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Caer Caradoc

A selection of photos taken on Caer Caradoc with a 1938 Voigtlander Bessa – film lives!

To find out more about this camera and how it works (and maybe lived…) click on the… 7 kata lagi



One of the pleasures of a waist level finder is that it pushes you to look at your surroundings in a whole different way. 11 kata lagi


David and Goliath

The Kiev 6C is one heavy SOB and with the Jupiter lens mounted you are ready for a workout.

I could make a photograph of the camera on a bathroom scale but that would say nothing. 157 kata lagi


Trash Cans

Shot on my terrace with the Mir 38b 65mm f3.5 and scanned with Epson V700. I love the tones and the sharpness. 13 kata lagi


Roll Film Backs, Format Faves

What is my most versatile film camera, well it’s my trusty old 4×5 Gowland Pocket View camera, with a few Medium Format Roll Film backs of various format choices, I can meet any requirement I have. 881 kata lagi


365 Photo Challenge - Week 35

In another week of joining in on the weekly Facebook theme with the other 365ers; this week Layton showed the wee fellas some of his memories from days gone by. 41 kata lagi

Miniature Men

Experience is such a Great Teacher

In the previous week the photographs were all about film but for legal reasons I’m not able to publicly display the images. However I’m very happy with the results, although getting it done was not… 322 kata lagi