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Here I Go Again.....

There are people that come along in your life and you don’t understand why. Why did everyone think he was supposed to be a one night stand, why was the 10 year age difference such a big deal, why was I so upset when we finally broke up after he had already cheated on me twice. 311 more words


tiny venting from a snail...

love is going to surprise me, isn’t it?  i admit, i am clueless as to who he is.  and i am willing to surrender.  somehow, i feel like he will know more than i will know.   496 more words


Focus (2015) ☆☆☆(3/4) : Romance or Con game?

As a comedy movie about con artists, “Focus” is entertaining enough to overlook its several weak points. Mainly because there is always a possibility that its main characters are holding something behind their back, we come to look at them with a certain level of distrust and accompanying distance in the end, but the movie cheerfully handles its tricky plot with the sense of fun, and it is also supported well by the nice chemistry generated between its two likable lead actors. 1.009 more words


The Captain's Bluestocking Mistress by Emma Ridley

Title: The Captain’s Bluestocking Mistress (The Dukes of War #2)

Author: Emma Ridley

Publisher: Intrepid Reads

Published: March 2nd, 2014

Rating: 4/5

The story of the Dukes of War continue in this the third book in the series . 386 more words


Anissa's Redemption by Zack Love

Title: Anissa’s Redemption

Author: Zack Love

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Romance

Cover Design: Ashley Byland

326 more words


**REVIEW** Escape (Dark Alpha #4) (short story) by Alisa Woods

RELEASED TODAY is the latest instalment of this super New Adult paranormal romance series, Escape (Dark Alpha #4) by Alisa Woods. The Dark Alpha short story series is sequel to the… 742 more words


The Dragon’s Dove Chronicles, book 1 by Kim Iverson Headlee


TITLE – Dawnflight
SERIES – The Dragon’s Dove Chronicles, book 1
AUTHOR – Kim Iverson Headlee
GENRE – Myths, Legends, Historical, Spiritual, Romance… 2.575 more words