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The night before Anime North…

Hey what’s up world ! Soon I will be departing to meet up with some of friends at the nerdy Anime convention here in Canada! I wrote a blog post a while back about my previous years at this convention which you can view here… 309 kata lagi


Moon Stick Monopod

Never get enough of Sailor Moon mechanizes!  I’ll still get them even tho its not from Bandai. Saw them selling this and i was like I NEED IT ! 184 kata lagi

Sailor Moon Collections

Sailors Bookmarks!

(EN) Here you are some bookmarks inspired by Sailor Moon! Choose your favourite!

(FR) Voilà quelques marques à page inspiré de Sailor Moon! Choisissez votre préférée!


#sketch: Princess Serenity

Princess Serenity looking at Endymion’s locket.

I didn’t create the dress myself.

Credits to Pinterest’s inspirational fashion trending pictures, and Lady GaGa’s wedding gown.

Oh, and Tiffany & Co.’s necklace. 8 kata lagi

Black Eyed Peas jokes for Kabaneri? Super Sentai Beybladers? Spring Anime Impressions so far (Non-Spoiler)

It’s almost June, and here’s a follow-up on my Spring Anime 2016 impressions. Avoiding spoilers.

Terraformars REVENGE

(テラフォーマーズ リベンジ) Let’s start off with the first episode, and how it made everyone deeply upset. 1.242 kata lagi

Video Games

Usagi Tsukino ranked most bimbo anime girl

So far, considering all the animes I watched.

She was so blur-blur, didn’t know what-why-how-when-where anything happened to anybody.

An incurable day-dreamer. She fancied two handsome boys, hated Mamoru without knowing he was Tuxedo Kamen (she blur again). 74 kata lagi

 Sailor Scouts Monthly Squares & Mission Board

✨ I have always been the kind of person to always find away to learn something, to make my personal things have some kind of flare or glam to it. 136 kata lagi