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I don't need any muscles while working with my horses.

Back home again, reunited with my minis. Being away for two months helped me get rid of the patterns we had, I started to see them with different eyes. 687 kata lagi

Stina Herberg

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With this small video I would like to thank Helene, Monique, Lilith, Petra, Christine, Jeanette, Catherine, Jack, Magic, Spirit and Elena for the most wonderful Sahaja Horse clinic. 168 kata lagi

Stina Herberg

Sahaja & HorseConscious

In today’s HorseConscious newsletter you can read about our upcoming clinic:

“If you fancy getting away from it all just before the holiday madness well and truly sets in, then I have an absolute treat for you.  236 kata lagi

Stina Herberg

Sahaja Samadhi And Burning Of Karma!

The natural state burns away all Karma. Nirvikalpa Samadhi also burns Karma but unless you reach Sahaja–the spontaneous and easy living in day to day life… 188 kata lagi


Improving man's ethics.

Humans in their search for pleasure and affluence has exploited nature without any moral restraint to such an extent that nature has been destroyed almost incapable of sustaining healthy life. 204 kata lagi

Stina Herberg

Sahaja Bhava in Bangalore

The renowned Master of KUNDALINI has already given the Shaktipat and Initiation on the path of SELF-REALIZATION to thousands of Seekers of Truth around the world who have experienced changes from Gross to Subtle levels of Consciousness.The subtle levels of consciousness allows one to get… 303 kata lagi