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The Guru Supreme- The Role of a Master in one’s life (Part 1)

Right from our childhood, every person we crossed, has taught us something or the other, be it, when to speak and when not to speak; what to eat and what not to eat; how to be and how not to be. 1.117 kata lagi


Sai Baba ~ Bringing Love to Where There is Hate ~ March 14, 2018

Posted by sanandawebsite, 03/13/2018

By Jahn J. Kassl


Where there’s a lack of mercifulness, strife continues to exist, and where there’s no forgiveness, acts of violence are predominant. 541 kata lagi

What matters is to live in the present, live now, for every moment is now. It is your thoughts and acts of the moment that

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Shraddha & Saburi.

The Saint of Shirdi in whom I met my Guru 40 years back when I visited Shirdi and whatever I am, I owe it to him. 49 kata lagi


This is the third and final piece that I thought would get your brain cells going..

To be free of the false self, we must let go of our attachments to all spiritual teachers and concepts.

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