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Wired Wireless Over Coax

If it’s stupid and it works, then it’s not stupid. There’s no better evidence of that than ’ networking setup.

He recently had to distribute Ethernet through a building, and there are a few ways to do that. 290 kata lagi

Wireless Hacks

使用Synology RT2600ac作為二級VPN路由器

使用了Synology的RT2600ac一段日子,因工作的關係,需要使用不同的VPN功能。而Synology的RT2600ac正正符合此要求。RT2600ac除了擁有一般路由器的功能外,還有一個名為VPN Plus的應用程式,可以滿足使用VPN的需求。

正因為固體升級至SRM1.2,特意寫篇文章介紹路由器的設定。 368 kata lagi


Nightcap - Oct 16

DARPA and QED are covered in tonight’s Nightcap – radar


Router- a wireless solution to a complex network

“The science of today is technology of tomorrow”

What is Router?

Router is hardware device that allows communication between your local network – i.e. your personal computers and other connected devices – and the Internet. 407 kata lagi


Most routers full of firmware flaws that leave users at risk

If you own a Wi-Fi router, it may well be riddled with security holes that expose you to a host of threats.

Five out of every six (83%) Wi-Fi routers in US homes and offices leave their users at risk of cyberattacks, because their firmware is inadequately updated for security vulnerabilities, research by The American Consumer Institute (ACI) has shown. 462 kata lagi

Security News

Learn About Asus Router Login

For Asus router login, first, you need to check the default IP address of your Asus router. Look for the wireless card on the back of your Asus wireless router where you will find the wireless information of your Asus router. 115 kata lagi

Unpatched routers bad, doubly unpatched routers worse - much, much worse!

Back in August we wrote about a security bugfix for Mikrotik routers that was reverse engineered and turned into a working exploit.

Indeed, patches that fix security vulnerabilities often end up giving away enough about the vulnerability that both good guys and bad guys alike can weaponise it from first principles – all without having to figure out the vulnerability in the first place. 1.149 kata lagi