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Ryan Elantri - Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

Ryan Elantri is a senior at The Pennsylvania State University who has been studying languages since he was in elementary school. He is currently majoring in Mandarin Chinese and economics and pursuing a minor in Arabic. 218 kata lagi


Jeffrey Ryan, Attorney at Law: Preserving Democracy

Growing up, the war on drugs was everywhere. It was in advertisements on the television, showing someone’s poor brother who was addicted to marijuana and never wanted to leave the basement. 386 kata lagi

Effective Litigation

Civil Rights ... god and nature NOT the government ?

just another rant …

I don’t know about you but I think of the Declaration of Independence as our social contract … right. Though if you listen to Republicans, it seems they missed that class, ignored it or prefer the archaic ideology beliefs of that time.  510 kata lagi

United States

We've been busy

What a month August has been. It’s almost over and I feel like I barely noticed. The nights are darker and the days have been getting colder, though I hope the latter is just a string of bad weather and that September is nice and sunny. 681 kata lagi


Ryan Lochte Apparently to Join 'Dancing With The Stars'

By Alex D.

If this is true… I can’t believe it.

Honestly, what Ryan Lochte did is so embarrassing to our nation, so let’s turn around and put him on T.V. 88 kata lagi


New Phone "Bah Humbug!"

I need everyone to sit down. Are you sitting? I was complaining to my wife again on Wednesday that I wanted a better camera. (I must have done this more than I thought) My wife Stomped her Technological foot down! 484 kata lagi

Ryan Hacking