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October 26, 1996 - Saturday - 12:30 p.m.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern has gone on for two nights now.  Each night I’ve had people tell me I was the best.  I’ve spent most of the week working on my One-Act and I’ve had the show each night. 264 kata lagi

Ryan Kashubara - Three Tips to Become More Productive

Ryan Kashubara has become an expert on efficiency and productive in his career as an industrial engineer and quality engineer for electronic component manufacturing companies. He has worked for Epic Technologies, which has created many components for medical devices that many doctors and their patients all over the world rely on. 200 kata lagi


Ryan Gosling Was Almost Cast In 'Gilmore Girls' And We Might Need A Minute

In lieu of the highly anticipated Gilmore Girls reboot (only 31 days away eek!), a lucky group of fans are enjoying all sorts of Stars Hollow IRL activities at the… 339 kata lagi

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Gingrich Continues to Prove that He is an Idiot

There is no longer any doubt that Donald Trump is a complete failure who is the most unqualified candidate for the presidency in history. He is a man void of moral values and character, who will be remembered as a laughable and despicable man who dared to place his personal ambitions ahead of an entire nation. 484 kata lagi

Immerse and Saturate

Baptize – to completely immerse to the point soaking completely until no more can be taken in (saturate). John the baptist said that it is Jesus who baptizes people with the Holy Spirit and fire, Jesus says so that we can be His witnesses to the world. 801 kata lagi

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