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Anilan'ny Tiana (Rossy)

Hiran'i Rossy rehetra: Rossy

F#m7': 2xx220 F#m:   2xx222
D/F#:  2xx232
(*): Bass ihany no tendrena
A*:    x0xxxx
B*:    x2xxxx
C#*:   x4xxxx
D*:    xx0xxx

Andininy 1
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Acoustic Gasy

Antoni Gaudí

Antonio Gaudi is one of the greatest Spanish Architects to have lived. He was born in Reus, Spain (Catalonia). He transcended the word of architecture, with his style. 362 more words


C.Young ft. Rossy - Westcoastplayalistic

C.Young releases 3rd single from Blue Enigma featuring his fellow VIBE member, “Rossy” over Reflective Audio’s production which samples well known Outkast records Jazzy Belle and 2DopeBoyz In A Cadillac to create a standout record about the journey thus far.


로지 피피(RossyPP) – 29 lyrics [Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]

This indie folk song has a bit of a country vibe, and it’s a sweet love song. It’s natural for RossyPP to sing about “that mountain top” – since she’s an experienced rock climber. 279 more words