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Where Can I watch Sailor Moon?

The question that struggles us all. This was a pretty hard show to find, and if I found an episode, it was impossible to find every episode on that platform. 70 more words


I'm JapanSailorGirl!

Konnichiwa! Watashi wa JapanSailorGirl!- just a regular teenager waiting to be a pretty soldier amiright? I love anything and everything Sailor Moon, manga, anime, and am currently learning the amazing Japanese language! 70 more words


Sailor Moon Fever

Hello teddies =^_^=

So lately I’ve noticed that since Sailor Moon Crystal appeared there is way more merchandise and more cosplayers and accessories =^_^=

It’s so great because finally I can have something of Sailor Moon =*__*= 239 more words

Moon Day 4/13/2015

Since I forgot to post last weeks episodes for Moon Day (due to work), here is an early post for the 2 classic episodes being released tomorrow on Hulu Plus and Neon Alley for Moon Day. 87 more words