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Islam in the Media

Imagine if instead of having to come up with excuses or reasons for our actions, there was a word that could cover up everything. Instead of having to delve deep and explain complex situations that one magic word was explanation enough for all of the world’s woes. 404 kata lagi


Why Am I Here?

Story time. Why am I here? What brought me to the point in life where I am teaching yoga and on the brink of many new beginnings? 560 kata lagi

How kind are you to YOU?

“Don’t forget to love yourself”
-Soren Kierkegaard

Last week in Yoga Teaching/Holistic Coaching Training, we received a new meditation. It essentially involved wishing ourselves well—compassion, safety, well-being and happiness. 1.227 kata lagi


Truth is a multilayered thing. Consider this quote attributed to Rumi: “Truth was a mirror in the hands of G0d. It fell, and broke into pieces. 220 kata lagi

Rumi Quote

Beyond ideas of

Wrong-doing and Right-doing
there is a field
I will meet you there”


The Guest House

Ted and I return home tomorrow after 5 weeks in Brittany. There’s been some stormy weather on this trip, both literally (we were virtually trapped inside the camper van for a few days last week) and emotionally. 473 kata lagi

Desperation/inspiration (a.k.a Life)

Hi all,

Thanks for reading. It’s a mixed bag tonight of some desperation and some inspiration!

I have been down and out with Bronchitis for about a week now. 211 kata lagi