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Monday Mantra: Rumi and Being the Universe in Ecstatic Motion

It is important to remind ourselves daily that we are capable of achieving great things if we are determined and put in the effort to achieve our goals. 57 kata lagi

2017 Calendars - A Look at Some Classics

woman’s hopes are woven of sunbeams

My standard response when asked what Brush Dance is:  We have been creating mindful calendars items and other products for more than 25 years. 320 kata lagi


Part 5: Stage 2: Research ii

I posted one of the khadi images that I made whilst listening to music on Instagram. It entitled itself ‘Spinning  the fragment’. The more I looked at the image and considered it, the more I saw. 499 kata lagi

Whatever you love...

If you want money more than anything you will be bought and sold.
If you have greed for food, you’ll be a loaf of bread. 14 kata lagi


Just Penned!! - The bubble of image

With the craft and finesse of a lion
Soul is proud and sleepy
Seduced by the waters it passed
Struck with its own beauty

Pride took over valour… 70 kata lagi


Rumi Reflection 9

“The wise do not look at ‘more’ or ‘less,’ they know that both are as transient as a flash flood.” – Rumi

Contentment is not about possessions. 195 kata lagi