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War Machine: 2017

Focusing my attention to a movie and shying away to write about a real situation is not typical of me. I eagerly wait to collect all facts about the situation in Venezuela and why United States of America is so keen in an oil-rich state of South America. 438 kata lagi


A look back at Glastonbury's greatest hits

Julian Ridgway, senior photo editor at Getty Images, talks us through some of his favourite moments from past Glastonbury festivals. Working at Getty Images, I am fortunate to be regularly exposed to the best in world photography and video and the cutting edge of the visual dialogue that frames our world. 20 kata lagi


The Folk Music Tradition Today

With the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Bob Dylan, and renewed discussions of his cultural cooptation, I want to comment on the long tradition of appropriation when it comes to folk music in the age of recording. 414 kata lagi


Sticky fingers

The Senate’s Elefinks have released their double-secret “health care” bill, and it’s just about as bad as you might expect.

It boils down to: “Oi! You there! 63 kata lagi

Deep Political Thought

5 More Great Stones Covers

  1. You Better Move On – Arthur Alexander –
  2. Come On – Chuck Berry –
  3. Poison Ivy – Coasters –
  4. Money (That’s What I Want) – Barret Strong – …
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5 Best covers by the Stones

I love the way the Rolling Stones do covers of Blues and R&B.

  1. Mannish Boy –
  2. I Just Wanna Make Love to You – …
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