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Trying the Sensation of Balinese Fruit Salads

When say Kuta Beach, Besakih Temple or Ubud you will remember Bali. Those are the Balinese amazing place which offer many unique things. If we only explore the tourism object and don’t try the local food might be your holiday was bored.  469 kata lagi


Rojhek Kelang Panarukan

Rojhek Kelang Panarukan, Rujak ini sering saya temui di daerah panarukan Situbondo 82 kata lagi


You Must Taste This When You Come To Bali

Bali is a small island in Indonesia that very popular for tourism. Foreign and domestic tourist comes to Bali in every year. Bali as a tourist destination popular because of many unique culture available here. 270 kata lagi


Rojak/Rujak = Party in your mouth

A colourful fruit bowl covered with thick dressing that enjoyable to share with your friends. A Kind of afternoon snack or a more “healthy” option for dessert, this Rojak or Rujak mixed is something you can’t say no to.  171 kata lagi

Rujak Mak Tun, Enak banget

Menuju warung rujak Mak Tun ini memang tidak begitu sulit. Meski lokasinya tidak berada di tepi jalan besar, penggemar rujak Mak Tun tetap rela parkir di tepi jalan besar. 252 kata lagi


Kamu Ngidam Apa?

Selama hamil muda ini, saya sering banget ditanya “ngidam apa?” dan saya selalu ngga tau mau jawab apa. Lha wong mikir menu makanan aja mual dan pengen muntah. 504 kata lagi


5 Balinese Authentic Rujak You Never Know

When say Satay Lilit, Betutu Chicken or Lawar, you will remember Bali. Those are the Balinese delicious food. Beside of that, Bali has rujak which can role the dessert. 450 kata lagi