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Small Projects Update

woof… Been a bit since my last post. I haven’t had much time to do painting stuff the last week… just the odd hour here and there in a night so painting/modelling progress has been very sporadic. 495 kata lagi


Helm's Deep

I had finally some time to continue building the tower of Helm’s Deep, and have now finished scribing all the tile patterns to the protruding points of the tower.


State of the Table Address

Well… Was out of town for a while so painting/hobbying has been lacking the last week or so. Plus side, I was gone long enough that most all of the packages I was waiting on have arrived! 709 kata lagi



Rohan Jonathan Peev Xwm

He arrived on September 24th, 2017 at 9:47 am. He weighed 7 pounds 3.6 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.

Rohan means ascending in Hindi and Peev Xwm is the Hmong world for ability.


Abrakhan Guard and More!

Part of the latest GW haul was 6 Abrakhan guard. Firstly, These guys have wonderful stats and I really like the model. They are Strength 4 humans which is a bit rare and their two handed swords don’t have the two handed penalty. 199 kata lagi


Explorer 004- Immerse yourself

We all love movies, immersing yourself in a world we might never visit. Imagining yourself as a Jedi Knight in the Star Wars films or running from dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. 296 kata lagi


Rohan Woods School Science Excursion at Cottonwood Gulch, New Mexico

September 2, 2017 (STL.News) Our Rohan Woods School Science Excursion at Cottonwood Gulch, New Mexico, has been an amazing adventure for our Middle School (5th and 6th grade) students.   13 kata lagi