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Waspadai Rotavirus Penyebab Bayi Terkena Diare

Sabtu, 2 Mei 2015 19:22 WIB

Pewarta: Lia Wanadriani Santosa

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Penyebab diare pada bayi dan balita salah satunya ialah infeksi rotavirus. Diare akibat virus ini bahkan bisa menyebabkan bayi atau anak mengalami kekurangan cairan atau dehidrasi, muntah dan demam. 197 kata lagi


When Virkon for farm biosecurity is just not enough.

The importance of thorough cleaning with detergent before disinfection to reduce the presence of viruses, bacterial and fungal spores is highlighted in this paper from… 215 kata lagi


A family destroyed: Six-month-old dies after clinic injects baby with 13 vaccines at once without mother's informed consent .

Alisa Neathery, a young dusky beauty, fragile in her composure, walked to the front of the starkly lit meeting room, holding two things: A photograph of her smiling baby boy Bently, and a moon crescent shaped silver object. 220 kata lagi

Global Health Issues

Quality of life impacts from rotavirus gastroenteritis on children and their families in the UK

Source: Vaccine33 (39), 22 September 2015, pp. 5212–5216

Follow this link for abstract

Date of publication: September 2015

Publication Type: Journal Article

In a nutshell:  96 kata lagi


Rotavirus Information

I think most  parents are familiar and hear about what is Rotavirus. This Leaflet provides more information for your knowledge.


Managing Diarrhoea and Dehydration in children at home

Diarrhoea remains one of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality in children worldwide. Almost every child will experience diarrhea at some point and the potential for dehydration is great, hence any form of loose stools should not be taken lightly. 1.791 kata lagi

Skin & Health Care

Mozambique launching rotavirus vaccine

Some of you might remember the banner we had in display in GSK house announcing the patent registration of Rotavirus vaccine some time back. Rotavirus vaccine protects children from rota-viruses, which are a leading cause of severe diarrhea in infants and young kids. 248 kata lagi

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