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OSPF: Passive Interfaces konfigurieren

Bei der Aktivierung von Routing-Protokollen werden Automatismen angestoßen, welche oft im nachhinein etwas “nachjustiert” werden sollten. Ein Automatismus ist das automatische Aktivieren von OSPF auf allen Interfaces. 176 kata lagi


How To Reset ASUS RT-N12 Router

Yesterday I forgot my router’s password. So I thought to reset the device. I tried to follow the instructions present in the manual as well as on the web but the reset button seemed to be not responding. 78 kata lagi


Fibre Broadband

We upgraded our broadband about a year ago from 12mbps to 40mbpb fibre. After adding so much onto our system lately in the form of Amazon Dots, Hue lighting, Echos, Ring and much much more I thought it was time to increase the speed of the system as there was an offer with our ISP, double our speed for an extra £5 a month, so it seemed silly not to go for it, after all, we stream music, movies and tv shows all the time, so why not a little faster. 101 kata lagi


Teaser - Advanced 80% Receiver Jigs

Advanced 80% Receiver Jigs

There are many jigs to aid you in completing an 80% AR-15 (or AR-10/AR-308) receiver.  One of the better examples of this style was the… 315 kata lagi

Emergency Preparedness

3》Oh My Internet!

As we all know, internet is now a necessity being it as a means of communication with long distance friends and families. It is also a medium for business promotion and online income generators.   510 kata lagi


Aztech's new AIR-706P AC1900 router has built-in mesh networking capabilities

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

Aztech’s new AIR-706P AC1900 router has built-in mesh networking capabilities

Aztech has released a new router called the AIR-706P, which has built-in mesh networking capabilities. 247 kata lagi