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Lovenox Help

I have had this draft post saved since summer 2015. As we finally approach our FET, I figure its time to publish it.

I would LOVE the advice of anyone who has been on the blood thinner Lovenox in a similar situation to mine. 516 kata lagi


Happiness is...

Ordering socks online.

Not just any socks either.

We are talking those designer socks.

Lucky socks.

A.k.a. IVF cycle socks!

I must admit this is my first time getting fancy socks before a transfer, but I see so many ladies on my Instagram account making the most out of their crappy infertility situation and adding some fun to it with these socks. 207 kata lagi


Hypertext Markup Languange

  1. World Wide Web

Internet merupakan jaringan global yang menghubungkan suatu network dengan network lainya di seluruh dunia, TCP/IP menjadi protocol penghubung antara jaringan-jaringan yang beragam di seluruh dunia untuk dapat berkomunikasi. 769 kata lagi

Sintaks HTML

5w3d...I was wrong, THIS takes the cake

I don’t even know where to start. As you all know from my previous blog post, I had taken THIRTEEN home pregnancy tests and ALL were negative. 733 kata lagi

Searching for reassurance in alternative ways

A few weeks have passed but nothing has changed. I went through another medicated cycle last month and it didn’t work again. I decided to not do anything this month, mostly because it’s the new year and I don’t feel like starting it off with numerous dr appts and last year I reached my deductible so everything was paid for and now I’ll have to start over. 443 kata lagi


Realizing I'll Probably Never Have A Daughter

When I first got married, I pictured the children I would have someday.

First of all, they would be girls.

For my husband’s sake I… 430 kata lagi

Going GlobalĀ 

Recently, an Australian journalist for the World Press Institute asked if we would be willing to do an interview about our IVF/RPL experiences.

She came across our family photos (below) and would like to feature an article with a few of them along with the interview. 937 kata lagi