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So today Husband and I decided that we would better our lives together and go for a run. And then we ended up locking ourselves out of our apartment.. 244 kata lagi


What’s Malaysian Cuisine without Malaysian Roti?

One cannot go without mentioning Malaysian roti when it comes to authentic Malaysian cuisine.
Amongst a striking variety of Chinese, Indian and Malay-influenced foods offered as traditional Malaysian grub, Roti Canai remains the unbeatable king. 323 kata lagi

Malaysian Cuisine

Creamy Mushroom Foldovers

With summer around the corner, it’s time to make those summery bright and light snacks! This one is fairly easy, tasty,and requires minimal time to make (without being too harsh on your waistline…!), and makes a great breakfast, starter, or just an anytime snack. 224 kata lagi


Day 14 and 15: Trains, Turnarounds, and Tunnels:  new twists on old paths.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once quipped, “You never step in the same river twice.” The same is true for traveling. Whether you or the path or both, the return journey always differs. 1.853 kata lagi

How round and fluffy rotis by my 5-year old make me proud?

As a small child when I visited my nani’s house, I loved cooking with her. Though she had a cooking platform, she preferred sitting on the floor and cooking, mostly on ‘angeethi’. 800 kata lagi

Child And I

Homemade Spinach Wraps (Tortillas)

750 ml wholewheat or bread or cake flour
10 ml baking powder
5 ml salt
125 ml spinach – cooked, chopped and thoroughly drained… 228 kata lagi

Paleo 'Naan/Tortillas'

I have tried many Paleo ‘naan’ and ‘tortillas’ recipes and this is by far the easiest and most versatile. This recipe makes delicious GF bread that is flexible to eat as a ‘tortilla/wrap’, and also hearty enough to dip in curry as a ‘naan’ or ‘roti’. 73 kata lagi