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I have a bad attitude 

My boss called me into a conference room today and took out a sheet of paper filled with notes. He apologized for everything I’ve been through (everything meaning fertility because I’ve been nothing but honest with him) and then proceeded to tell me how my bad attitude has been affecting my team, my job and the way leadership views me. 303 kata lagi


My 5th Miscarriage?

Tomorrow I have my first ultrasound appointment for my sixth pregnancy.  I’ll be six weeks and five days, and I’m positively terrified.

If there is no heartbeat, I’ll be ok with it.  481 kata lagi

Omens and Ongoing Job Drama

I don’t know that I believe in signs from beyond, but I had a moment that scared the heck out of me today:  I walked into Starbucks and heard “Blackbird” by the Beatles. 701 kata lagi

Jobs and Pregnancy

Last night I didn’t sleep very well.

My boobs lost their soreness, and I hadn’t had so much as a twinge of a cramp the day before so I was convinced it meant miscarriage.  659 kata lagi

Thoughts on Miscarriage and Death

I’m going home to visit my mom in two weeks.

It’s going to be bittersweet because the last time I was home my Dad passed away.    519 kata lagi

Special Guest at RPL Wednesday!

RPL Summer Reading Club presents Bryson LANG!

Wednesday, July 3rd

@ 10am

Come down to the library and see the all-star juggler Bryson Lang juggle a basketball, a baseball, a volleyball, a tennis ball and a soccer ball…on his nose…all while talking about his favorite books!* 70 kata lagi


different story, same story

Almost another year has come and gone and some things are different and some have stayed the same.

I’m in a much better place both mentally and physically. 812 kata lagi