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Vrolijke vrijdag

“Zo, dit is dus een apparaat om het gen van een rund te analyseren.”
“Ja, wij noemen het een rundgenapparaat.”

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Between 1869–1875, English physicist William Crookes developed the cathode ray tube, also known as a Crookes Tube. His and others’ experiments with the application of high voltages to a partially evacuated glass tube led to the somewhat accidental discovery of x-rays by German physicist and mechanical engineer Wilhelm Röntgen in 1895. 68 kata lagi

Jodi La Coe

May 30, 2017 Ultra sound and X-ray results//Röntgen- und Ultraschallbefunde

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Second worst day of my young adult life. (I was saving the worst day for later.) The walk-in clinic calls twice before I get a chance to call them back. 1.086 kata lagi


May 21, 2017 First Doctor's Appointment//Erster Arzttermin

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Guelph, ON, Canada. Better safe than sorry. First doctor’s appointment. Wolfy* drives me to the Golden River Walk-In Clinic* in Guelph. 175 kata lagi