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#WildCardWednesday: V1BE - 'Plastic Dolls'

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V1BE are a duo consisting of C.Young (rapper) and Rossy (singer/producer) from San Diego. 155 kata lagi


Anilan'ny Tiana (Rossy)

Hiran'i Rossy rehetra: Rossy

(*): Bass ihany no tendrena
A*:    x0xxxx
B*:    x2xxxx
C#*:   x4xxxx
D*:    xx0xxx D/F#: 2xx232
F#m7': 2xx220 F#m:  2xx222
Tonony 1
… 297 kata lagi

Antoni Gaudí

Antonio Gaudi is one of the greatest Spanish Architects to have lived. He was born in Reus, Spain (Catalonia). He transcended the word of architecture, with his style. 362 kata lagi