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See Ya Later, Alligator! 

This will be a relatively quick post, affecting our Facebook followers (I believe over 100 of our 270 something current followers on here are linked through FB). 302 kata lagi


All because someone was willing to share her story

They say that 1 in 8 couples fall into the infertility category but it seems like I have unknowingly surrounded myself with a higher ratio of couples who are battling this diagnosis. 578 kata lagi

More Updates

Urine Test 

My results came back for the 24 hr. pee test.  I guess the fancy name for this test is the “Creatinine Clearance test.”  The nurse at my family Dr. 810 kata lagi


Some good news for once!

Just a short post, with some good news!

I sent my specialist the dates of where my cycle is now, and he’s said that when I get my period (in a couple of weeks) I can start on letrozole again, so we can start trying that cycle! 138 kata lagi

13 weeks

Currently I have 13 weeks left until my birthday. I have set a goal of 30 lbs to lose by then. So about 2lbs a week. 383 kata lagi

Recurrent Miscarriage

A Very Pregnant Lady, a Newborn, 2 Sets of Grandparents, & the Wrong Number

This morning I went to Quest to drop off my urine sample and get blood work taken. By the way, the 24 hour urine test was rather gross. 879 kata lagi


A little scare, hopefully all ok!

I wrote a post on Sunday when I was feeling absolutely bloody dreadful. I’d had almost a week on the hydroxychloroquine and it had pretty much drop-kicked my immune system flat out. 458 kata lagi