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Rotavirus: A Parent's Nightmare

On a fine Sunday morning, I decided to take AK out to an indoor playground. She loves whizzing down the slides, running amok and I had this perfect vision of… 1.237 kata lagi

The Chronicles Of A Working Mother

The Most Dangerous Medicines on Earth (Top 8)

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The 8 Most Dangerous Medicines on Earth… are you taking any of these?

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“It’s time to take your medicine, honey.” “But Mom, it’s making me feel weird and horrible, and I’m not getting any better.” “Well, it’s what the doctor prescribed, so it’s what we have to do.” Have you ever been told to listen to your gut? 871 kata lagi

Kenyataan Akhbar KPK 16 Februari 2017 - Perkembangan Kluster Jangkitan Rotavirus di Pusat Rekreasi Air Panas Ulu Legong Baling, Kedah

Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) ingin memaklumkan, sehingga 14 Februari 2017, jumlah kes acute gastroenteritis (AGE) akibat jangkitan Rotavirus dan mempunyai sejarah mengunjungi Pusat Rekreasi Air Panas Ulu Legong, Baling, Kedah adalah 86 orang. 280 kata lagi


Kenyataan Akhbar KPK 8 Februari 2017 - Kluster Jangkitan Rotavirus di Pusat Rekreasi Air Panas Ulu Legong Baling, Kedah

Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) ingin memaklumkan pada 3 Februari 2017 jam 11.00 pagi, satu kejadian kluster acute gastroenteritis (AGE) disyaki Rotavirus telah dinotifikasi daripada Hospital Kulim melibatkan enam (6) kes terdiri daripada kanak-kanak berusia 2-11 tahun dari dua (2) keluarga yang tiada kaitan. 397 kata lagi


Don't Kiss My Baby

There are a lot of reasons to not let a stranger kiss your baby. And if you are that stranger… Stop it. Just stop it. Everyone knows how adorable babies are, and I just happen to have the cutest baby of all time (I swear I am not biased…), but I will not let you kiss my baby or stick your face up close to his face. 928 kata lagi


Organic Hand Sanitizer DOES NOTHING?

Unfortunately, being a school teacher of middle school students means that I’m constantly exposed to germs. This age group is notoriously bad at practicing basic hygine- even when reminded, they “pretend” that an activity was completed instead of actually doing it. 531 kata lagi

Surviving bodily defenses: human rotavirus manipulates immune response to maintain infection

The gut of a child infected with rotavirus is like a battleground. On one side, the virus invades the epithelial cells that form the lining of the small intestine. 928 kata lagi