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Love Sick | 7

Title: Love Sick | Author: reniilubis | Cast: Kim Myungsoo, Bae Suzy | Genre: Sad, Romance | Rating: Teen | Length: Chaptered 3.540 kata lagi

Bae Suzy

Against All Odds--Chapter 1



|| Master Cast : Lee Donghae x Han Yoorin || Support Cast : Lee Hyukjae, Cho Kyuhyun, find it by urself || Genre(s) 3.654 kata lagi

Married Life

N.E.R.O Nothing Ever Remains Obscure Picture Piece (Memory Fragment) Collectible Guide - The Desert

1 – Look to the right as soon as you begin the level for the first piece.

2 – Go straight ahead from piece #1. 126 kata lagi



For a moment

I though I was


Foolish I know

But don’t worry

I was shaken out of that



[Freelance] I'm Fine Thank You (Ficlet)

I’m Fine Thank You (Ficlet)

Author               : Lyu
Length              : Ficlet
Genre               : Sad
Rating               : G
Cast                 : Oh Sehun
: Kang Hye Ji ( OC ) 760 kata lagi


On Matters of the Heart

As is always the way with secrets,
The secret yearned to be known
Like a great love bringing back
The sadness that resonates in the midst of me… 175 kata lagi


What does it look like, to be invisible?

She waits at the bus stop for her yellow school bus to pick her up. It’s a hot, sunny fall day. 1.008 kata lagi

Short Story