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Amartyer Alor Ishara

This has been a book on Migration of people and with them their music and cultural legacy. 

Migration of people and with them their music has perhaps been the most colourful and lively document of history that lives in the past and in the present as well leading toward a better future. 143 kata lagi


Just Penned!! - Burst of a mirage

Burst of a mirage
Sprinkled a rainbow
With bubbles of love
That blasted sprinkling lies

Drenched in the mirage
Sprinkled with lies
I shivered staring at the smoggy sky… 87 kata lagi


Light in Life

“The light which shines in the eye is really the light of the heart.The light which fills the heart is the light of God, which is pure and separate from the light of intellect and sense.”-Rumi

reflexive vomiting.

I have less and less patience for people that insist feminism is not relevant anymore. As long as there is rape, discussions about consent will matter. 202 kata lagi

10 Facts with Facebook Guest Judge 9/26-10/2 | Pretty Pixels Photography

Hi there, My name is Jennifer Franzin. Jenn to anyone that knows me. I am the face behind Pretty Pixels Photography.  I am a mother to three ‘busy bees’, photographer & artist, lover of the natural world, adventurer, explorer, dreamer and chai drinking junkie. 358 kata lagi


The yoga of poets

As I’ve talked about often on this blog (like here), yoga is not merely a set of physical exercises or postures. Yoga, meaning union, refers to any action that unites us with Consciousness. 455 kata lagi


Rumi Reflection 18

“Sharing spiritual secrets with the uninitiated has a limit. The vastness of the sea can’t be constrained within the banks of a stream.” – Rumi… 464 kata lagi