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Fulkas/Roti or Indian Flat Bread

Puffed up Fulka or Roti,

Fulka or Roti is the Indian flat bread made up of wholewheat flour. There are many types or variety of Indian breads like Chappatis, Parathas, many types of Naans & Puris, Kulchas etc. 938 kata lagi

Wholewheat Flour

Roti Kepang Puntir Untuk Sarapan, Braided&Twist Chocolate Bread

Back to work back to home made. Selesai sudah memenuhi tengki dengan bersantan-santan ria. Waktunya mengempeskan perut kembali dengan sarapan yang semestinya. 204 kata lagi


Daily Research 30 Juli 2015

Negative Market.

S2 S1 IDX R1 R2 4,650 4,700 4,721.1 4,750 4,771
  • A still positive Dow Jones and the global bourses would send in the support.
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Daily Research

Kiwoom Trader 30 Juli 2015

Dow Jones industrial average kembali menguat 121.12 poin, atau 0.69%, pada 17,751.39. Nasdaq Composite juga naik 22.53 poin, atau 0.44%, pada 5,111.73. Wall Street melanjutkan penguatan pada hari Rabu setelah the Fed menyatakan bahwa ekonomi dan kondisi data pekerjaan masih akan menguat serta suku bunga masih belum berubah. 89 kata lagi

Daily Trading

Why In The World Did I Think This Was A Good Idea?

I’m going to be frank with you. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing with this page. But then again I say that about pretty much everything I do in life and I somehow manage to scrape by. 893 kata lagi


Is Roti Paleo?

So you’re looking for some sort of Paleo-approved aide to go along with your rich and flavorful Indian protein – be it chana masala, tandoori chicken, or curry lamb spare ribs. 211 kata lagi




Making the roti


Satay Chicken

Roti Canai


Takeaway Roti

Known for its Satay Chicken and Roti bread, as per the famous tagline, Mamak restaurant in Chinatown is one of the most authentic Malaysian restaurants in Sydney! 342 kata lagi