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When I'm Sad, I Stop To Be Sad And Be Awesome Instead!

When I was young, I said to myself “Five years from now I’ll be awesome.”

Five years passed…

I am supposed to be awesome right now. 137 more words



Messy hair and black clothes

Bright eyes behind cigarette smoke

Flashing lights and him

A silhouette of his pain

He showed us the raw parts of him… 152 more words


But my son died today....

You didn’t open your eyes
Still i knew you were there
Waiting to face the world
But i began to care
Through all your struggles… 198 more words


Voices echo through the vacant spaces of, my heart.
Leaving swirls of misty songs from a poem, it starts.
It was spring at my feet, that sprung. 152 more words


It's been another while

So all things, good and bad, come to an end. Even though in my last post I’m as happy as can be, I’m finding myself once again in a rather sad place. 279 more words

In My Life

Lirik & Terjemahan Tablo X Taeyang Eyes, Nose, Lips

Lirik & Terjemahan

Title : Eyes, Nose, Lips
Vocal : Tablo & Taeyang
Scriptwriter : Thant529


Kau meninggalkanku yang lumpuh, bukanya meerawatku, bukanya mencoba memulihkanku.. 757 more words

Lirik Dan Terjemahan


                                                                                                    Though I like him a whole, whole lot, in love with him is something that I’m not