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I want to Feel you

Soothe me with your breath of life

That one hint of lavender that’s so divine.

Caress your hands against my body,

Touch me just below so I can feel you inside me. 164 kata lagi


A Date Near Downing Street

The taxi door fluttered open, a bright flap of yellow against the sluggish August wind.

One last look to the driver with graying teeth and gangly, corn-husk hair and Simon Plinkers peeled himself out of the car. 849 kata lagi


History is Made at Night (1937)

History is Made at Night molds love into the grandest of pursuits and it wouldn’t be altogether wrong in that assertion because for humanity it is one of the most euphoric, confounding, beautiful entities known to mankind. 610 kata lagi


"Latte Girl" by Katia Rose

Latte Girl
Katia Rose
Publication date: August 17th 2017
Genres: Comedy, New Adult, Romance

Hot coffee is a regular fixture in Hailey Warren’s life. Hot guys?

408 kata lagi

You, Me And Coffee

6:00AM. Monday.

“Good morning! What can I get for you today?” the barista at the usual coffee shop he goes to, asked.

She’s new. He sleepily thought as he yawned and scratched his ear, taking note of how lovely her smile was despite the dreary snowy, cold weather outside. 1.366 kata lagi


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Another one of my shorts that I published over at the Sweet Books website. :)

A Subway Short

He was running late, cursing under his breath as he raced towards the stairs going down the train subway. Why today of all days his car decided to die on him, he couldn’t fathom. 871 kata lagi

Our Works

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I've been publishing some of my short stories over at sweetbookswg.com. Do check me out over there. I'm part of a group of talented women who writes to empower and entertain. Watch out for our first anthology!