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Bully 2 Might Be The Next Title From Rockstar

Recent casting calls from Rockstar Games is making some anticipation about Bully 2.

The calls are mainly for teenage and young roles, stated “new unannounced video game title with a leading UK games developer, shooting at Pinewood Studios. 58 kata lagi


Are These DuckTales Season 2 Episode Titles?!

Warning! This is either news of Season 2 or… maybe not. Let’s call it a rumor for now.

A friend of the show over on Twitter, @AwPhooey2U, let us know that an affiliate of Zap2it.com had a curious listing for DuckTales Season 2. 516 kata lagi


[RUMOR] 181009-11 Kim Jaejoong: "Ủa, tôi có bạn gái hồi nào vậy ?"

Chỉ là muốn viết một vài suy nghĩ về những việc xảy ra trong mấy ngày hôm nay. Dù cả tuần này lịch kiểm tra dày đặc, nhưng mà nếu không viết ra thì thực sự rất khó chịu. 2.192 kata lagi


2018 Mercedes GLK Redesign And Price Rumor

These are typically the best as you need to use this feature as a trial model of the unique service. Even a few of the most recent and most expensive models in the marketplace can decelerate due to a selection of things. 849 kata lagi


Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian Need To Talk

Hey ya’ll lets just say I heard this through the grapevine. Essentially, Lauren Hashian lied to a whole bunch of people and said that I was sleeping with Dwayne to make me seem like a homewrecker. 322 kata lagi

What I want to see from the rumored 2019 Nintendo Switch

It’s hard to deny that the Nintendo Switch hasn’t been a hit since it’s release over a year and a half ago. I know very few people who don’t either already have a switch, or want one. 512 kata lagi


New Nintendo Switch may be coming next year

According to Wall Street Journal Japan, Nintendo is planning on releasing a new version of the popular Nintendo Switch console later next year. WSJ Japan’s sources indicated that there were currently active discussions around upgrading the Switch’s “low-end LCD display” as well as other hardware and software components. 16 kata lagi