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Gone Fishing!

Howdy all,

First, to anyone that’s left me a comment in the past couple months (0.O) that I haven’t answered: thank you, and I’m sorry. 152 kata lagi

Chasing Happiness - Living with Anxiety

“If only we’d stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time”¬† – Edith Wharton

Often in life we feel like we’re running a race, trying to reach some goal or cross the finish line. 458 kata lagi


Plays for couples who I think exist

Fingers shaved away into red roses given to me from the tips of her hands

to mine

she would open the undersides of her wrists like treasure chests to reveal guitar strings she thought would sing a beautiful song if I plucked them for her… 111 kata lagi


The Moonlit Garden by Corina Bomann

There seem to be a real glut of these book recently; the spliced genre of modern romance and historical fiction hybrid. Most of them have a sad woman who unravels a family mystery in order to reconcile her present day, with flashbacks to her intriguing forbearer. 165 kata lagi


Merry Christmas, you need to find a lawyer!

Well what a wonderful way to start the Christmas period. Two days prior to Christmas day I was rung to say ill need to find a lawyer to go over all the documentation that needs to be signed because i’m not legally entitled to any of Marshall’s assets. 191 kata lagi