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Vegetarian At The BAM Africa Bazaar

I first heard about BAM‘s DanceAfrica Bazaar (which has apparently been going on for over 40 years!) last year, but I wasn’t able to go. 163 kata lagi


Mirchi Roti

As promised here’s the recipe of our Mirchi Roti. An exciting treat for your palate, these roties give you the delightful flavour of green chillies, at acceptable spice levels.  376 kata lagi


Fool proof roti

I’ve tried making rotis for years, sometimes they came out perfect and other times they were as stiff as a pizza base. But did you know adding baking powder to your regular mixture would ensure you get perfectly soft, delcious rotis everytime? 105 kata lagi


Aloo Masala, an Adventure in Indian Cuisine

After a particularly stressful day, I needed comfort.  Not the kind brought to you by a large pizza eaten all in one sitting.  I wanted the comfort from a hearty, soulful food present in some form in nearly every cuisine.   370 kata lagi


Rainbow Cheese Toast di Kuma

Siapa yang udah pernah nyobain keju warna-warni?

Kalau saya baru pertama kalinya. Adanya di Kuma, Paris Van Java, Jl. Sukajadi.

Kejunya kayak mozarella cheese jadi bisa ditarik sampai panjang banget ke atas. 89 kata lagi

Place To Eat

Moong Dhal curry

Tonights dinner is this hearty Indian dish made with mung beans better known as Moong Dal. This recipe calls for a wealth of spices such as turmeric, ground cumin, coriander and masala making this dish absolutely delicious and nutrient rich. 135 kata lagi


Wheat Flour Attu

Wheat dosa is a quick and instant dosa recipe to make an healthy breakfast with some easy chutney.
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