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Tinder Nightmare

There you go swiping right to all the pretty faces you find,

While I still long to see you in every guy I come across!

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I`m Dying

The thoughts are poison,

Running in the brain

I held my head tight, but couldn`t stop this fight

In my thoughts when I die, I don`t need any sky, 95 kata lagi


Listen you need to understand that, it’s never about finishing the work, it’s never about getting to the end. Ask yourself are you always working towards the end? 323 kata lagi


How depression got defeated

Hey guys, today wasn’t really  good, did my normal daily activities, during my work period something really happened,  depression came at its best, I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing any longer,  I felt really down, different depressing  thoughts kept on coming till I started crying, I couldn’t even say the reason why I was crying , all I knew was that I was sad and the tears kept pouring. 182 kata lagi




in slow motion

The exertion

to shake off the


exhausting 43 kata lagi


Love blooms after loss: Japanese netizen commemorates grandparents' romance, gardening skills

Twitter user is taking the gorgeous blossom that bloomed after her grandmother’s passing as a token of her grandfather’s deep and abiding love. 534 kata lagi


[Ori-fict] Calon Jenazah

credit to iwakura shiori

June 2018©

” …. Saat ajal memeluknya, saya sedang berada dalam sakitnya”

—Calon Jenazah (2016)

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