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Rolling Stones: Two More Kids For Woody

Ron Wood‘s wife Sally gave birth to twin girls on Monday.

The Rolling Stones guitarist tells London’s Sun they “are delighted to announce the birth of their twins Gracie Jane and Alice Rose.” Gracie weighed in at six-pounds, Alice at five pounds, 11 ounces. 93 kata lagi


Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood becomes a dad again at age 68

(CNN) — Papa was a Rolling Stone.

Rolling Stone guitarist Ron Wood welcomed kid no. 5 and 6 into the world when his wife, Sally, gave birth to twins Monday, mAY 30, 2016. 122 kata lagi


Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones a dad to twins at age 68

A rolling stone gathers no moss, or so they say. In this case, it seems to be true, considering Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood is 68 years old and… 221 kata lagi


The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood Becomes Father to Twins

By Annie Reuter

Ronnie Wood has proven that sometimes, you can always get what you want as the 68-year-old rocker has become a father once again. 134 kata lagi


India 2016: Goodbye Epic Month. Hello Beethoven.

I was just at the airport saying goodbye to Philadelphia. Wheels up, and my bird was bound for Chicago before another bird would bid the Windy City farewell bringing me home to San Francisco. 810 kata lagi


The year of the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, the Prague Spring and the Black power salute at the olympics. Here’s some music… 772 kata lagi

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