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Our First TV Set: 1955-1962

This picture shows my older brother Dennis playing in front of the TV set in the living room on Christmas Day, 1955. This is the only picture I have of the family set that I did all my early watching on, from 1955 to the spring of 1962, when it broke down for good. 2.597 kata lagi

Hollywood Cinema

Asyik pesta sabu di studio radio, Brigadir PB diringkus

Seorang anggota Polisi di Sumatera Barat kembali tersandung narkoba. Kali ini menimpa anggota Polres Solok Kota yang kedapatan mengantongi sabu-sabu.

Polisi tersebut berpangkat brigadir inisial PB. 164 kata lagi

Terciduk! Tio Pasukodewo Ditangkap Karena Sabu

Aktor senior Indonesia Tio Pakusadewo ditangkap Polda Metro Jaya di kediamannya terkait kasus narkoba jenis sabu. Saat diciduk Tio berdalih, jika memakai barang haram tersebut untuk kakinya yang sakit. 340 kata lagi

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Bubu's Cat Candle

I thought it would be a fun idea to begin posting some cat themed items that I have, that Alfie has, or that my friends have. 89 kata lagi

“I would like you to paint the word “Sabu” which means “praise be to god” in Zerma. I went to a school set up by the mission during the colonial era and I was a christan like my father. 51 kata lagi

Sabu vs Disco Inferno, Monday Night Nitro October 30th 1995

The late 90s were the most interesting time for professional wrestling. WCW and WWE were going head to head in the Monday Night Wars and on the sidelines you had ECW doing their own thing and crafting talent that would go on to participate on different sides of this ratings war. 336 kata lagi


The War-Log #29:- The Summit & The Dangerous Dissolution – WWF vs ECW- 18 October 1993

by Gav Hart

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Welcome to the twenty-ninth edition of The War-Log, where Wrestlinsight takes you through the battle between the top wrestling promotions of the 1990s. 5.555 kata lagi

The War-Log