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Guru Purnima 2015

Baba please bless your children and Guide as our Guru and put us in the right path…Give us the strength to follow your preachings for the rest of our lives… 17 kata lagi

Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai baba is God or Fraud - Magician or Mystic Yogi

Understanding who is what and what is not who… Fool or Gold David Copperfield or Mystic baba… service to man or service to God

Strictly speaking, i don’t even to speak want about it but with a eye of public good, most of us are educated and have enough intelligence to understand the laws of metaphysics… 249 kata lagi

Demigod Worship

Times of India - By 2020, India will be Hindu nation, world by 2030: VHP's Ashok Singhal

New Delhi, 18 July 2015. Calling the victory of the BJP-led alliance in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections as initiation of a “revolution” in the country, VHP patron Ashok Singhal on Saturday said by 2020, India would be a Hindu nation. 252 kata lagi


Message for the Day..." Before You Preach Good Conduct to Others, Set Yourself as an Example..."

Everyone is liable to make mistakes without being aware of it. However bright a fire may be, there will be smoke emanating from it. So also, whatever good a person might do, there will be a minute trace of evil. 121 kata lagi

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