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contoh / draft dokumen SRS silahkan cek di email masing-masing, kerjakan sesuai dengan tugas masing-masing posisi dan kerjasama dalam Team… 45 more words



Why did we keep miscarrying was now the question on our minds 24/7.  I have always been one to ask the question, “why?” about everything and expect a clear answer.   528 more words


One Step and A LOT of HOPE

So finally after Christmas and waiting an entire month it was the morning of our appointment. Of course it was snowing the entire day prior and when we woke up it had snowed even more. 324 more words

Pregnancy Loss

Central building conditions & consultation to be discussed

Central Library will be discussed at the RPL Board meeting, Tuesday March 24 at 4:30 pm, second floor Boardroom.

– Jennifer Fix of DIALOG will be making a presentation about the consultation process this summer. 84 more words

Bump day week 18!

Sorry I’m a day late guys! This week hasn’t been too different from last week. I have felt kicks from the outside a couple more times but I have to be pretty quiet and still. 199 more words

Family In The Making

Backdoor listing via iRipple readied


The major shareholders of iRipple, Inc. (RPL) led by the owner of Solar Entertainment Corp. handed control of listed shell firm iRipple, Inc. 53 more words

Stock Market

More Tests?!?

After our 2 losses, we had 5 embryos left in the freezer, none of which were the highest grade. I refused to do another cycle without some answers. 1.155 more words