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Samadhi in the Workplace

Standing in awe is not only paying attention, it is entering into dialogue with creation.  We are entering into the barriers to communication.  The beauty that we see fills us, and we in turn can pour that beauty back out into the world.

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Vacuuming the Gravel

I recently became a fish mama for a beautiful veiltail betta fish, Rumi. He’s a calm and collected soul who enjoys bloodworms, warm temperatures, and hiding in his floating log at the surface of the water. 399 kata lagi



In every moment,

In every event of your life,

The beloved is whispering to you

Exactly what you need to hear

And know.

Who can ever explain this miracle? 42 kata lagi


Rumi (1207-1273) a quote treasure...,

A quote from Masnavi of Rumi*


“Treasure abounds in ruins;

A dog in a flourishing city is still a dog”.


*Translation R A Nicholson

Emir Abdülkadir İnanç - "The Night Traveler" / "Gece Yolcusu"

I wrote down my impressions of the Hermite Arcana (VIIII). They are Hermetic gleams in Sufi light as well as Sufi gleams in Hermetic light. 593 kata lagi


Dailies 1/13/18


Poetry Diary: My mom shared this the other day–helps one get through.

Rumi – The Guest House

This being human is a guest house. 107 kata lagi

Rumi; a poem from Masnavi

Rumi a  selection(Hamd)*  from Masnavi translated  by prof. R A  Nicholson

“Thou art hidden from us, though the heavens are filled
With Thy Light, which is brighter than sun and moon! 83 kata lagi