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Reverend Goodwin's Invention

If you go into a thrift store, you might find at least one very nice point and shoot camera for sale at pennies on the dollar.  598 kata lagi

Cultural Highlights

Exposure, The First

Quite a while I thought about restarting with blogging again and this morning I finally had the will and impulse to really do it and not just think about it. 215 kata lagi


At the Café de Flore

We’re still in Paris and still with film.

This picture was shot with a Pentax 6×7, an oversized SLR, which at one stage in history was the go-to-camera for interior and design photographers, especially in New York. 224 kata lagi

Constructed Spontaneity

As it’s the end of the week today’s offering was a difficult task because there are two competing images that have touched my nostalgic nerve. 139 kata lagi

Getting High in New York

Being confined and suffering from a small reoccurring case of computer arm cramp, I retreated into the analogue world of negatives in search of more material for an old project that seems to have been hobbling along for decades. 138 kata lagi

Caer Caradoc

A selection of photos taken on Caer Caradoc with a 1938 Voigtlander Bessa – film lives!

To find out more about this camera and how it works (and maybe lived…) click on the… 7 kata lagi



One of the pleasures of a waist level finder is that it pushes you to look at your surroundings in a whole different way. 11 kata lagi