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In an entirely new place of grief

You’d think by now I’d be a pro at this grief thing.

But every time it’s like starting anew.

Grieving Zeke was my first experience. It was so guttural. 618 kata lagi


Houston, we have a heartbeat!

It’s been three years and three pregnancies since I last saw that little flickering on the ultrasound screen, but the good news is that today I got to see it again! 371 kata lagi

I love being a mom...

Watching my little man makes my heart so very happy! I want him to grow to be a happy healthy young man! I love him so much! 277 kata lagi


end of cycle blues

Scruffy keeps poking his little face in through a dirty window, smiling serenely, a sage and somewhat Zen expression on his mud-smeared face. I pull the shade; I don’t want to even fucking deal with him this morning as my heart is filled with black, my thoughts dark and toxic, and my mind spinning out on the futility of continuing this venture. 665 kata lagi

Mental Illness

RPL P04 - Software Engineering Practice Metode Spiral

Model Spiral (spiral model) adalah model proses software yang evolusioner yang merangkai sifat iteratif dari prototipe dengan cara kontrol dan aspek sistematis dari model sekuensial linier. 367 kata lagi


RPL P03 - Generic Process Framework

Process framework adalah fondasi dasar dari proses software dengan mengidentifikasi aktivitas framework yang dapat diterapkan ke semua software. Generic process framework yang diaplikasikan dalam proyek software yaitu: 211 kata lagi


Good betas

Well, I’ve got good betas.  Friday’s number: 926.  Monday’s number: 2500-something.  Doubling time: just under 48 hours.  Right on the money.

Of course, I’ve been here before.  585 kata lagi