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The Women are Winnin'

Sports and the subsequent success within them have historically been characterized by those participants being the biggest, strongest and most capable — aka men.  As the years have progressed, sports have followed suit, allowing for the acceptance of women’s participation and recognition. 658 kata lagi


Gems of Andalucia: Ronda

There are so many places in Andalucia that are worth seeing but not a lot of people hear of them. Tourists main focus when they come to Spain are usually: Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Granada and Málaga. 171 kata lagi


Lusno Falls : A Hidden Paradise in the Midst of Two Towns

LUSNO FALLS : A Hidden Paradise in the Midst of Two Towns

          As the sky splattered its big tears on the ground, as the thunder rumbled its loud roar of anguish, as the lightning flashed its furious light, as the wind raged harder and harder producing a cacophony together with the gloomy and abhorrent sight of the dark grey skies, I perceived them all as they accompanied the emotions inside me. 2.435 kata lagi

Chasing Potatoes On The Go

Ronda Rousey coloca título em jogo contra Holly Holm no UFC 195

Quem conseguirá parar Ronda Rousey? Acumulando doze vitórias em sua carreira, nenhuma derrota e o incontestável cinturão peso-galo do UFC, a organização voltou atrás com a ideia de promover a trilogia entre Rowdy e Miesha Tate – favorita ao posto de próxima desafiante ao título da divisão. 141 kata lagi


The Hermit Position: Give Me The Definition of Fake

Let me tell you a story…are you sitting comfortably? I’ll begin…

Twenty plus years ago, the setting is in Wales. A promotion is hosting a wrestling event, who’s wrestling on it? 1.233 kata lagi


Ronda Rousey SuperHero or super Villian?

Social media has made its pretty clear that current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey wants to be immortalized as a super hero. In the last few months, she has been posturing hollywood to make her Captain Marvel, in an upcoming Captain Marvel Movie which is expected to release in 2018. 865 kata lagi


Tour dos pueblos Blancos

Itinerário norte do tour(11 aldeias a partir de Sevilla, 350 + 650 km)

De Sevilha, há três pueblos que recomendamos para o oeste para chegar para a província de Huelva. 156 kata lagi