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Perfectly lonely

This might be a rant and this might be entirely directed at a particular person. And truthfully, the way I look at it is, if the shoe fits, strap that sucker on. 852 kata lagi

Holy Heak

My parents are saying that I have to go back to public school next year rather then staying in online school and I’ve been thinking about running away. 83 kata lagi

About Me


“I hope you find a way to be yourself some day
In weakness or in strength”-Honest, The Neighbourhood

the rain is relentless in its lack of rhythm…

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Run while you canĀ 

A slight tinge of motivation pinched me. A ray of hope hit me. But what happened next was a slap of reality.

What’s reality? (Is it meant to be this harsh, or have I created a whole pathetic picture of myself?) Self-inflicted?

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Prison time is so slow time, its loneliness, sad, its a life of past, its a life to remember happy moments of past not bad moments. 27 kata lagi


I zip up the back of my body-con mini dress.
Maybe trying on pretty things will help.

I observe my size 6 (US size 2) figure in the mirror; the dress fits perfectly. 391 kata lagi



Sehebat mentari yang masih mau menyinari bumi, meski kadang bumi mengkhianati. Tanpa menuntut apa pun, asalkan kamu bahagia, maka aku pun sama, sesederhana itu. Meski harus kerap ditemani setiap harinya, meski kadang merasa dirugikan, meski terasa menyedihkan dan seolah membuang waktu demi dirimu, tidak apa-apa. Aku sudi.