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I'm a Pageant Lover

I’m a pageant lover….I’ve run in one, I’ve judged one, I watch them and I totally support what they represent and the amazing gift you get by being involved whether you win or not. 637 kata lagi


Old Stomping Grounds

Hubby took a day off this week & we ventured back down south to the ritzy area where Isaac lived for 2 years before he was transferred back to my uterus & we finally brought him home. 643 kata lagi


The best city in the world to watch live table tennis

Second part of the season is just starting and many exciting tournaments and matches are coming soon. Nowadays, online streaming video is allowing all table tennis fans to watch the most relevant events. 906 kata lagi

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RE Appt.

I sat across the desk from the RE as he paged through a ream of paper. Those papers are the last 5  years of my life. 347 kata lagi


Instal Xampp

Haii Semua!

Kali ini saya akan kasih tahu cara menginstal XAMPP di windows, langsung saja tanpa basa – basi lagi langkah :

  1. kalian bisa mendownload aplikasi xampp terbaru pada situs resminya 
  2. 127 kata lagi

Membuat "Hello World" di Laravel

Haii Semua!!

Pada kesempatan kali ini kita akan mempelajari bagaimana membuat HELLO WORLD pada Laravel melaluli Routing. langsung saja kita praktekan!


Mapping url harus didaftarkan terlebih dahulu secara manual di file… 84 kata lagi