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You’re so selfish. You think people hurt you. You’re always whining about how people have let you down but ever thought about the ones you let down? 12 kata lagi

Thriving on her misery

Does that make me a bad person? I don’t think it does because it’s actually making me feel quite good at the moment.

So, the saga continues…. 160 kata lagi


Flashbacks- A Woman's perpective.

“Ah, The Flashbacks, they also seem to play with me..
           Constantly making me switch between reality and dreams…”
    There is a reason why the present is named present. 393 kata lagi


It's only a run

I’m still injured and it looks like the marathon isn’t going to happen. I’ll still go as my boyfriend is running the half marathon, I’ve other friends running the full and we have accommodation booked for the night before and after, so I will paint a smile on my face and cheer him on, but I am going to have to draw on all my resources to have a good time. 419 kata lagi

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#Bard Time 1

I know

Something has broken inside me,


Though I desire to be back

But then,

I know how badly

Things have fallen apart,

No meaning does anything hold.


A piece of my broken heart...

For the past year, my family has been going through some incredibly difficult times. I haven’t been able to talk about it openly because it involves a child in foster care. 889 kata lagi

Time To say Goodbye

I feel so choked while writing this. With teary eyes. With shrunken and wrinkled heart I have to. I have to say goodbye. For time being I have to leave behind fb, WhatsApp, WordPress and may be my happiness too. 199 kata lagi