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Day Two entry into The Bolthole Blog is now up!

One bedroom apartment located just outside the Puente Nuevo and the Bullring of the Royal Cavalry, available to rent for $70 per night in January through Airbnb…

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Polaroids (II)

My friend!

I continue receiving postcards as Polaroids. On 17th August, after 20, 21 and 22 days travelling, I received this three cards from… 31 kata lagi


Ronda, Spain

Ronda is a small town in southern Spain belonging to the province of Málaga in the autonomous region of Andalusia. It is one of Spain’s oldest cities, and it is considered bullfighting cradle. 110 kata lagi


Silence by Ronda

My first lesson about the value of silence came as a young mother of young children.  During those years, I was like most young mothers, searching for a moment to hear my own thoughts.  816 kata lagi


Lykkelige kloster - det begyndte med en bog 3. del

og hun drejede hovedet kiggede langt hen over middelhavet med øjne der panorerede fra  ægypten over israel til syrien …

Julen 2006 tilbragte jeg i et træhus ved Vejby Strand. 1.493 kata lagi


A Perfect Escape to Ronda in Spain - Spring 2015

When it comes to travel we all pine for the unfamiliar. Since moving to Hong Kong, about six years ago, we have welcomed the opportunity to see more of Asia, but trips to Europe have also become strangely appealing as well.  1.020 kata lagi


Spain and Portugal the Private Way

Eurobound Offers Exclusive Spain, Portugal Touring with Private Car and Driver

Balmy Fall, Winter Getaways on the Iberian Peninsula

Why drive when you can have your own car and chauffeur? 595 kata lagi