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Kyle + Jackie | Wedding at McAdoos Seafood Company

What a perfect wedding to end my 2017 wedding season. I could not have asked for a better day for Jackie & Kyle. Surrounded by family & friends, they shared their wedding vows. 485 kata lagi


Wedding Card

Both of them had their names in wedding card.
But one had out side and one had inside.❤️️


Shades of You

honest I don’t
do three shades of you
with nothing to do
except pine after your
lying flat ass
on withered brown grass
dark odors pass… 91 kata lagi


Love Hard

To love hard is to love fiercely.
To love hard is to throw out the rule books that give timelines, precursors, and standards.
To love hard… 681 kata lagi


Usse acha nahi lagta

I was just surfing web today and found a very nice romantic and beautifully written shayari or poem by Zakir Khan…
He is just awesome… 189 kata lagi

Deep Love