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Church Door

The priest’s side door of the church in Hunsingore.  The header for this post gives a remote view of the church. (The name ‘Hunsingore’ really appeals to me, seems very romantic.)  Hunsingore is a small village in the county of North Yorkshire.  11 more words


4.30am Train To Machu Picchu

It woke me close to 4.30a.m. I’d never heard it from my enclosed bedroom on the other side of town. Outside in the darkness, folk were already making their way to the train station. 207 more words


Romantic or perverted?

I wanted to drop in to let you know I’ve been working on something totally new, crazy and amazing. I’m not ready to spill the beans just yet, until the entire story is outlined, but I believe it already sits at 12,000 words and I’ve only just begun! 93 more words


Someday Music| The song in "Crazy Little Thing Called Love Movie"

Someday” is a title of Music, which is a best sad song in movie “Crazy Little thing called love. The whole song focus on a black skin girl who hunts to love a guys, who is learning in the same School “Class school”, but that guy don’t know her fall loving on him. 8 more words

Crazy Little Thing Called Love