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Rice Flour Roti With Bottle Gourd 👌

Tasty Roti : Rice Flour Roti : Breakfast Recipe: South India

Duration : 30 mins

Servings: 6 

Rice flour is made out of rice, often used in South Indian dishes and you can prepare many recipes out of it such as snacks and breakfast recipes. 388 kata lagi


Donat Klasik (Kentang)


Berusahalah untuk selalu berbuat baik, tanpa pandang dimana kamu, dengan siapa kamu dan dengan bagaimana kamu berbuat baik. Ingat, bahwa yang baik dibalas dengan baik, yang buruk dibalas dengan yang buruk, terlebih lagi ingatlah kamu berbuat baik itu untuk mendapatkan ridho-Nya.

364 kata lagi

Cucumber Parata

Cucumber Parata

Cucumber Parata is a easy and yet delicious recipe to make. All you need to do is kneed and roll. It is a complete breakfast, packed with the goodness of cucumber. 186 kata lagi


Smells like nostalgia

You’re walking down a busy street, and someone brushes past you wearing a perfume. You catch the slightest of scents, and suddenly you’re back in your teens – remembering the person who once wore the same fragrance. 390 kata lagi

#TheStoop: The West Indian Food Hall of Fame

#TheStoop: The West Indian Food Hall of Fame

Today on the foodie edition of #TheStoop, we ask the question: Which 3 meals would you induct into the West Indian Food Hall of Fame if you had to choose? 146 kata lagi

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