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Shaken but Blessed!

Like many on this planet, I too shared a very muddled relationship with God…sometimes I am certain – there is God while at times when the going gets real tough, beyond endurance; I question his existance… 538 more words


Sai baba latest shayari

Aankhon mein rahe dil mein utar kar nahi dekha,
kashti ke musafir ne samundar nhi dekha.
Aur Baba kehte hai ki patthar mujhe kehte he mera chahane wale, 13 more words

Sai Baba

Sai baba shayari

Sai ek muskan tu muje ek baar de de,
Khawab me hi sahi, ek didaar de de,
Bas ek baar kar le tu aane ka wada, 8 more words


Sai Rama Dootham Sirasa Namami

On this special day of Human Jayanthi, I am feeling pleased as I was able to pray peacefully at home.

Lately I have been going to the temple on Tuesdays and have been enjoying doing Parikramas (pradhakshinas or rounds) around hanuman mandir. 227 more words

Shirdi Sai Baba


We are Dreamers…. working towards providing a simple and better solutions in respective fields like Android,Art and Social Service. Dreaming and making it reality is our mission.We believe in technology world and love to use for common peoples around us. 23 more words


Message For the Day..." Revere Your Mother as God ..."

The Vedas say, “Mathru devo bhava: Revere your Mother as God.” You must revere your mother, who has brought you up with love, care and sacrifice. 133 more words

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Message For the Day..." Have a Disciplined Life Throughout..."

People are so deeply involved in their lives that sometimes the span of 24 hours appears too short for a day. Drinking, eating, reading, walking, sitting, hating, dreaming, boasting, praising, weeping, laughing, craving, hoping — these fill up your day. 123 more words

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