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Sai Sat Sang

I love reading Sai leela. The life stories of Sai attract me so much that I often feel a part of them. I try to experience them, like I had been present there and then. 575 more words


Message For the Day..." Ways for atoning our Sins ..."

In the course of one’s day to day activities a number of small creatures and insects may be destroyed. In these and other ways, sins may be committed, knowingly or unknowingly. 106 more words


Krishna is omnipresent

Krishna is omnipresent. The word has three meanings:

(1) Krishithi-ithi Krishna –The man who ploughs is Krishna. The heart is the symbol of a field. The heart should be cleared of weeds (evil qualities). 233 more words


Comparison of modern guru to Jesus Christ

Following on from the previous post, where I mentioned modern day gurus, I thought it would be interesting to consider one guru in particular. He has a following of millions, and his devotees include not only poor uneducated Indians, but many highly intelligent and educated people, both from India and Western countries. 535 more words