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Just Penned!! - A Narrow Crooked Confine

I’m a lost lover
That spoiled the chest
Chased the soul of love
Nurturing the nest

The warmth in my blood is Thine
How forgetful had I been?! 87 kata lagi


The Hospitable Host of Fear

May 21, 2015 was the day it all started. That was the day my husband and I separated.

I sit this morning in contemplation and deep reverence for the year that has been. 376 kata lagi

Mahsa Vahdat review for RootsWorld

My latest review for RootsWorld online magazine is of Mahsa Vahdat’s The sun will rise, a Norwegian coproduction that follows the Iranian singer unaccompanied in various locations around the world. 17 kata lagi

Non-ECM Reviews

From Rumi, Through Me

could this be a love letter?

rumi wrote these beautiful lines of words centuries ago. when i was reading them the first time, i felt that they were a love letter. 120 kata lagi


I've never met a strong person with an easy past.

Strength is hard won. No one can buy it for you. Give it to you. Leave it for you in their will. Strength is built from challenge, from difficulty, from overcoming. 174 kata lagi


Just Penned!! - Zero at a Point

All inner conflicts zero at a point
Where there is the warmth of mercy
Cold to heed to hue and cries

Mercy must be an atom inert… 73 kata lagi