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Shocking Neighbour Part IV : We'll Be Just Fine

Author : Mueezachann

Cast : Oh Sehun, Park Chanyeol, Kim Jongin, and OC

Genres : Romance, family, sad

Rating : PG17

Summary :

“I promise, We’ll be just fine this time, … 3.992 kata lagi



The Same Arrangement by Kori | Written 8/9/17

3 hours of sleep,
Burning back riddled with slashes.
Knowing what Stanley Yelnats IV went through,
She tries to dig quicker. 105 kata lagi



Do you feel sad, a bit dismayed, is your day going badly already?

Remember Say, your heavenly father de everywhere oo! Na your heat just matter! 46 kata lagi



Sometimes I rather not use my voice

’cause you make me feel like I have no choice

but to keep quiet, keep silent

in case I say something “violent” 68 kata lagi


Day One or One Day?

This one is quick and straight to the point.

I don’t even know where to begin. What the $*&% is going on? Is this really happening? 343 kata lagi

I did not move all day...

I kind of annoyed myself by not posting yesterday or Wednesday but I was so down I lay in bed the full time I wasn’t at work. 130 kata lagi

Ch Ch Ch Changes

100 Days of Poems for the Unknown - Day 8

I Hate

Albeit I hate your smile,

Since it is never towards me

Albeit I hate your happiness,

As I am not the one that causes the pull on your lips… 53 kata lagi