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I’m sure at some point, possibly in the very near future, time will start to fly by; before we know it, Linc will be crawling, eating, talking, and walking.   2.285 more words

Meet Jon Ryan: American Ninja Warrior

According to the American Ninja Warrior website, not only is Seahawks punter Jon Ryan going to compete on their television show, he’s going up against 699 other folks to make it to the finals, and hopefully onto the 1 million dollar prize. 57 more words


Delmarva & the DEA

Forget Baltimore–even though I was born there. To me, Maryland has only been two houses, a few ponds, a blackberry bramble, a golden retriever, cousins, ice cream, a Presbyterian church, a country club with bamboo. 836 more words

Sorcerer - In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross (2015)

Artist: Sorcerer
Release: In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross
Label: Metal Blade

It’s now 2015, 23 years since famed Swedish doomers Sorcerer released the second of their two demos, their only output aside from some compilations until now. 513 more words


Ryan the div

Ryan is a div.

A div he is indeed.

I told him he’s a div.

And he happily agreed.


What is Desertislanders?

Desertislanders gets its name from the 1998-2008 hobby/travel website Desertislands: Exploring the Great Basin.

My dad, Dave, and Uncle Ryan took it upon themselves to experience the oddities and awesome natural wonders of Western Utah and and Nevada firsthand. 292 more words


Boy-band Goes Bankrupt

Lee Ryan has filed for bankruptcy, meaning that the entire pop boyband Blue have gone financially bust.

The singer was reportedly forced to declare bankruptcy by a debt collection company, and will now have all of his assets frozen. 50 more words