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December 29, 2014

There are times when I want to know but too afraid to ask.

There are times when I want to share but too shy to speak. 22 more words

~ The 52-Hertz Whale

I’ve found something interesting on deviantart today.

there is a whale in our world whose songs are ignored each year, because he sings in a 52-Hertz frequency, making his voice much higher pitched than those of the blue or fin whales, typically in the 15-20 hertz range. 47 more words

Early Morning Whimperings

Is this where the word “mewling” comes from? My phone conversations wherein i beg for understanding and ca$h from the only souls foolish enough to pick up their telephone receivers? 23 more words

Kind Memories

Rob posts the same
picture. We are all
between 17-20 gathered
in Clev’s back room.
We are young,
laughing, full of
alcohol and excitement.
We are in love with… 198 more words



This is like an opposite version of my last poem, “This Feeling”, in terms of happiness and sadness. At times, it is fun writing the same thing from the point of view of two extremely different feelings. 230 more words


My Promise to You

I watch you walk toward me

Dragging your bag behind

Your feet as heavy

As your heart

Your eyes riveted to the ground

I put my arms around you… 133 more words


"My Time"

We beg, borrow and steal for time,

Yet we walk and talk as if we have an infinite amount.

My attempts to convey a message upon you within rhyme, 322 more words