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A twinkling little gem from Amsterdam

Here is the truth: I can’t remember how I came across this guy. Röntgen. Conrad Röntgen? The guy who discovered the X rays? What has he got to do with music? 370 kata lagi

Romantic Era

The Electro magnetic spectrum song

This is the original electro magnetic spectrum song by Emerson & Wong Yann from Singapore. There is a lot to say about it. Maybe you want to mention the quality of the music, song or singing. 70 kata lagi


Berbagi Cerita : Kakiku Patah 1/2

Kamis 27 Agustus 2015

Saya pulang kantor agak larut (sekitar pukul 09:00pm)dengan menumpang kendaraan kawan sekantor.. sesampainya di dekat kos seperti biasa dengan masih memanggul tas ransel berat saya membeli makanan dsb. 695 kata lagi

My Life Journey

Mårten Morton's best friend


Thor Stenbeck (1864-1914) was since childhood Mårten Morton’s best friend. He was three years younger than Mårten and became a medical doctor. 571 kata lagi

Morton Mårten

Het Elektro magnetische spectrum lied

Hmmm, laten we het niet over de zangkwaliteiten hebben, maar dit filmpje toont (zieken)huis tuin en keuken begrippen in relatie elektromagnetische straling

Bron: the elctromagnetic spectrum song – Emerson, Wong


Cello concertos almost forgotten

I’ve had no problem listening to more music recently. Fortunately, I’ve been working at home as a translator so I can listen to music almost any time I want. 509 kata lagi

Classical Music