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You know he’s a bad idea, but you’ve got a hundred bad ideas on your belt loop, so you figure, what’s another one?

When he’s crossing the dance floor, you think quick and grab his arm. 185 kata lagi


Book Review: Romeo & Juliet (Shakespeare Children's Story)

Rating: 3 Stars
Date Started: 1 June 2017
Date Finished: 1 June 2017
Pages: 67
Genre: Drama (so much drama)

I’d be really sheltered if I’d never heard the story of Romeo and Juliet before, but believe it or not, I’ve never read the play or even seen the Leo diCaprio movie! 236 kata lagi

Book Review

Romeo and Juliet: The End

After reading Romeo and Juliet all I have to say is what a great play.   Though some parts of the story were confusing, overall I understood it quite well.   432 kata lagi

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet Act 2-3

So far Romeo and Juliet has been a fun book to read.  It can be comical and serious at the same time.  Act 2 was kind of bland and not interesting to me all that much.   238 kata lagi

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet Essays

Choose ONE of the prompts below & write  a complete essay over the topic.  You need to use quotes to support your argument.  Scroll to the bottom of the assignment for specific criteria regarding submission and grading. 657 kata lagi