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Blue and Lonesome: The world’s greatest blues band proves they’re still inspired by the music that made them


The thought of an additional romp through the formulaic and uninspired Chicago blues catalog laced with gratuitous pentatonic scale electric guitar solos and tired wailing motivates me to run a marathon in the opposite direction of the speakers. 425 kata lagi

GIG REVIEW: The Counterfeit Stones

I have mixed feelings about tribute bands. On the one hand I think it’s pretty good that you can go and see a band who look and sound like a real band that you like, but in a cheaper and more accessible way (generally smaller venues and playing more regularly than the originals). 351 kata lagi

Clothes Maketh The (Wo)man

Keith Richards: The Unauthorised Biography, by Victor Bockris

Here’s the front cover to the lovely Polish edition of Victor Bockris’s Keith Richards: The Unauthorised Biography, published now by our dear pals at In Rock in Poznan. 97 kata lagi

Foreign Editions

Max and His Most Magnificent Apostrophe

Already, at six, our youngest, Max has mastered something which, even at their towering heights Mick, Keith and the other Rolling Stones couldn’t get right. 319 kata lagi

People And Places

My 1967 Charts - retro not actual

1968 photo, but similar-ish period of me in boy-pop-chart-freak days. We lived at RAF Valley in 1967, Isle Of Anglesey.

I started my charts in late 1968, but the mid 60’s were just as great for music, and strong in my memory and affections as a boy, so after a lifetime of wanting to properly research oldies (especially American chart oldies that were never hits in the UK) I intend to visit them all, starting with 1967, and create a combined chart which is part what-I-loved-then and part what-i-love-now. 1.928 kata lagi

Rolling Stones

Is Keith Richards About To Become Boring?

Last week a reader took a look at an article that I launched into cyberspace during the first month of this publication’s life. Which was April 2015. 1.165 kata lagi