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STOP The Insanity!

Anyone remember Susan Powter? The original “biggest loser” (the show was probably conceived based on her “flab to fab” success story that parlayed into an avalanche of endorsements). 512 kata lagi

Bukan Sekedar Tiket Champions League

Kompetisi paling prestisius di Benua Eropa, UEFA Champions League siap untuk kembali digulirkan pada bulan depan setelah 10 klub melengkapi jumlah peserta kompetisi dengan memenangkan fase… 1.081 kata lagi


PGS Results

We had 10 remaining embryos on ice, and after our last loss, we decided to have them all PGS tested.*

Before our embryos could be tested, they’d need to be thawed, biopsied, and re-frozen. 301 kata lagi


Full Hands

Saturday, I took both of my babies shopping for my son’s second birthday party supplies.  I received some comments that really struck a nerve deep within me.   448 kata lagi


I'm tired...

When I first started this blog I thought I was going to be the best blogger ever…I was going to have all of this insightful information to share with the world and it would be an outlet for me to get all of my feelings out. 376 kata lagi


Yet Another Miscarriage

My fifth miscarriage was fairly anticlimactic.

I had purchased tickets in April to visit family on the east coast, and two days before departure I found out the baby didn’t make it.  771 kata lagi

Play on the Way

Central Michigan University students majoring in Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services (RPL) complete their internship with the department’s Play on the Way. Play on the Way features a trailer full of activities that students create for ages 5-12 to enjoy. 505 kata lagi

Central Michigan University