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Egg Roulette!

so we did a fun challenge named: ‘Egg Roulette’ and it was super weird ^^

you can check our video out here: http://youtu.be/81ZNdAba_64



Exorcism Roulette

The Last Exorcism is just another small time film trying to take down the classic 1970 film starring Linda Blair. While almost nothing will compare to  158 more words


Love is a many splendoured thing

JEFFERS WAS LOOKING at his phone. “Hold on, we have a photo.”
It was difficult to make out what had happened or describe the composition… 344 more words


It is a bit of a psychological paradox. If you go out hoping for a good time

It is a bit of a psychological paradox. If you go out hoping for a good time, some ‘high night that persuades us to put off suicide’, something or someone that really ignites your senses, and you spend a lot of money in pursuit of this only for nothing to happen, and it be a dud, a dead end, a waste of time, energy and money, you berate yourself and curse yourself for your stupid wasteful dissipation, and despise yourself for your pathetic, tawdry addictions, and think of all the money you could have saved if you had not gone out. 230 more words

Upcoming Events

Here’s what the next few weeks look like:

February 22nd, 10pm at Manhattan Inn with Tatsuya Nakatani and Brandon Seabrook. John Welsh and Sam Yulsman will be playing before us. 86 more words

Brandon Seabrook

Roulette - An Analysis

Roulette – An Analysis

Roulette is played by spinning a ball around a wheel.  The wheel contains 37 to 38 numbered pockets from 0 to 36 for a 37-numbered wheel and 00 and 0 to 36 for a 38-numbered wheel. 280 more words