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Country 052 - Grenada (Shandra's Roti Shop)

: 5030 Maingate Drive #19, Mississauga

Roti is another one of those foods that’s eaten in any number of countries; I could have picked from quite a few for Shandra’s Roti Shop. 178 kata lagi


Food often that takes me down the memory lane...

Well from being a connoisseur of cuisines available in my city to the new found love to explore and experiment my culinary instincts did take me longer that you would imagine. 499 kata lagi


Top 10 Recipes in the World

StuffBox4u gives the list of Top 10 Recipes in the World like Roti, Chappati, Breakfast, Coffee’s Art, Sweet Dishes, Ice Cream Brands, Soft Drink Companies, Cakes, Delicious food, Desserts, Punjabi Indian Plates and many stuffs in the world.

Ice Cream Brands

A wedding feast fest at SodabottleOpenerWala

SodaBottleOpenerWala, hereafter to be called SBOW in this post, just completed three years as an entity, and two years in its Bangalore home on Lavelle Road. 537 kata lagi

Food Festival

Basic Kneads 1 - Single Roti


It is back to basics, this time… making a perfectly puffed up, soft roti!

Did you know, when we were kids, bread (the European variety) used to be called ‘double roti’ in northern parts of India? 478 kata lagi

Indian Breads

February 22nd: Seconds

Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten, in glorious detail.

I can’t do glorious detail right now (I need to stop writing around my crazy lunch time), but I love curry! 15 kata lagi


Making roti


My sisters, who have forgotten more about cooking and food than I will ever know, always pointed out that my roti would never be “real” roti unless they swelled up proudly. 628 kata lagi