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Hands-On the Shaper Origin: A Tool That Changes How We Build

I bet the hand saw really changed some things. One day you’re hacking away at a log with an ax. It’s sweaty, awful work, and the results are never what you’d expect. 3.158 kata lagi

Tool Hacks

OnHub Wireless Router

As the parade of smart device ecosystem continues to proliferate our homes, the middleman that connects all these devices needs some serious consideration. I’m talking about the Wi-Fi router, the one your service provider installed and configured for you on the day you got Internet in the home. 1.265 kata lagi


Netgear's plan to solve awful Wi-Fi is a second router

For as long as there have been Wi-Fi routers, setting up Wi-Fi has been pretty much the same. You buy a router at the store, plug it into your modem, and that’s it. 274 kata lagi


Install pfSense get error

I have install pfSense for router and get an error.
Trying to mount root from cd9660:/dev/iso9660/pfsense 

This is the problem solving :
go to prompt and then write… 13 kata lagi

Netgear’s Orbi promises home-blanketing WiFi for $400

Startups like Eero and Luma have built entire companies on betting that your home WiFi situation just flat out sucks. But why look to address dead spots after the fact when you can cut the problem off at the pass with a more robust networking system right out of the box? 155 kata lagi


Switch vs Router. What is the difference between a Switch and a Router?

Switches create a network. Routers connect networks.

Terms to understand.

MAC address: Media Access Control, it is the physical address that exists on the NIC (Network Interface Card). 144 kata lagi