is so good at sewing and they show it off so nicely.

Cosplay Photography

5 Best Anime Theme Songs: 90's Edition!

I love anime! Okay, maybe not as hardcore as some people but I’ve been a fan since I was 12-years old. One of the best things about anime are catchy theme songs so I wanted to share some of my favorites! 376 kata lagi


Moff Animal Cafe

Japan is the land of amazing restaurants like Kawaii Monster Cafe, Vampire Cafe, Christon cafe, Alice Cafe  and more which are beautiful themed decorated restaurants. 233 kata lagi