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The Middle West

There are mobiles, dangling above twenty-seven million cribs in America, which hang like Tantalus’ passionfruit—periodically appearing lower than before, or higher than when they began to revolve in their strange and imprecise pattern, or not appearing at all. 848 kata lagi


Feel Like Me

Track form Cassius’ ‘Ibifornia’ co-written by Ryan.


July 20, 1996 - Saturday - 9:40 a.m.

I taped the show Thursday night; it was really good.  I’m on duty this whole weekend.  Yesterday I slept in pretty late, then got up to watch  183 kata lagi

Meet the new King of the Republican Establishment

Let’s be honest. Most people wouldn’t even look at someone if they attacked their parent or spouse in the way Trump did to Cruz’s wife and father. 685 kata lagi

Ryan Weir - Travel Like a Backpacker

Travelling is a great way to see the world. After Ryan Weir graduated from high school, he decided to take a year off and travel. He worked hard to earn enough money to travel for a year. 214 kata lagi

Real Estate

What is happening this last week and this week

First THANK YOU! to those of you who told me you missed my post last week.  Second I had a post ready on tuesday last week.   349 kata lagi

Ryan Hacking

The Second Night of RNC

Before I say anything on the night, I should point out that at some point last night I turned the speeches off. I was frustrated and angry and worried that anything said would take hold in the heart of America. 549 kata lagi

July 2016