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Day Three:Favorite Male Character Ever

Well, here we are at day three of the 30 day anime challenge.  This entry was already a given when I saw the list.  But it also might be a bit bias because of the fact I’m just a big Sailor Moon Fangirl. 382 kata lagi

What Sailor Moon taught me


I spent half of the summer holidays in New Hampshire to help my best friend organize her wedding and to attend the ceremony. Her (now) husband is a fan of comics and writes articles about superheroes; it was expected, then, that the topic should pop in conversation. 552 kata lagi


Sailor Moon in Comic Book Form; Zodiac Starforce

My beautiful wood bookshelf is being filled with various comic books. I went through a shopping spree in the summer when I bought four titles at a time. 400 kata lagi


Pokemon Go Book Tag!

I actually suck a book tags. No, really. I don’t actually get “tagged” to do book tags, I just like the concept and write about it. 700 kata lagi


Moon Animate Make Up 2

A couple years ago, a group of animators took an entire english dubbed episode of Sailor Moon and reanimated it. The result: a really cool, funny take on the show that was well done. 104 kata lagi

Tuxedo Mask && Shrooms

When I discovered that the Disney Animators were coming out with Alice, I was relieved and excited. Especially since they made Christoph (Frozen), Aladdin, Small World English boy, Tinkerbell, Lilo, etc non-princesses. 411 kata lagi

Luna Inspired Flats (Sailormoon) // DIY


The other day I saw these shoes on Instagram and I was inspired to do this DIY. Like the Sailor moon fan that I am, I fell in love with them and I knew I had to recreate them. 207 kata lagi