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Rohan: superb service

Hats off to Rohan for their superb service. After my positive experience with my Montane Sportwool Terra T on the TGO Challenge, I had been looking for another hybrid merino/synthetic base layer. 120 kata lagi


The Wastes of Eriador: Attachments, Events and Side Quests Review

Now that The Wastes of Eriador has been released and The Angmar Awakened cycle has begun in earnest, the Adventure Packs should be issuing forth fast and furious. 3.878 kata lagi



‘We have come a long way with you and been through some stiff times. We want to go on.’ – Merry, The Fellowship of the Ring…

2.070 kata lagi

Ch 8, book 2

Chapter Eight: Be the Leaf

“So who are you air bending with today?” Jun asked Miyuki as they walked together.


“Really? Can I come?” 1.658 kata lagi