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[Trivia] Benarkah Hawkeye Akan Berubah Menjadi Ronin di "Avengers: Infinity War?"

Belakangan ini kita sering kali melihat meme-meme yang menyindir Hawkeye karena dia tidak terlihat di poster Avengers: Infinity War. Sejak awal kemunculannya, memang banyak orang yang bilang kalau Hawkeye tidak memiliki kekuatan yang pantas untuk disandingkan dengan Tony Stark, Captain America maupun Hulk. 579 kata lagi



I am lost in this world,

Can’t seem to find myself.

A Ronin,

Master less in every sense of the word,

Not even a master of my own fate, 201 kata lagi


The Ronin's Tale: (Interlude) A Conversation

The lord’s minister entered the space and the occupant, a lone figure yellow with light; gray with mood; read without pages.

“You are “ronin”? He asked. 103 kata lagi

Words To The Wise OR Not

Review & Showcase: Test of Honour - Ronin

A month ago, I picked up a box of Ronin for the game Test of Honour. I was intrigued by some of the painted miniatures on various blogging sites and social media groups; it is the standard plastic samurai sprue from the main box with metal heads and one full metal special character. 387 kata lagi