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Let's Appreciate: Ronin

A superb political action thriller with more twists and turns than the Nürburgring. Robert DeNiro in a great performance, a great supporting cast including Sean Bean, Jean Reno, and Stellan Skarsgard. 11 more words


Inspiration At First Sight, a Battle, and a Surrender

Blackbird –

Girl, I think I’m your #1 fan.  I’m writing to you instead of a journal, because journals seem like such a chick thing to do.   502 more words


Julia Roberts, A Red Dress and Zoo Animals

Gidge  –

Baby.  Fuck.  You take my breath away, making it hard to breathe.  To function.

Elise asked me to take you to the zoo fundraiser, and I agreed.   309 more words


A Case Of The Mondays

Dear Momma,

Life is all sorts of fucked up.  Well, now it is.  Five days ago it was perfect.  Ronin was really starting to heal after the whole Mardee thing, and Antoine and I were doing good.   579 more words


Faux lessons, chin kisses, dunch and Tom Cruise

Dear Rook,

I’m writing this to you, rather than a journal, because let’s face it:  I’m a man and men don’t write in journals.  So a letter to you is perfectly acceptable.   699 more words


The Sword or the Ball: The Choice is Yours #KungFuFriday, #WhoAskedUs, #ShogunAssassin

It’s been awhile since the Kung Fu Friday bit on Pai Mei. If you’re unprepared for the degree of Kung Fu nerdism I am about to get into, I suggest you click the X button now. 697 more words