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Broken Heart’ed

A child of 4,                    ripped out the door
Thrown in a van               & they locked all four
Screaming for her             mama; more and more

Life quickly became            so obsolete, browbeat… 68 kata lagi

Too Far Gone

I watched you self destruct from afar.
You thoroughly wounded your own heart.
I wanted so badly to interfere,
And open your eyes to your demise near. 38 kata lagi



​बहुत थे मेरे भी इस दुनिया मेँ अपने,

फिर हुआ इश्क और हम लावारिस हो गए.


The Soldier

The old soldier was begging once again
To get killed
He did not want to kill no more
But wars went on
Responsibility put him in place
And fate kept him alive


I want to cry

I so desperately want to cry. I want to tear up. I want to ball. I want to sob. I want to sniffle. I want tears to track their way down my face. 36 kata lagi


Tula ni Depre

Panibagong araw na naman

Mumulat, babangon sa pagkakahiga

Maghahanda para sa gera

Pero teka, nagugutom ako?

Alam ko na, kakain ako!

Kakainin ko ang pride ko, lulunukin ko…

199 kata lagi