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Berlin Film Review: 'Chasuke's Journey'

While angels eavesdrop discreetly in “Wings of Desire” or spoil lovers’ dates in “The Adjustment Bureau,” a celestial tea server descends to Okinawa, slurps ramen, becomes a celebrity and fights predestination with riotous gusto in the fantasy romance “Chasuke’s Journey.” Enjoying a surge of creativity since hisĀ 2009 misfire, “Kanikosen,” Nipponese helmer Sabu is in his most fun-loving element, stirring Okinawa’s magical folk art into a Capraesque yarn that flirts with ideas of fate and self-determination, but really just revels in a rich tapestry of human experience. 788 more words


Sabu : Palo Congo (#11)

Sabu | Palo Congo (1957)
Blue Note (USA)
Latin Jazz 40:52

Pity poor Phil Selway. Despite being great at his job, nobody knew who he was. 1.080 more words

1001 Albums To Hear Before You Die

String Theory for Global Madness

…and why the infirm and the criminal run not only the asylums and prisons but governments as well.

While I’m ignoring the current DC tired old variety show in which one party pretends that they cannot stand an appointee who is actually just as snuggly with banks who fund terrorism and launder drug money as they are… 1.705 more words

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Donna Reed, actress (1921-1986)
Spend the day celebrating the birthday of Donna Reed by watching some of her films on TCM:
The Get-Away (1941) at 6:00AM (ET) 63 more words

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Cyber-Panic! The (Surveillance) State of the Union

This is our second guest post by Joe Fionda, actor and activist.

President Obama is set to go before congress for the State of the Union and argue for reform of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). 1.170 more words


God's Love (SABU: Bible NT)

SABU: Bible NT

John 3:16

16 Rowi do mina harre ke ne hajha nga ddhei Deo nga ddau raiwawa pa raiwawa do nadhe, hakku tade wie ne Ana No do Mone Miha ne, mita ie nadu we ne do parahajha pa No, dho ke do ta nara lua apa nga kerewe, tapulara nara muri mada do petu nga do peloro ne.


The Beatitudes (SABU: Bible NT)

SABU: Bible NT

Matthew 5:3-12

3 “Mangngi nga mengallu dhara tu ddau do toi ta do dho bhule ro nga rui nga kedi, jhe do titu wata do peketoe-anni pa Muri we; ro ke ne do ta jadhi ai-alla ngati annu-niki Deo! 222 more words