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Sanrio ‘Sailor Moon x My Melody’ Collaboration Item and Fan Meeting Schedule has Released!!

Celebrating 25 Years Anniversary of Sailor Moon! ‘Sailor Moon x My Melody’ collaboration item will be release on this 3rd of August! Fan Meeting schedule has release, the meeting will be on 29th of July at the Sanrio Puroland♪ 172 kata lagi

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Midnight feelings

My body misses your warmth

Your unique aroma

The way we fit perfectly like a puzzle

I turn and you are not there

I still do not know what is better… 12 kata lagi

Makeup Collab: Sailor Moon Edition

Hey guys!

This week I had the pleasure of participating in a Sailor Moon inspired collab hosted by the beautiful @lipstick.and.zombies with a few other lovely ladies on Instagram, so I figured I’d share the looks here as well. 58 kata lagi

Happy 25th Anniversary Tenchi Muyo!

I started watching Anime in the early to mid 1990’s, which was about the time I ended junior high and was starting high school.  Anime was only a small niche group then, where finding it was only limited to VHS tapes only being sold by comic book or import stores (which finding an import store in itself was hard), or finding import goods the same way.   2.086 kata lagi

Sailor Moon has her own phone!

Nostalgia marketing is when marketers uses something from the consumer’s past in their advertisements, package design or even in branding. Nostalgia refers to something sentimental or wistful that occurred in the past. 683 kata lagi

I Am A Jaded Sailor Moon

My Prince Darien had turned abusive. Perfect knight in the beginning. Perfect, charming, and then it changed. It all changed. Before I knew it my Kingdom had begun to crumble as my once certain future tilted to such a degree that my balance wavers dangerously. 411 kata lagi

Children of Two Worlds

Title: Children of Two Worlds

Author: Kanda Yuuki(hime)

Date: 2 June 2014

Chapter One: The Decision

There were once born a pair of fraternal twins, a boy and a girl, to the High King of the Kingdom of Earth. 1.157 kata lagi

Chronicles Of Terra