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Diving Back In

So last week I lamented my lack of motivation to write. It made me sound lazy (I am but that’s beside the point) and in need of validation with every chapter I wrote. 713 kata lagi

Writer's Life

Movies of 1998 Bracket Game: Ronin Vs. Out of Sight

1998 is right in the middle of an era in cinema that I have great affection for. The success of former video store employee Quentin Tarantino had been hugely influential and motivated a general expanded interest in independent film and in the value of both movie trivia and the expertise of your local hole-in-the-wall movie rental clerk. 808 kata lagi

Queer Icon Kamandi Is Here To Kill You

Frank Miller’s cover to Kamandi Challenge #12

There’s something weirdly mythic to Miller’s post-2000 work to me. He distort and flattens bodies in a way that I’m not totally sure is intentional, but adds to this digital shamanism he’s been tapping into since DK2, for better or worse. 172 kata lagi


Today’s Office, 17 January 2018

Today’s Office. 17 January 2018.

Phew! Schoolwork and Writer Wednesday dominated the last five hours or so! Barely got done in time! Headed to the gym now. 8 kata lagi

Today's Office, 16 January 2018

Today’s Office. 16 January 2018.

Kicking it in a waiting room while Mir gets her chompers poked at. Doing a whole lot of bouncing back and forth today. 48 kata lagi

Follow-up Friday: 12 January 2018

Hello, friends! I hope you’ve have a very pleasant week! Mine has been hectic, but very fun!


I started off the week behind on all my work (because I failed to plan correctly), so Monday and Wednesday’s dailies were a day behind. 762 kata lagi

Today’s Office. 11 January 2018.

Today’s Office. 11 January 2018.

Hey, y’all! Sorry for the delays in the dailies lately. I’ve been backed up with school and writing for the Devils of Kharashan series. 22 kata lagi