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Why I Still Love Sailor Moon

In the Name of the Moon…. Sailor Moon as a Feminist Role Model

For those of us who grew up in the 90s, Saturday mornings meant waking up early and running to the television to watch cartoons. 1.588 kata lagi

MUSIC Showcase: The Great New Singer/Song-Writer Of Japan. You Probably Never Heard of "Bonjour Suzuki".

Bonjour Suzuki, is a new vocalist-musical composer from Japan. Her feet in the water of genres are: hip-hop, dream pop, and ambient.

Her tracks are mainly in the Japanese language, but do consist of hints of English and French. 132 kata lagi

Music Reviews + List And Discussions


So I was Summer/Spring cleaning today, just going through all my high school and college stuff and watching Sailor Moon on Hulu (BEST SHOW EVER) when I stumbled upon my old work shirt. 198 kata lagi


Moon Day 6/1/2015

Sorry this is late.  I helped my parents move yesterday, and today I spent most of the day in bed as moving things up 3 flights of stairs made me a hobbling cripple.   213 kata lagi