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(Ficlet-Mix) Break up effect

Amazing poster by NJXAEM@EKF

Ficlet-Mix story by Kim Nara

With Bangtan boys and some oc

In Comedy-Romance, sad.

G 1.345 kata lagi


Lament to the death of Inchcock's Bathroom

Soon it’ll be demolished and gone,

Converted to a shower, taking four days long,

No more can I soak, while bursting out a song,

Wallowing in carbolic or an hour long, 12 kata lagi



I cannot sleep for the past few weeks.

I have this immense hate for myself.

I hate me, I hate me, I hate me, I fucking hate me. 150 kata lagi

Mental Illness

♠♥Haunted Memories♣♦

What’s your fade memory? Tell me a story on how you became so timid and uncomfortable with the outside world? I want to know the scars of yours and the pain that they inflicted on your soul? 555 kata lagi


Cincy Zoo

I knooooow! It’s been talked and talked about in every form imaginable. I needed to put my two cents in since my family and GS troop were there on Saturday earlier in the day when this event happened. 528 kata lagi

Everyday Life

overthinking in control

you used to smother me in kisses
smiling at me, brown eyes shining.
but today after you came home,
they wouldn’t meet my eyes as… 94 kata lagi



I can’t eat.
I cannot sleep.
I can pace.
I can sob.
I can’t focus.
I cannot breathe.
I can fight.
I can yell.
I can’t seem to win. 9 kata lagi