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The Blogging Dead: American Idol - Episode 19 (Grand Finale)

This is the final episode, the day we’ve been waiting months for! Unfortunately, because I have a flight to catch in a few hours, I have to make this quick, so there won’t be much in the way of commentary. 598 kata lagi

The Blogging Dead



Recently I read an article which pointed out that economic growth under Trump was average or below that of the Obama years, giving the lie to his claim of robust growth and aggregate demand resulting from his tax bill. 439 kata lagi

A sorry end to Paul Ryan’s speakership

Paul Ryan’s last year in office is proving disastrous, a fitting end to the speakership of a man once considered a principled conservative reformer. His refusal to fulfill his constitutional role as House leader and rather play presidential poodle and GOP attack dog for his increasingly unhinged caucus has had dire consequences. > Washington Post

The Blogging Dead: American Idol - Episode 18 (Performance Finals)

This will be a two part episode, pretty much. Tonight the Top 3 perform (as well as some surprise guests), and the next episode will be the finale, where we find out who the American Idol will be. 736 kata lagi

The Blogging Dead

Cabo April 2018

This spring, the week after my spring break, Ryan and I took a quick trip to Cabo San Lucas for some much-needed sunshine. We spent 2 nights in the Solmar Resort on the Pacific side of the cape. 240 kata lagi


Republicans call the think tank pushing welfare work requirements experts. Economists call it ‘junk science.’

The Foundation for Government Accountability think tank has close ties to Paul Ryan and conservative governors in Kansas, Maine and Mississippi — and an outsize influence on the Republican debate over work requirements for food stamps. 17 kata lagi