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Top Ten Anime Characters With Fire Powers

It’s  the middle of the summer, and the heat waves are still kicking in! To celebrate the change in weather, here’s  a top ten list that’ll melt your bones! 240 kata lagi


Usagi Tsukino adalah Anak Kelas 2 SMP

sumber: sini

Sailormoon menginvasi negeri kita ketika saya SD. Prajurit cantik, baju yang cantik, Mamoru Chiba yang tampan, menyedot perhatian anak-anak di Indonesia, dan saya yakin di dunia.  483 kata lagi


Updated Favorite 5 Apps

Just like how time changes, people change too.. And that also means my favorite apps change as well.

1. Snapchat

I’ve had Snapchat since 2013 and since then it’s been sort of on and off for me. 216 kata lagi


June Summary and Coming up in July

Hello there!

Todays post will be on what bookish things I did in June, then I will be going into my plans for July. So lets get started! 673 kata lagi


Photo Diary: Latte Dates & Art is Great

Hey everyone! After a day of taking lots of photos, I thought it would be a great idea to share a look into my day with you all! 428 kata lagi


Sailor Moon Anime Character Goods

Can’t stop Loving These.

Legendary Japanese animation Sailor Moon character goods are legends themselves..