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Last Nights Movies 04-02-2016

I was a bit of a loss last night, my copy of Bleeder finally turned up but as I have lost the control for my DVD I couldn’t get the subtitles on!! 220 kata lagi

Quick Flick

Work Experience

Video Technician

Pensacola Christian College, January 2014 – Present

  • Use Adobe Creative Suite on a daily basis in video editing and graphic design.
    • After Effects…
  • 179 kata lagi
Adobe Creative Suite

Days without the (Creatively) Written Word

Most of what I do for a living involves reading and writing, so hardly a day goes by that I’m not smack in the middle of extended exposure to the written word. 388 kata lagi

The Ronin

Let’s be clear I hardly share the characteristics of a ronin right now. I just got this on top of my head last night. Weirdly so, the ronin probably represents what I want to be – a free (samurai) warrior indebted to no feudal lord. 112 kata lagi

Chapter Twenty Two: Where There Is Smoke

A/N: again I am so sorry this took so long to get out, and hopefully with the new year I can stick to a new schedule and not fall behind. 4.227 kata lagi

Sims 3

Kesetiaan 47 Ronin Ditinjau dari Tiga Teori Klasik Psikologi Sosial

To know the story of the 47 Ronin is to know Japan

– Anonim

Bicara tentang kesetiaan (loyalty), mungkin prototipe paling baik dalam menggambarkan nilai moral tersebut adalah samurai Jepang. 2.871 kata lagi

College Tasks

Star Wars: Return of the Ronin

So what, exactly was wrong with the Star Wars prequels? That’s a difficult question to answer, because you could pull at a million little Jar Jar or “Padme making a huge impression on Leia in 30 seconds of parenthood” threads until you’ve turned into a living, breathing message board post. 620 kata lagi