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LotR – Witch King on Fell Beast WIP June 29

I set a deadline of July 9 to finish the Watcher in the Water and Witch King on Fell Beast.  The Watcher WIP is complete and here is the last WIP installment for the Witch King. 89 more words

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LotR – Witch King on Fell Beast WIP June 28

With the Watcher in the Water all finished let’s see how the progress with the Witch King on Fell Beast is going. 166 more words

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Sons of Eorl & Misc Commission Update #4 - Sons of Eorl

Finished these twelve soldiers on horseback from Rohan, the Sons of Eorl. I followed the GW scheme. The freehand on the shields are from a stock image for a shield design. 6 more words


Map Maker

The elfess Magiriel has heard about some recent changes to the region of the East Wall. As the elves prefer to keep very accurate records of the lands, she has set out to map the coordinates of these changes. 250 more words

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East Rohan

When the Eastfold went live I really got excited, there was more of the iconic Rohan that we picture in the books and watch in the movies. 457 more words


West Rohan

Although I was really excited for the release of Rohan nearly two years ago, but it felt that although I ventured further into the new land and discovered the new game mechanics like mounted combat i fell less and less in love with the new region. 439 more words