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Guest Author: Rohan Shah, October 2015

Hi everybody

What have you been doing in school so far? Do you like your teacher? What interesting things have been going on? Have you been doing any after school activities? 2.066 kata lagi


The Red Day of Rohan

Greetings, readers! This is Grant Ellis, aka “pfcamygrant”. I am a regular contributing writer for WWPD.net and have answered Ian’s call for contributors to this site; it being the culprit of my love and affection for this game. 1.654 kata lagi


Rider of the Eorlingas

This was inspired by the recently released Hooked Cloak of the Eorlingas – I love the back of this cloak!  As my champion hails from Rohan, she was the perfect choice to return home and model this cloak.   109 kata lagi

War Steed