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fighting beneath the moonlight

for love and justice

pretty heroines of light

inspire the world

bright day fading to twilight

brings out dark shadows

fighting beneath the moonlight… 35 more words


Moon Healing Activation !!!!

EEEEEEEEEEEE, I’m such a BIG moonie, this project makes me so happy ^.^ I have always wanted the wand from sailor moon but never got one growing up. 53 more words


Team of 5: Character 2 Reveal!

If you grew up a 90s kid, their was always that show that you’d watch about a blonde-haired girl in a sailor outfit. However, you sometimes couldn’t remember exactly what the name of it was. 303 more words


#12 Animes of my childhood

When I talk to others in my age, some say that animes had a huge influence on their childhood. The majority of those people are cosplayer, but I also know “ordinary” people, who loved watching animes after they came home from school. 454 more words


More Bookmarks! :D

Now all my closest friends have bookmarks! (hint: my books)

I’d like to reiterate that these are not my own images, I just love and appreciate the work and creativity of others, I did organize and resize as needed to fit the dimensions for bookmarks. 57 more words


Ponsel berbentuk hati untuk sang buah hati

Di jaman penuh dengan teknologi maju sekarang ini, bagaimana jika kamu ditawarkan sebuah ponsel tanpa internet , tanpa kamera, dan bahkan… tanpa fitur SMS ? 138 more words