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Instal Xampp

Haii Semua!

Kali ini saya akan kasih tahu cara menginstal XAMPP di windows, langsung saja tanpa basa – basi lagi langkah :

  1. kalian bisa mendownload aplikasi xampp terbaru pada situs resminya 
  2. 127 kata lagi

Membuat "Hello World" di Laravel

Haii Semua!!

Pada kesempatan kali ini kita akan mempelajari bagaimana membuat HELLO WORLD pada Laravel melaluli Routing. langsung saja kita praktekan!


Mapping url harus didaftarkan terlebih dahulu secara manual di file… 84 kata lagi


Instal Laravel

Haii Semuanya

karena baru aja pulang sekolah, aku mau membagi materi yang aku dapet tadi belajar nie yaitu cara menginstal Laravel di WINDOWS. semoga artikelnya bermamfaat ya!. 368 kata lagi


It's like someone just gave me $30,000

I’m terrible at opening my mail, I’ll let it pile up on the table for a month and then I’ll put it in a plastic shoe box and maybe I’ll go through some of it but chances are I won’t ever touch it. 122 kata lagi


Sixteen Going on Seventeen

This year was not my best. It was stressful, and disappointing, and scary and heartbreaking from time to time. But we laughed a lot, and had a lot of fun too (when I wasn’t sobbing). 206 kata lagi


Lots of Love in 2017.

I absolutely love New Year’s. For the past 3 years now I’ve made a new year’s resolution and I’ve actually stuck to it. There’s something empowering about setting a goal and looking back and knowing you accomplished it. 247 kata lagi


A Birthday Blessing

A week ago¬†I turned 42…ugh 42 how did that number creep up on my so quickly. I actually love my birthday, I always take the day off of work and I do whatever I want to do. 259 kata lagi