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I just wanna be closer♡

it was raining really heavily today so he was kinda late
didn’t see him for assembly initially but I kept looking out for the late comers AND THEN YES SAW HIM WALKING INTO THE HALL… 648 kata lagi


I love receiving handwritten/handmade gifts.
When I was a lil girl I started keeping every card and letter people wrote to me because I feel that they are priceless things that cant be bought. 155 kata lagi


J Blessing and chantelle mourn loss of son

Celebrity couple J Blessing and Shantel are mourning the death of their six-month old son, which occurred on Thursday.


Speaking to J Blessing, a popular music video director, their son was only in hospital for a day before his death. 42 kata lagi


Mini Review: Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys

This used to be a personal challenge for myself to do once every week. However, I have recently found myself reading a lot of short-to-medium length books and not feeling like writing a serious, in-depth review for each one. 656 kata lagi

Book Review

Eyes full of lies

” I wanted to see world from
your eyes……
But they were full of lies…”

I hope never again in this world I look in your eyes again .I can’t handle lie again . 68 kata lagi


i hate goodbyes

i hate goodbyes.

i think its because I’ve had too many.

it doesn’t even need to be a goodbye.
it can be a cya later, 85 kata lagi

Introvert Woes #2

When you need a hug but you don’t know how to ask for one because while you have lots of practice in staying away from people, you have none whatsoever in approaching them.

Woe Is Me!