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A Day Trip To Mount Sunday: Discovering Edoras

Mount Sunday has been on my New Zealand list for a while, and for one reason: it’s the site of Edoras, the town of the Rohan people in Lord Of The Rings… 753 kata lagi


Objective Opinions: Grima Wormtongue

Greetings from the Windlord! Forgive my extended absence; the duties of governing a kingdom have caught up with me. Welcome to the next installment in the Objective Opinions series in which I delve into the secrets of one of the most fascinating characters in The Lord of the Rings and an objective ally in The Voice of Isengard: Grìma! 1.237 kata lagi

From The Windlord's Eyrie

8th July - Rehearsal

Rohan: I think Wales is Dark Souls

Rohan: Oh no, I’ve ruined all my safe places

Beth: Yay! I caught something that wasn’t flu!

Kate: 10/Goose… 57 kata lagi

7th July Rehearsal

Rohan: No one expects Malta!

Chris: We have customers with weird desires – “shove the twinkie up my arse!”


6th July - Rehearsals

Laura: What are men doing in their pants? I don’t understand!

Rohan: why is this wool so negative?

Rohan: I do love wool!

Connor: I’ll fuck a horse but I won’t vote UKIP!s… 77 kata lagi

5th July - Rehearsal

Beth: I drank a whole five marajuana one time.

Pete: Oh! a cup! Now I don’t have to bring out the whole bottle!


Connor: I’m not logged in on bigoldjewishwhore.com… 103 kata lagi