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D-Link's newest router is also the company's fastest ever with 5G support

D-Link is at CES 2019 with their latest router called the DWR-2010 5G NR router, which as the name suggests, supports 5G speeds. The company claims that the device will puck up 5G networks and deliver speeds to homes as fast as 3Gbps, which is “more than 40 times faster than the fixed broadband speed in the US.” Setting up the device should be pretty smooth, as users can create the WiFi network with just a power outlet and a SIM card. 380 kata lagi


DD WRT Router upgrade

So I had an old Linksys WRT54G router.  I wanted to extend the WI-FI in my house because the signal is weak in the back of my home. 495 kata lagi


OpenSSL CA for VPN authentication

The purpose of this post is to describe the steps to setup and configure an OpenSSL Certificate Authority (CA) on an Ubuntu server. The CA will be used for VPN authentication for Windows Client authenticating against a Cisco Router. 1.358 kata lagi


Sinister Signals from the Router in the Watts Family Murders - and what it might mean

Given the colossal amount of data in the Discovery Documents, it’s difficult to imagine information might be missing. It’s difficult to see what’s not there when there’s a mountain of evidence tilting and towering against the sky. 624 kata lagi

Chris Watts

Unable to complete Netgear Extender Setup [Problem Solved]

Unable to complete Netgear Extender Setup

you unable to complete Netgear
Extender setup despite several troubleshooting like Reset router and

you’ve landed at the right place for the solution to your trouble. 371 kata lagi


Tooltechnic Systems acquires Shaper Tools, maker of the Origin hand-guided CNC router

TTS Tooltechnic
Systems AG & Co. KG, the parent company of brands like SawStop and Festool,
have announced the acquisition of the US company Shaper Tools, Inc. 132 kata lagi

Hackers are doing exactly that thing with leaked NSA tools that NSA critics said they'd do

Via TechCrunch:

researchers say that hackers are using the leaked tools to create an even bigger malicious proxy network.

New findings from security giant Akamai say that the previously reported UPnProxy vulnerability, which abuses the common Universal Plug and Play network protocol, can now target unpatched computers behind the router’s firewall.