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I don't know why I cry (I think)

I don’t understand these feelings. It is like I am living a tale of two people at once. On the one hand I am a PhD student. 1.018 kata lagi


Trying to Love Someone Who Has Hurt you

What a horrible feeling it is

To love someone who’s already hurt you. To want to be with them so bad but you know what they’re capable of. 192 kata lagi

And she starts sinking...

Lost my job at the one place that I truly loved going to every day. Not only did I lose employment opportunities, but I lost my friends that felt like family… And I lost bowling; something I became so passionate about. 60 kata lagi

Symbols and Signs

Hello everyone! Today we are going to be dissecting a short story called “Symbols and Signs”.I have to say, this is one of the sadder short stories we read so far. 293 kata lagi



I have true amazement for people who can keep their heads together. Hold it together when waves are crashing and breaking; drowning them to the point of gasping for life in the daylight. 158 kata lagi

So I'm dropping two of my classes :(

I’ll be dropping two of my class in exchange for keeping me mental health healthy enough to function, it’s kinda funny and really sad all at the same time :(…


And just like that, everything changed. One day I thought that I’d spend the rest of my life crying for you and then one day, the crying stopped. 72 kata lagi