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Fifth Anniversary Celebration in Aruga by Rockwell

We just celebrated our fifth wedding Anniversary yesterday, February 20. Can’t believe that time flew by so fast, and we already reached the five-year mark. A long way to go and more lessons ahead of us, but we are definitely grateful to the Lord for everything he has blessed us with – experiences, learnings, travels, etc. 443 kata lagi


Woman Who Can't Afford To Fix Car Thrilled She'll Be Able To Put More In Health Savings Account

(Political Satire)(BLOOMINGTON–Feb 19, 2017) The GOP announced part of their replacement plan for the ACA, and much of it was House Speaker Paul Ryan’s old idea of increasing the tax deduction for people who sock away money into a Health Savings Plan. 289 kata lagi


Bad grammar and God, Pokey Minch and Giegue, Niiue using SING against Giegue

COFFEE TIME! I had a dream that Kitty B. and Ryan B. both came to visit me!

From Sarah G. and Julia Quinn: In the beginning, God said, “Let there be grammar:” and there was grammar! 71 kata lagi


The Shameful Republican Assault on Medicaid

(Source: www.newyorker.com)

In terms of political theatre, Donald Trump’s press conference on Thursday was the event of the week, or maybe the year. Strictly in policy terms, though, it was less important than… 1.167 kata lagi


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The Faces Behind the Name

My name is Michaela Blanding, and my fiancé Ryan Byrd and I are very excited to start this new venture. I am a full-time student at Purdue University and a full-time Mommy to our sweet Ellen Tressa, but I am adding this as a part-time career as a way to support our family and make a difference in the world. 52 kata lagi