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The Most Absurd Online Gambling Method

So I came across this website promising to make me rich if I followed this down-n-out guy’s surefire money making method using five specific casinos. It was erroneously catalogued by Google as “How to make money online with Twitter” although as you will see there is nothing at all to do with Twitter on this page.   447 more words


Grab Cassette Roulette On Bandcamp Now!

My latest album is now available to purchase on Bandcamp!

All eleven tracks are available to buy, HQ and mastered, £1 each or £3 for the entire album.


Gambling on the Rise

Over 90% of the Polish gambling market is controlled by illegal companies. The number of foreign operators offering illicit online gambling has doubled from 86 in 2012 to 156 in 2014. 297 more words


ETF platform roulette? 6 ideas to help

Ever since I wrote the blog about choosing ETFs, I’ve had requests asking what is the best UK investment platform for ETFs. The short answer is –  it all depends. 904 more words


[LISTEN] Steve and Nina's Eggscelent Easter Egg Roulette Game!

Good Morning KMLE Nation, hope you’re not too scrambled this morning!

You know, the problem with Easter is the day after, most of us have a bunch of left over, tie-dyed eggs which, under normal circumstances, would probably just sit in the kitchen and rot until we hit triple digits outside (eww). 193 more words


The Aries are Awesome Edition

So every other year, I like to treat myself to a birthday trip. This year I wanted to return to Vegas, which I did several years back to combine my three favorite things: Vegas, my birthday and March Madness. 796 more words

Out And About

“Think before you speak. Read before you think.”






 Rowntree Travis

Chapter 1 – Business as Usual

“Get his money!”

The job was simple; relieve him of as much of his wealth as possible. 7.859 more words