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Eating Like Usagi: Sailor Moon Inspired Food at Universal Studios Japan 2018

As part of its ‘Universal Cool Japan’ 2018 programme (January 19th – September 30th 2018), Universal Studios Japan in Osaka has put the spotlight on Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the classic 1990s anime series with a global fan base that aired in more than 40 countries. 930 kata lagi

It’s A Sailor Moon Miracle! - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon At Universal Studios Japan

‘Universal Cool Japan’ (January 19th – September 30th 2018), at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka aims to celebrate some of the country’s most beloved anime and game franchises. 1.231 kata lagi


Favorite Anime Gay Couples

On Friday, June 1st, marked the start of Pride Month.  So to kick this off, I will be listing my favorite gay/lesbian anime couples from the anime I’ve watched over the years. 1.577 kata lagi

Sailormoon characters as Roses

As a follow-up to my Jem Girls as Roses, I am presenting Sailormoon Girls as Roses.

Sailor Moon is the Rose Moonstone (Moonstone is white with pink edges) 209 kata lagi



Welp, Animé Central is just around the corner and for the third consecutive year, I’ll be attending the event!

Somehow, it had become a tradition for me and Ray to attend the event even if I know that he could go on life without attending it. 114 kata lagi


Cute Stickers

So surprised to see Miss Little Paint Brush stickers design at the mall today. She was one of the popular artist in tumblr, and i also like her works. 49 kata lagi