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Day 4

The night passed in a drawn-out game of what I call “Keith Roulette”.

Keith Roulette works like this: The ball is represented by Keith. The wheel is much smaller than a normal roulette wheel – the numbers 1-5 are represented by the other 5 beds in the ward, each of which have a curtain drawn all the way around (except number 4 – we’ll get to that). 1.683 kata lagi

Doritos Roulette

WE’VE all done it. We’ve all sat around the kitchen table, picked up a piece of chocolate and waited in anticipation. We’ve taken a taste and felt relieved that it’s not us, looked around the table to see whose face has scrunched up in ways no-one thought possible and laughed at their hilarious misfortune. 359 kata lagi

New Food

New Single : A World Of Understanding - Sophie Elise

Norwegian Sophie Elise got her 3rd Single out “A World Of Understanding” featuring B-side “Shining Lights” and a second version of the Single featuring Roulette. 16 kata lagi


En kort tur i frosten

Efter en dryga 20 minuters kickande valde Husqvarnan att starta. Tur jag har så bra kondis… Eller inte. Höll på att dö i hjärtklappning av proceduren men kanske är det värt det. 87 kata lagi

Russian Nostalgia is Maximum, Poppy-Seed Roulette (Roulette s Makom)

I suck at baking so I’ve been trying to force myself to do some.  Roulette with Poppy Seeds (Roulette s Makom) was something my mom used to make for us when I was growing up so I wanted to try it out and put a recipe out there.   1.193 kata lagi

Events: Gamelan Kusuma Laras at Roulette

Gamelan Kusuma Laras, the Javanese music ensemble I’ve been playing with for several years, will give a concert Saturday night at Roulette, the prestigious new-music venue in Brooklyn. 114 kata lagi

Gamelan Kusuma Laras