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Ilmiah siang 19/04/28 Snake Bite dan Hepatitis Autoimun

Ilmiah siang 19 April 2018

Snake Bite

  • Tergigit ular tanah, WBC 14 Plt 16 FH memanjang kaki bengkak ada bite mark yang khas
  • Thrombin like enzyme membuat koagulopati…
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My Medical Notes

This Is Not A Pleasure Barge

  • On board the Sabik, Isabis teaches Sabu how to curse.

The Sabik
The black, polished decks with lines wound precisely into circular spirals give one the immediate impression of a crew who take great pride in their vessel. 1.733 kata lagi


Press Play: Tulog Na by Sabu

If you’re the kind of person who tries to heal the pain by listening to meaningful music, this song is definitely for you. Sarah Bulahan, better known as… 324 kata lagi

Indie Artist

She Found You

  • Mikkan and Avorndir mull over what will come for Avorndir, Sabu and Moed

July 8, year 4

Umbar: Farside Tower: Balcony

The sea dominates the view from this side of Farside Tower. 2.181 kata lagi


A traveling party, perhaps?

  • Desert tribesman, both adopted and born into the tribes, trek to Umbar.

Harad: Harad Road

The road forks here. One well-trodden path leads southwest towards the sea and, eventually, Umbar. 2.450 kata lagi


I'll Get My Father's Permission

  • The trip back to Umbar has a surprise addition to the herd of horses and the hawks Manah’s tribe is sending to the City.

Harad: Oasis… 2.094 kata lagi


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