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Romeo & Juliet

This performance of Romeo & Juliet is happening at Ramsey Park in Austin and is staged by Something for Nothing Theater Company. It is Shakespeare at the most raw – a few props, a few lights, and a bare stage in the park. 54 kata lagi


The fascination of German words is not lost on Richard Armitage

Now I hope he gets to go back because this can become a lifelong fascination. My non-German friends joke about my tendency to say “there’s a German word for that.” Schnittmenge, bauchpinseln, Schienenersatzverkehr! 45 kata lagi

Richard Armitage

This is so frustrating

Honestly — I don’t know why all of these social media companies seem so determined to make transmission of information harder rather than easier. I’m just now becoming a smartphone user out of necessity, but I suspect I will be a hybrid for a very long time because phones and tablets can’t keep up with my fingers. 48 kata lagi

Richard Armitage