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What is the point of running the website if it is not being utilized by the coven? I’ve noticed that the only posts are coming from myself and Set.

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Sunday Morning Coffee Musing: Big Spender, Small Giver

Hey! Hey! Big Spender! Trips, vacations after vacations, casinos, shopping, expensive hair do’s, tailor and custom made, video games, gadgets and high tech devices, fast food and fancy restaurants. 25 kata lagi

The Apologia pro Vita Sua of a Sage


That even the people of the countryside (the illiterate and the semi-literate) who do not know the meanings of written characters and who are painfully and hopelessly ignorant, may easily understand, I have (and will) sometimes repeated the same things over and over. 151 kata lagi

Buddha Maitreya

Cleansing Your Space, Aura & Your Divination Tools!

Please note that these statements are for entertainment and informational purposes only.
Any information and advice found on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or other medical conditions.  1.230 kata lagi

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Heart of Sages

In the heart of sages

A pulse finds the beloved,

A sun points to center,

A path stretches to the initiate holding hands with true nature.

Not a Demon

We followed Alec through the alley way and there were the sounds of a scuffle coming from the next alleyway. Alec drew his bow from the shadows where it was hidden. 408 kata lagi


Winter Health Benefits Of Echinacea And Sage

Beautiful Echinacea and earthy sage both have extensive historical uses. They’re easy to grow, and — in the case of Echinacea — you’re helping to cultivate and restore an endangered plant if you grow certain cultivars. 1.925 kata lagi