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Should we be worried? Huawei router ...Part II

This is a follow-up of this post...

Good. Now we are at par.

After getting the router config as in the earlier post, I got to comb through the router config. 75 kata lagi

Information Security

ARP request

ARP requests are never forwarded to reach the end host in IP-routed networks. [original post]

“There will never be an ARP request from “the internet” asking about the address for one of your hosts. 178 kata lagi


Controlling Logons to Cisco Devices with Active Directory

Something I see quite often is local passwords being used to authenticate network administrators onto switches and routers. While this is fine for smaller organisations with a small IT team and few network devices, it can quickly become a headache when trying to update the password across all devices or add a new user. 401 kata lagi


Hub vs Switch - Differences


  • Layer 2 device; Data link Layer
  • Allow to connect multiple devices and port can be manged. Vlan can create & security can be apply.
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Huawei HG8245H router "privilege escalation"...Part I

Well, I got to play around with my router a few weeks ago. My router, a Huawei HG8245H version, is pretty decent for home use. 450 kata lagi

Information Security

Eating router bits for breakfast

Not all router bits are created equal. On a recent project I had to make a lot of 1/4″ wide and 1/4″ deep dadoes.

In my 20+ years of using an electric router I’ve only lost a handful of bits, most due to the carbide chipping out or something similar. 607 kata lagi

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