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$142 million dollars has been paid out to families from the secret vaccine injury fund so far in 2017

Source: NaturalNews.com
D. Samuelson
May 24, 2017

Do you know the vaccine schedule for newborns and infants in the United States? In 2017, there are currently 27 doses of 11 different vaccinations that are currently injected, or orally dispensed, to children up to fifteen months of age. 619 kata lagi


The Truth about vaccines 6: rotavirus

Hopefully, you get the picture from my posts about episodes 1-5 that The Truth about Vaccines is anything but truthful.  This series is really just full of misinformation and lies. 1.439 kata lagi


How Protected are you and your loved ones? Immunization

From conception up until the nine months gestation period, a baby is fully protected from infections and most other diseases. A change in this equilibrium however begins to occur right from the delivery process, when the baby is passing through the mother’s vagina. 669 kata lagi


Dia de vacinas

Hoje a Alice foi levar as vacinas dos 12 meses. Sarampo, Prevenar e Meningite C. Estas fazem parte do Plano Nacional de Vacinação e, por isso, não têm nenhum custo. 370 kata lagi

Pigeon Rotavirus Mortalities in Australia

Several lofts across Australia have reported significant mortalities (up to 30%) in their flocks since mid-2016. Clinical signs may include depression, diarrhea, vomiting, regurgitation, and hunched postures. 60 kata lagi


We're 'Advancing' from 'Breastfeeding is Not Natural' to CDC Reporting ‘Breast Milk Has Inhibitory Effect On Vaccine'

Now it was not so long ago they were wanting us to desist from calling breastfeeding natural. People were absolutely outraged at this and it came from of all things a… 327 kata lagi