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Google Wifi Mesh-Network Router Now Available in Canada

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The Google Wifi router aims to be easier to manage than other routers and extenders, through the use of an accompanying mobile app, which lets owners prioritize available bandwidth for certain devices in the network, control access to specific devices or groups of devices, designate network administrators, and more. 275 kata lagi


Connecting To Cisco Device

Planning And Cabling To The Network


                                        There are many considerations to make when planning the network. In this section we will consider the LAN connections and the WAN. 898 kata lagi


Raspberry Pi ... Headless

In cazul in care nu aveti la dispozitie un monitor, mouse, tastatura. 1.849 kata lagi

Buying a wireless router: an ease-to-follow guide

Amidst the fourth industrial revolution, and given the myriad of different possibilities when it comes to technology —the digital world, for instance, is responsible for having enabled thousands of startups and ventures to emerge—, becoming technology savvy is a matter of ongoing and continuous update and study. 785 kata lagi



Potty training is well underway! Teaching Hatchling # 2 not to touch the router – a work in progress :p

Know How can You Get the Effective Solution for Every Problem:

Microsoft has been come up with mostly used tools suite that is called MS Office. The suite contains many elements like Word, Excel, Power Point etc. 289 kata lagi


Multiple security holes discovered in Linksys routers

Do home router makers devote enough resources to finding security vulnerabilities in their products before they ship?

One could be forgiven for having doubts after this week’s news that research… 424 kata lagi