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50 Word Stories: Momentary

She radiated, I can’t explain it any other way. Her blush was of an inner beauty few possessed if any. She lit up the station like summer would a cool, winter’s day and thawed the frost my heart. 12 kata lagi


A Piece Of My Heart, You...

Goodbyes are hard
Goodbyes are bad
Goodbyes are nothing good
Now that I have to tell you… goodbye

Through everything that I’ve been through; we’ve been through, we’ve come out today… Stronger than what we were. 194 kata lagi


WHATTA MAN – How Are You?

slight!Adult, Campus Life, Friendship, Romance
PG-17 | for harsh words

before :: Wild Class | Attention | Bad Man| Just Started | Warn You… 5.488 kata lagi


My thoughts lie curled

My thoughts lie curled
Around your fingers,
Where they nestle
In the warmth

Between my legs,
This transient body
Now illuminated,
Blazing golden,

Intense emotion, 63 kata lagi

Creative Writing

In Praise of The Lifestyle

One day I just opened a word document and began to write. I wrote about the things that I could not talk about in public. The things that would make my friends, family, neighbors and especially the other moms at the PTA freak the fuck out. 468 kata lagi


Loving you is all my spirit wants to do

Keeping my heart close to you I

Feel the rhythm of your beating hearts fear ofbeing let down. But, I will not let you down you’ll always be held up in my love… 140 kata lagi


American Pussy

“I always wanted to see what an American pussy looks like,” he mumbled.

“Don’t all pussies look alike?”

“No, they don’t all look alike. Yours is different.” 405 kata lagi