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Breaking My Back Supporting You

I was very proud of my boyfriend. He was moving up in his internship and getting assigned to sessions with famous people! He was doing great and I was so happy for him. 591 kata lagi


Elephants always remember 🐘

Always thinking of Connor the Crusher with this on my wrist. Rest in peace little buddy 🌸


A collection of poems for someone

I made this poem 3 months ago,

because there was this guy whom I had a chance to know with,

In the first place, I don’t like him… 53 kata lagi


Tell Me

What can I do for you?
your fake smile makes me feel helpless
because it tells me
there is nothing to be done.

Could I smile for you? 109 kata lagi


What Will Make Me Happy Will Only Hurt You

I hate to see you hurt
But I hurt
I want to keep you happy
But what makes you happy hurts me
It humbles the spirit I carry, the essence of me… 105 kata lagi



The first boy I ever loved was a boy I never quite liked.

You were mean and selfish but your blue eyes were sharp enough to cut diamonds and deep enough to get lost in and all I wanted was to be anywhere but here. 35 kata lagi


Haiku: Repetitive

Like broken records;
I gave you my heart to break,
Over and over.