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My eyes are dark and my lips are rosy. Through the hallway, down the winding stairs, out the cloisterious triple-entrance, and onto the corner of the street. 123 kata lagi

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Up In Smoke

Twirling feather-like wisps, pearly white cloud vapor puff long lingering drag deep breath in, the epitome of expectation …life, love, loss, your wedding ring worn for comfort, the past, present, future; dreams, dreams and memories – up in smoke… 6 kata lagi


Anthony + Maegan | Engagement Session

I’m so excited to finally share Anthony & Maegan’s engagement session. Their wedding is right around the corner & I am really looking forward to their special day. 358 kata lagi


The One That's Long Distance (Part 1)

Every once in a while, you’ll come across someone on Tinder that you already know in real-life. When this happens, my friends and I think it’s funny to ‘Superlike’ them. 1.374 kata lagi


October 20 2014 The Summer Palace

The summer palace is a huge! We spent the day wondering through the expanse of buildings, not really sure where we were.

Finally, after getting ourselves nicely lost in the maze of buildings we found someone selling a good map. 182 kata lagi


Coffee Dates

“I’m so sorry that I’m late,” he apologizes as he unwraps a thick scarf once, twice around his neck and over his head, slightly ruffling his dirty blonde hair just slightly out of place. 706 kata lagi

In the quiet space outside

In the quiet space outside
my Utopian sanctuary,
silent footprints,
where the only voices
now are in my head;
peace of mind, serenity.

Warmer now, kindled by kisses, 46 kata lagi

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