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Kappu Uddina - Kadle Bele Tove / Maa Channa Ki Dal Recipe / Split Black Gram & Split Skinned Bengal Gram Dal

Kappu uddina – kadle bele tove / Maa chole ki dal / Maa channa ki dal  is minimal spiced dal, slowly cooked with spices and also fair amount of onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and green chilies. 385 kata lagi

Bachelor Recipes

Godamba Roti

Sorry guys, I’ve kind of neglected my blog for a while – but for good reason! I’ve been busy this summer, traveling (visited Taiwan and Vietnam, as well as Toronto and Quebec — which I must add, had amazing food), and also had been busy working and taking on more hours – I found out I’ll be going to Madrid next month for a conference, so much preparation will be needed. 348 kata lagi

Sri Lankan Cuisine

Rajasthan Special Part I- Gatte ki Sabji & Lehsun ki Chutney

I spent a big span of my life in Rajasthan, a land full of colors and splendid cuisine. Today I’m writing about a tangy, thick gravy dish which is a delicacy of Rajasthan. 613 kata lagi


Coconut-y Rice Flatbread/Roti from Goa

I have such good memories of Goa, both from my first trips there over a decade ago and my recent trip early this year. Three weeks sitting on a beach eating Indian food – you can imagine the wonderful heaven I was in. 329 kata lagi


Time to Hang Out

As the year continues to move forward, I will continue to list advantages of being back in Guyana a 2nd year. This time, it is the fact that students are inviting us to do things outside of class, much, much earlier than last year! 631 kata lagi