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5 Things you need to know about Rotavirus

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About 180 people have fallen ill with gastroenteritis (in Singlish, it’s also known as lao sai) in the Owen Road area since Monday. 281 kata lagi

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Welcome Mei.. Si Gadis kecil mama (cieee..) alias Nogu usianya udah 4 bulan ajah. Gak terasa ya, kayaknya baru kemaren sore ngerintih kesakitan karna bekas operasi sesar di perut. 521 kata lagi

Updates to the UK child and adolescent vaccination schedule

Source: Nurse Prescribing, 2016, 14 (3), pp. 120-125

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Date of publication: March 2016

Publication Type: Journal Article

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North American swine rotaviruses: a complex epidemiology

A scientific paper published today in PLOS ONE reveals that based on three-level mixed-effects logistic regression models, the epidemiology of swine rotaviruses in North America is quite complex. 374 kata lagi


World Immunisation Week: Seven vaccine challenges

The focus of WHO’s World Immunisation Week is closing the immunisation gap, which means getting vaccines that already exist to those who need them. But there are many diseases for which we do not have a vaccine, or the vaccine we have is not effective enough. 1.005 kata lagi


7 Bulanan

Di usia 7 Bulan ini, Miza udah imunisasi ke-3 kalinya Hib, Rotavirus, dan PCV. Jadi, imunisasi dasar 6 bulan udah tamat semua. Tinggal nanti usia 9 bulan imunisasi campak, atau kalau tambahan usia 8 dan 10 bulan imunisasi influenza. 323 kata lagi


Un soi de orez ar putea lupta împotriva gastroenteritei

O echipă de la Universitatea din Tokyo a reuşit să producă, dintr-un soi de orez, cantităţi importante dintr-un anticorp care poate combate rotavirusurile aflate la originea gastroenteritei. 129 kata lagi

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