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Getting a tattoo in Japan

The night before I hand plans to meet a friend in Tokyo I had been up all night at an obligatory work party.  Every time there was a new hire we would go to a local dive bar and invite all of our adult students. 550 more words

Moon Day 5/25/2015

Here is the next batch of classic Sailor Moon S episodes that were released for Moon Day yesterday on Hulu Plus and Viz’s Neon Alley. 165 more words

Classic Anime :)

My Anime History!

What is the first anime that I watched?

The first anime that I watched was “The protector of love and peace SAILOR MOON” made by  516 more words


[Sailormoon Doll Restoration] Sailor Suit

Taobaoed a Super Sailor moon suit in an unexpectedly bad condition. Gotta fix it now

Tools: Metallic fabric markers. Not easily available in hk market…luckily managed to fetch all necessary colors at Kornhill Aeon… 69 more words