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She sacrificed herself for him.

He was so blind he didn’t see it,

and the least he could for the

butchering of her soul,

is say “thank you, for loving me so much… 27 kata lagi



This is the final two stanzas or a poem by Warsan Shire. The poem is called What They Did Yesterday Afternoon.

Or in this case, yesterday evening….. 28 kata lagi

Quotations I Cherish

Ariana: What Happens Now? 

It’s incredibly sad, isn’t it? What should have been an innocent night of fun and adoration for Ariana Grande turned out to be a night of violence. 160 kata lagi

Ariana Grande

Laughter or Life

Last night I had a dream. I was walking out of my house. And with every step I took, the floor turned to green moss, the walls turned to trees laden with creepers, the air changed from the AC room to cool breeze mixed with the scent of too many flowers. 627 kata lagi



If I place in front of you
all the broken pieces of me
like an inexplicable puzzle
would you even try
to put my fragments together ? 172 kata lagi


Bye-bye, KC! We love you.

The sun sets on our time in KC.

I’ve lived in KC my whole life. I was a proud Missourian. I will always be a Kansas Citian, deep down in my heart. 254 kata lagi


Remember Me

Remember me as I was before things changed and took a lifelong pause. Remember the me that was so sure that life could be shaped the me that was pure.

192 kata lagi