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Three That Age Well (2015)

1. Wine.
2. Cheese.
3. Keith Richards.
A sure sell-
Has managed well.


The Last Time

We are done with the Rolling Stones, I promise you that.

But: have you ever wondered if there were things that you might overhear at BOTH Stones and Dead shows? 387 kata lagi

Roll Away

All I wanted were your artistic interpretations of Veneta. Drawings of Ken Babbs telling everyone they were about to be sprayed with shitwater. Watercolors of Billy’s posture. 375 kata lagi

Midnight Jambler

The question comes over the transom: Did the Stones jam?

To form any kind of answer, we must first define our terms. What does it mean to jam? 191 kata lagi

Stray Cat Blues

This is farcical, just so you know. Mick did not use kittens as microphones.

Down Under My Thumb

Fun fact: Ronnie and that koala both have chlamydia.

Driving That Train

We must compare apples to apples, never to oranges. Forget grapefruit. (Even though if both an apple and an orange were loaded into the hopper of a pitching machine and aimed at your potato salad, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference when the doctor asked what happened.) 205 kata lagi