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She too. 

He likes her so much.

She likes him back.

But little did he know that another “She” likes him too.


and yet while i write this i am asking him if there is any hope of him ever loving me

i refuse to be an arrogant victim
he kept saying he had to go kill his dragon

i could support him
but it was between him and God. 315 kata lagi


I know

I can’t be too sad when I dogged my own grave

With the careless words that I said that day.

Maybe, just for a moment I lost my mind but it doesn’t matter… 202 kata lagi


Martin And The Bees

(part of the Seven Shades Of Bacon series)

It happened the summer that all the bees died.
At first, nobody really noticed. As the summer wore on and the cabbage whites and the mayflies came and went, however, it soon became the only thing anyone could talk about. 1.188 kata lagi


The Dark Abyss

“She is an open book, the one that every passerby can read”
You said that? The one who pushed her into the servile breed!

It’s your gift to her, a life of pleasing the ‘gentlemen’ 114 kata lagi


72 Inches

The coffee was bitter, pungent, and exactly what he didn’t order.

It was a restaurant built of wood as rotten as its service.

Filled with clients who seemed determined to bewilder and stupefy. 245 kata lagi