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Episode 064 - The Remedy

In which He-Man is essentially dispatched on an urgent mission to the chemist’s shop to buy some paracetemol for Man-at-Arms’ old mate.

Man-at-Arms’ former teacher Rohan is desperately ill with a mysterious disease, so Man-at-Arms, Teela and Adam pay him a visit. 860 kata lagi


Turning In A New Direction

In a society – a culture – where having an opinion is about as valuable as gold used to be, I find myself frequently without one. 2.030 kata lagi


At the Corners of the World

A Meeting of the Tolkien Reading Circle, February 23, 2017

Tonight a wintry snowfall descended on Longmont, and the Tolkien Reading Circle hosted a special guest speaker at the Hobbit Hole.  497 kata lagi


Long Preston Beck

We took a trip out to one of our old haunts – the first Rohan Shop in Long Preston. Many years ago we often drove along this now very busy road from Morecambe to Skipton, stopping off here to find out what new tech clothing the Howcroft’s had developed and put together in the back of the shop. 165 kata lagi


Norweigan shoot for Rohan

Working with outdoor and travel clothing brand Rohan, Lucy Hallard took a trip to Svalbard, Norway to style an inspiring shoot. With epic scenery and a cosy log cabin, Lucy created all-weather looks for epic expeditions. 8 kata lagi


Eastern Rohan, Resolved

Lost here initially with Rohan, and then it dealt me Rohan again and I lost with them AGAIN. But on the third draw I got Mordor, and you know how I am with them. 142 kata lagi


Unit Kill / Death Ratio

You’d think that the higher that number gets, the better a job you are doing at the game since technically you are killing more things of theirs than they are of yours. 208 kata lagi