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Road trip to Ronda, Spain, 22nd May 2017

This may not fit the usual subject matter for a walker’s blog, but given that I’m posting it into a newly created page on the site – “On tour” – then the usual protocols can be relaxed somewhat. 1.872 kata lagi


Enter Ronda

A bit heartbroken we enter Ronda past after passing through some admittedly dramatic Spanish country side. As we drive in, the small balconies with flowers, the cobbled stone streets and side walks cafes- two days ago charming, now look dreary and mundane.I miss Granada’s steep passage ways with panoramic views, ancient Moorish architecture and thriving youth. 264 kata lagi



It’s never a good sign when you get up in the morning and your calves scream “oh dear god, why are we walking?” Today would be a day of shuffling, rather than strutting. 921 kata lagi


Blood on the Arena Floor

Originally published in Shape magazine

The seventh bull, Alberto López Simón’s last, enters the ring — big and charcoal black. In the fierce evening sun it is disoriented, confused by the noise and the strong smell of cigar smoke coming from the crowd. 2.406 kata lagi



The little town of Ronda has known human habitation since neolithic times. It was a Celtic and then a Phoenician settlement, then a Roman fortress. The Visigoths owned it for a couple of hundred years, then it was conquered by the Berbers in 713AD. 499 kata lagi

Watch Me Ronda

We drove through Ronda on our way to Cadiz and stayed there for a couple of hours. I remember reading “For Whom the Bell Tolls” describing people being thrown off the cliff during the times of Spanish Civil War. 155 kata lagi


Reflection #1: Last Night I Dreamt I Went to Ronda

Sometimes the story is not important, only an image, and some random graffiti, and the happenstance of being in a certain place and time, stumbling across the echoes of others, a thread of connection, wispy, vague, hinting and nudging…