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Temple-hop to see a different side of Bali

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Travellers in Bali often seek its iridescent green rice terraces and beaches, but there is another way to explore the island: templehopping. 1.457 kata lagi

Current Affairs

Indonesia steps up quest for infrastructure funds

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Mr Wilianto said “the spirit and the structural changes (of the tax amnesty) are more important than how much money (comes back)”. 894 kata lagi

Money Matters

Merangkai Huruf

Post pertama, ambil dari tulisan lama (16 Sep 2015).

Ada sebuah cerita legendaris di keluarga kami, bisa dibilang cerita ini tetap laku walau sudah diutarakan beberapa kali. 774 kata lagi


Menghargai Setiap Yen Yang Dimiliki

Satu hal lagi yang saya pelajari selama hidup di Jepang adalah: saya menjadi terbiasa menghargai setiap yen yang saya miliki, literally.

Padahal, 1 yen itu kurang lebih setara dengan 100 rupiah lebih sedikit. 486 kata lagi


Indonesia's tax amnesty shows slow progress in first month

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One month after getting launched, Indonesia’s tax amnesty programme has brought in only a tiny fraction of the billions of dollars the government hopes will go into state coffers, a development that worries some economists. 394 kata lagi

Money Matters

G'Day Bali

Arrival in Bali! Heat, humidity. We changed currency and are now millionaires – at least in Rupiah.
            Our driver from the Denpasar, Bali, airport to the Patra Jasa Bali Hotel “offered” to take us the next day to see some sites during our one-day stay in Bali. 557 kata lagi

Bali Beginning

Arriving in Bali.

Having just finished five months of backpacking around Australia (which you will get to read about all in good time), I was more than ready for a 30 day stay on Bali and Gili Gede. 404 kata lagi