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Hafatra (Rossy)

Hiran'i Rossy rehetra: Rossy

Dm: xx0231
C   F G  C (2x)
C   F Dm G C (2x)
F.. G

          C                      F
Tandremo sao tsy tsaroanao ilay hafatra
     G                       C
Aza misy adino ataovy tonga lafatra
        C                   F
Ny rediredin’ny foko kely adalako
      G                      C
Ampombaiko anao omeo ilay malalako

… 111 kata lagi

Check 'Em Out: Rossy - "Roses" (cover)

Check out this acoustic version of The Chainsmokers’ “Roses” by Rossy. He’s a singer/songwriter, producer and director living in San Diego. This year he plans to release his solo catalog with influences ranging from pop, reggae and hip-hop.


Rossy - Roses (Music Video)

The Chainsmokers Roses got covered acoustically by Rossy 21 kata lagi


Exclusive! New Music: Rossy 'Roses' (Acoustic)

Rossy is a singer/songwriter, producer and director from Portland, Oregon now residing in San Diego, California. The multi-faceted artist began his career at the University of Arizona performing at college parties and touring on the weekends. 127 kata lagi


Happy Birthday Rossy!

Happy Birthday Rossy!

Rossy Moreno, a Mexican Volks girl of Mexican Volks Tijuana Club, Baja California, Mexico.
Her 1954 Rusty Grey VW Convertible.


#WildCardWednesday: V1BE - 'Plastic Dolls'

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V1BE are a duo consisting of C.Young (rapper) and Rossy (singer/producer) from San Diego. 155 kata lagi