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In your aftermath...

You are the river
Running thought me
Comforting, unabashed today…
But tomorrow…
Flooding me with your
Boastful aggression.
Still, the battered banks
Of my youth… 14 kata lagi


Sixteen Candles


Samantha’s sixteenth birthday should be memorable, but her family is so preoccupied with her older sister’s wedding that they completely forget her big day. Meanwhile, Sam tries to catch her crush’s eye. 402 kata lagi

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Bittersweet Memories

He sat back staring at the ceiling reminiscing about last year’s 22nd of July. It was the day before her birthday. He had planned to meet her and make it the most memorable birthday for her till date.   580 kata lagi


The Birthday Gift

“he loved Her wavy hair, She loved his beard”

He never had a beard.

She always found something wrong with Him. She was fond of… 501 kata lagi


The most amazing three years (almost)

While I lay here, bored and thinking, I can hear the birds tweeting and the cows mooing from the farm behind me – I found myself reminiscing on the past. 292 kata lagi

Crestfallen - Chamber Works

Classicism and Romanticism form a duality in our culture that is generally invisible to us in our mundane lives; yet, this duality still exerts a tremendous impact on everything that we do. 426 kata lagi