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Hi there, i hope that this post finds you well.

My name is Steve, i recently lost Sue, my wonderful wife of 40 years, to cancer. 225 kata lagi

My Worth

Blood sparkles,

Shining in the too-bright bathroom light.

I sink to the floor, dejected,

My worth a red smear on the marble.

I keep the scars on my body hidden, 87 kata lagi


Until Now


I never truly knew

The meaning of that word.

Until now.


I was never truly shown

The full extent of this emotion.

Until now… 68 kata lagi


[NCTFFI Freelance] Zodiac Love Story #Sagittarius (Series)

Zodiak Love Story



Author :: Rijiyo

Cast ::  Na Jae Min as Jaemin & Seo Janet

Sub Cast : Kim Dong Hyuk as Haechan… 3.369 kata lagi

NCTFFI's Fanfiction

I deserve to be loved  not controlled

You were suppose to protect me. It wasn’t suppose to be me. I should’ve stayed a little girl. Instead I became the parent. I resent you everyday for making me be the responsible one at that age. 116 kata lagi

Saturdays, 2010-2014

The kitchen was always bright, either by your smile or the refrigerator light.

We used to sit on the floor of your kitchen, take each other in, and talked about our fears. 188 kata lagi


Gardijan: Zaboravite Kinu, Balkan će biti Trampova glavobolja

Balkan koji tutnji prijeti da postane glavobolja spoljne politike novog američkog predsjednika Donalda Trampa, piše londonski “Gardijan”.

“Zaboravite Kinu i Bliski istok: Bivša Jugoslavija mogla bi postati Trampova prva realna spoljnopolitička glavobolja”, ističe list. 305 kata lagi

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