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Just A Night Out

It was just a night out. It was just another formal event. Hundreds of others would be laughing, talking, dancing. Did any of them feel that trepidation in their blood? 199 kata lagi

Short Pieces



The sensuality of the lace exceeds every expectation even before a dress is made. This sensuality comes from its transparent fabric and the dedication of the weaver in pursue a clean perfect product that radiates pure seduction. 132 kata lagi


Punto Alto: The Glamorous Italian Adventure

It all started when my friend and I decided to have an early dinner at Punto Alto restaurant. The restaurant is located at the entrance of Tripoli in a very nice natural area, on a high hill facing the Mediterranean sea. 430 kata lagi



Seduction, emotional pleasure,
violins playing our song;
foreign bodies, soft and silky,
tangled in chaotic blankets,
screaming out your name –

before jealousy, the child of love: 94 kata lagi

Creative Writing

lovely reasons

sometimes we see only reasons for interaction and without realizing what we see, we hear and feel what we hear was always true till someone speaks and we realize any mistake should be pardoned if it is a for a cause and any love should be celebrated if it again is a for a cause… 23 kata lagi

Barcelona: A Love Untold (2016) | Movie Review

Had the opportunity to watch Barcelona: A Love Untold at the theatre yesterday. I attended with my fiancé and I didn’t have many high expectations for the film. 597 kata lagi


>> Favorite Fall Hairstyles <<

Hello, Loves!

Beings that we are officially in the beautiful fall season now, I thought I would share some of my favorite fall hairstyles with you. 1.672 kata lagi