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Wedding | All of the stars....

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Back with this pre wedding shot for those lovely couple. 13 kata lagi

Long Exposure

turn left for cold

She thinks of me
in the shower.

I don’t know
how sexual
it is–
I think maybe
it’s more about
being the only
that is… 58 kata lagi

Free Verse Poetry


“It’s just really
that’s all she
cares about,
ya know?”

I inclined my head
so she would
looking at me.

“It’s hard to believe… 146 kata lagi

Free Verse Poetry

Reflections on Rochester

Pain, absolution, pain, catharsis.
chasing that high:
tension, release.
Resist, surrender–
The exhilaration of experience:
an object of desire so abundantly meaningful…
elevated close to total importance… 56 kata lagi

Pristine "Green" Panamanian Paradise

To classify Panama’s picture-perfect Coral Lodge as “off the beaten path” would be an understatement. It took a small plane, smaller boat and a large amount of determination for my husband and me to reach this gem. 895 kata lagi

Travel Writing

For You Are Wonderful

What can my heart allow,
When even its breath is swept
Away by a single word from
Your lips which inspires…

I am left numb and yet still… 119 kata lagi