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“You look so pretty when you smile” “omg I love your smile” “I love how you’re endlessly smiling”
These are comments she always received. She was drop dead gorgeous when she smiled. 124 kata lagi


Bhige Pal/Drenched Moments

Barish main bheegi hawa chu gaya is shaam

Acha hi laga is thaka hua ankhonko, manko

Yaad aya kuch bhige hue yaaden achanak

Rokna chaha par pal kisike sunta nahi… 48 kata lagi

Poem-Random Thoughts

Make This End 

What did I do wrong?

Why are the days so long?

Will I ever win this fight?

I can’t do anything right.

Give me a bottle of pills. 38 kata lagi


Afterlife baby

I am waiting for the afterlife

to show me a good time, baby

Somebody save me

I just want to be loved

#8Sunday 06/25/17 WeWriWa Entry: "Sparks of Determination"

Last week’s post was titled “Disparities of the Past” for a reason: things are very different from how Johanan remembers them. 357 kata lagi

Stories And Thoughts

Dying friendship.

I can’t put in to words how much I miss our friendship, it was pure, it was fun and it was nice. It was exactly what I needed in that moment in my life and it was also exactly what you needed. 177 kata lagi


Finding Love

You were too shallow
to bear the depth of my love
but someday I will find
the soul to hold
the enormous love
which my heart comprise… 53 kata lagi