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The Sanctuary Within

How often do we try and escape a situation?
How often do we think about quitting the battle of inner peace?

We search for shelter, we search for another soul to confide in. 285 kata lagi


The voice of accusation…

Jesus came to reveal our oneness our unity with the divine. He said “I and the Father are one.” This is our anthem. When we wake up to that truth we can’t reject one another. 863 kata lagi


Motivational Quote #3

And here’s the third quote in the series of an eventual 365 days of quotes!  Enjoy!



the entrance door
to the sanctuary
is inside you ~ Rumi

The Next Logical Step

Recently, it’s become apparent to me how much alike we all are. The fragility of man. Sometimes, despite having a good life, a good career, and a decent-enough income, it all seems too much. 614 kata lagi


Wisdom: Rumi on the Rocks

Coffee?   Toast?  Kisses?  How to transition from slumber’s sweetness to everyday responsibilities, preserving the wisdom and certainties of Self while activating the personality’s readiness and skills? 238 kata lagi


I am smiling at myself today

I am smiling at myself today.
There’s no wish left in this heart.
Or, perhaps, there is not heart left.
Free from all desire,
I sit quietly like Earth.

27 kata lagi