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Showcase: The Great New Singer/Song-Writer Of Japan. You Probably Never Heard of "Bonjour Suzuki".

Bonjour Suzuki, is a new vocalist-musical composer from Japan. Her feet in the water of genres are: hip-hop, dream pop, and ambient.

Her tracks are mainly in the Japanese language, but do consist of hints of English and French. 132 kata lagi

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So I was Summer/Spring cleaning today, just going through all my high school and college stuff and watching Sailor Moon on Hulu (BEST SHOW EVER) when I stumbled upon my old work shirt. 198 kata lagi


Moon Day 6/1/2015

Sorry this is late.  I helped my parents move yesterday, and today I spent most of the day in bed as moving things up 3 flights of stairs made me a hobbling cripple.   213 kata lagi


Found #sailormoon on the street.


Getting a tattoo in Japan

The night before I hand plans to meet a friend in Tokyo I had been up all night at an obligatory work party.  Every time there was a new hire we would go to a local dive bar and invite all of our adult students. 550 kata lagi