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The Spider King's Daughter, by Chibundu Onuzo

I finished this book today partly because I was interested in the ending, as I’d read many mixed reviews, and partly because I was just trying to get into the story and understand the characters. 657 kata lagi


A Marathon by any other Name...

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A fine word. Most of us know it as a noun, referring to a run of 26 miles, or 42.195 kilometres. 1.131 kata lagi

English Language

Movies & Menu: Moulin Rouge! (2001)

2016 has been a mixed bag. The highs were very high (Getting married! Seeing Radiohead from the front row!) and the lows have been..pretty low (health issues, job issues, the election blues…). 561 kata lagi


DIY wedding gown for #MomokoDoll w/ free pattern @ ChellyWood.com #人形 #お人形 #ドール

Isn’t that dress elegant and amazing? When I look at it in real life, I sometimes can’t believe I designed that gorgeous thing! And now the patterns and tutorial for making it are free, right here on ChellyWood.com: 456 kata lagi

Whole Costumes For Dolls

Make a #Tiara for #Barbie #Dolls with a free pattern from ChellyWood.com

This doll plays the part of Rosaline in my stop-motion production of Romeo and Juliet (which I’m still filming). Her dress is a variation on both… 410 kata lagi

Barbie Patterns

Sew a peasant dress for #MomokoDoll w/ free pattern @ ChellyWood.com #心の声 #仕立て

I designed this simple dress to sew for Momoko™ dolls. If you collect Momoko™, you’ve probably discovered that her clothes and accessories can be very expensive! 464 kata lagi

Tutorials: Sewing For Dolls

”For what are star-crossed lovers but two souls for each other meant?”

– Rashi, on reading Romeo and Juliet