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Favorite Anime Couples

Here we are at Valentines Day.  Happy Valentines Day everyone!  Valentines Day is celebrated a little differently than here in the west and coincides with their own holiday, White Day.  1.453 kata lagi


This speaks to me on a spiritual level.

For as long as I remember, and even now, I have been watching animé.

I can still remember it clearly. 339 kata lagi


Anime Best Friends

Today is not only known as Super Bowl Sunday, but the Internet has dubbed it “National Best Friends” day.  So, for “National Best Friends” day, here are some of my favorite groups of friends from various anime that I love. 1.320 kata lagi

Happy Birthday Sailor Uranus

Today, January 27th is the birthday of my absolute favorite Sailor Senshi, Sailor Uranus!

Sailor Uranus is Haruka Tenoh, an avid and famous race car driver.   378 kata lagi