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Shree Ganesha - “The Ideal Ascent to be established Within Us”.

First of all, Before making the whole universe, before making Adi Kundalini, before making the whole world Shree Ganesha was established. –H.H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi…

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Three Questions To Keep Your Mind, Present

We are all aware of what present-day awareness is, we all hear about mindfulness and meditation and all that other babble and jargon. But. this weekend me and my friends went to a unique meditation class, it was not what we were expected, although we had mixed feelings about it afterwards we all took the same thing from it – we are rarely ever just in the present. 596 kata lagi

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'DIY' Ubat Batuk Ala Strepsils Guna Bahan Dari Dapur Sahaja

Sakit tekak campur batuk memang perit. Nak nak korang mesti nak jimat. Nah ambik ni. Fuhhh berangin lega tekak.

Guna bahan kat dapur saja!

Bahan-bahan: 115 kata lagi

Kek Milo Viral Ini Guna 2 Bahan Sahaja, Versi Oreo Pun Ada


– 6 sudu Milo
– 2 biji telur


1. Gaul Milo dan telur hingga sebati.
2. Bakar pada suhu 140°C untuk 15 – 20 minit. 145 kata lagi

The Gate Lesson

Some people and horses are not patient enough at the gate when moving from one place to another. Moving horses from the pasture to the stable can be a moment of stress instead of pleasure. 416 kata lagi

Stina Herberg

I don't need any muscles while working with my horses.

Back home again, reunited with my minis. Being away for two months helped me get rid of the patterns we had, I started to see them with different eyes. 687 kata lagi

Stina Herberg