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This 6-year-old made $11M on YouTube last year. What are you doing with your life?

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Six-year-old Ryan has the job most of us dreamed about when we were his age. For the last three years, he’s opened toys, played with them, and cashed checks that most of us can only dream of. 380 kata lagi


Ryan dismisses retirement rumors, while challengers use them to raise money

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s aides are pushing back against a lengthy report suggesting he will leave Congress after the 2018 election. Said a Ryan spokeswoman, “This is pure speculation”. 19 kata lagi

If Paul Ryan walks, the Wisconsin era ends

When Paul Ryan one day puts down the gavel and exits the speaker’s office, an era will end. At the beginning of the decade, the Washington Post reported Wisconsin “could shape the direction of the GOP.” But much has changed and when Ryan walks, Wisconsin will find its place back with the rest of the states. > Washington Examiner


“Fifty feet, two-and-one-half inches.”

I sit, head in hands, unsure.

Is this really it? 

Alone in someone else’s dorm room, less than a mile from the meet. 792 kata lagi


Ryan G. MotorWorks

Want your car repairs done by professionals at a price you can afford? Let Ryan G. MotorWorks in Auburn, CA show you why we’re the best! 19 kata lagi

More Hypocrisy from the biggest Traitor to the American People, Mitch McConnell

While one of the worst men in America, Roy Moore, continues to claim that Tuesday’s election was ‘filled with voter fraud,’ (sound like anyone else?), McConnell is adding to his hypocrisy as a failed leader. 254 kata lagi