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Ruteng adalah ibu kota Kabupaten Manggarai, Flores. Pemandangan di sini mewah, kawan. Andai saya bisa berbagi foto berikut aromanya buat kamu. Buah dan sayuran juga, sungguh mewah. 198 kata lagi



Kantor pos Ruteng merupakan kantor pos cabang luar kota dengan nomor dirian 86500. Kantor pos ini dibawah kantor pos pemeriksa Ende (86300). Berlokasi di  Jalan Dewi Sartika No. 17 kata lagi

Kantor Pos

Indonesia - Ruteng (Flores pt. 1)

As this is our gap yah and we are finding ourselves (plus Phoebe is testing out career options), we decided that staying in a convent would be a good idea. 734 kata lagi


Day 309 (Indonesia - Flores Day 26)

I met Agel on the street at 9am and we walked for 45 minutes to reach his senior high school, where I was introduced to the headmaster and led upstairs to a classroom. 312 kata lagi


Day 308 (Indonesia - Flores Day 25)

For breakfast I had quick oats (the only type of cereal I have found on Flores) and milk powder. During my ride I snacked on banana chips, fresh mango and lollies. 188 kata lagi


A short stop over in Ruteng

What do you know about Ruteng, East Nusa Tenggara?

The small city is located just few hours from Dintor, the village nearby Wae Rebo that I told you in previous post.   539 kata lagi