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Listen, Carefully

The episode of Sailor Moon where we meet Sailor Mercury, the show starts with a prologue between demonic entities that make a very curious statement: parents can be crueler to their children than the demons would ever be. 178 kata lagi

Carefree as Roses

Perhaps my favorite thing about Sailor Moon is how they highlight the power of sheer girlishness. The anime makes it clear how undervalued it is in Modernity. 126 kata lagi

Coord of the...next week

Originally, this weekend was my grocery shopping weekend. I planned to dress up and go grocery shopping. However, earlier this week, I learned there would likely be an ice storm this weekend, so I did my grocery shopping on Tuesday after lab. 728 kata lagi

Lolita Fashion

Sailor Moon: Soldier of Love and Justice

The Sailor Moon anime offers a similar arch every episode. Usually, the episode is about how Usagi’s human life/behavior creates conflict with her Soul Purpose; a crisis trumps the drama; Usagi has to step up as Sailor Moon resulting in Usagi maturing in the process with the help of her guide, friends, and/or Twin Flame. 306 kata lagi

New Process Animation & $10 Commissions

Hi everyone, I’ve just opened a profile on Artists & Clients to take commissions! To celebrate I’ve opened up these $10 Chibi Commissions! Help me spread the word and thank you all for your kindness & support! 137 kata lagi


Pretty item of the day: Sailor Moon pop vinyl ✨

Growing up I watched every episode of Sailor moon, I loved watching lots of Anime series’s. I am yet to own a pop vinyl and Rob has loads so maybe this… 39 kata lagi