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5 am.

5 years ago, around 5 am, you called me from a city one hour and 15 minutes away. You missed me and said I made you feel less lonely so I stayed on the phone with you until the sun rose. 59 kata lagi

The fight.

That one big fight.

I dont even know what I should do right now.

Am I that all to you?

Someone whose name no longer rings any feelings in you? 246 kata lagi

What is Love? Baby don't hurt me?!

What is love, indeed?

It’s not the pain and sorrow definitely!

So, few weeks back I matched online with this James guy. Tinder, of course. Let me tell ya, I don’t believe in online dating per se because I believe I will meet my SO somewhere on the street or elsewhere. 589 kata lagi


First day

Today was the first of me letting go off my friends. It was ok in the starting then soon enough i saw my friends laughing and giggling and enjoying. 383 kata lagi

Contending with the Cold, Claws of Death

Through our lives, we all will experience the death of a loved one. Death can be so different for each person as they lose someone they love, and for each person who slips away.  1.425 kata lagi


steps and stones

I written those names on the stones and put it in display.

But I put yours in my heart.

In my every step my heart beating out for you. 147 kata lagi

Let them live, breathe and glow 

My mom has a strong belief

Society won’t accept a girl like me

My brothers thinks kitchen is only for girls

So it’s okay to do nothing to help us… 392 kata lagi