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A Birthday Blessing

A week ago┬áI turned 42…ugh 42 how did that number creep up on my so quickly. I actually love my birthday, I always take the day off of work and I do whatever I want to do. 259 kata lagi


Another Miscarriage, another post.

As usual, it seems I only come here with the negative posts … Mostly because there’s not much in the way of progress or positive ones in regards to our fertility. 967 kata lagi


Simple Study Hacks to Stay Focused

Whether you’re researching for an approaching assessment, or just reading over the subject matter of your current study notes, having the capacity to research and stay focused could at times be more difficult than it sounds. 1.244 kata lagi

Accredited Prior Learning

17 Weeks + 5

To all those people who kept (keep) telling me to ‘make’ DS drop his nap because he’ll sleep better, and whom poo pooed me saying it makes him sleep worse (coz apparently they know my son better than I do), well I invite them to line up so I can slap them. 276 kata lagi


17 Weeks + 4

Well last night wasn’t horrific with DS. OH away for the week again and DS slept in his own bed until 4. FOUR! Then in my bed until 6! 239 kata lagi


17 Weeks + 3

We had a slightly better night last night. DS slept until 3.15 before climbing into our bed and although I got less sleep last night I got a longer stint of sleep so feel pretty good today. 122 kata lagi


17 Weeks + 2

So the Doppler fascination continues and we checked again this morning, ended up getting it straight away but as soon as we wanted to count the beats Peanut moved and it took several minutes to locate it again. 313 kata lagi