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ERA OF HEROES :- The Science Art

Chapter 4:-

Part A:-“The Kungkar Body Tempering Technique”

Sam used invisible mode in the watch and turned invisible)Cha Cha sat and beat the ground with both of his hands at the same time large cylindrical pillars made up of mud appeared from the ground,the pillars started to move up and down non uniformly without a break,the woman constantly dodging the pillars,then she clapped her hands twice ,immediately following that her whole body enveloped with fire,she did not look alike burning but she looked she has become fire itself,seeing her transform Cha Cha laughed by saying,”Fire goddess transformation technique,what a pity?If you had the practiced the secret cultivation technique “The Blue Fire technique” then you might had some chance to put up a fight with me,however soon that technique will be mine”,the woman emitted fire everywhere in the surroundings and charged at Cha Cha.Cha Cha did not even put her in his eyes,with a thought from Cha Cha,countless the sharp needles formed all over the pillars and pillars started to rotate and surrounded the women and moved towards her,to protect herself she formed a fire barrier. 3.574 kata lagi


The Summer of Impossible Things by Rowan Coleman

“Have faith in love, and let it guide you, and you never know. Impossible things happen all the time.”

Title: The Summer of Impossible Things…

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[Twelveblossom] Dear Husband: Sometimes He's Angel

Twelveblossom (twelveblossom.wordpress.com) | Sehun, Nara, Liv, dan Chanyeol | Romance, Marriage Life & Friendship | Wattpad: twelveblossom | Line@ @NYC8880L

The day When I Meet You… 2.255 kata lagi


NEW RELEASE!! Home Run King by Stella

Happy Friday everyone!!

So check out this new release by Stella, Home Run King. It is the first book that I have read by her and I enjoyed it. 504 kata lagi

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Blade Bound (Chicagoland Vampires, #13)

For most, I’m not going to give a normal review of this book. I love this series and there are plenty of people out there writing reviews and giving away all the exciting details. 414 kata lagi

Book Review

20 Worst First Dates We’ve Ever Been On!

By PopLurker Readers

People typically like pairing up together into those adorable “We’s” known as couples. But before you get to that precious “brunch and a hike” phase of your relationship, you’re faced with that thing of nightmares: The First Date. 1.612 kata lagi

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Jasmine of Draga -- a review

Emma Dean does it again.  She turned my world on its head.  Jasmine of Draga is the third installment in the Draga Court series, and let me tell you…that Emma Dean is a shifty character.  215 kata lagi