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Vignette "Contemporary nightmare"

Continuous vibration of my phone. Never ending emails I often have to get up at night to check. Don’t have breakfast since Marry, my wife, has taken the kids to school and I don’t have time to make it. 248 more words


Lafayette College - Electrical and Computer Engineering Department - Robotics Competition 2013 by Lafayette College

John Bloore ’15 makes some adjustments to his team’s robot.

Lafayette’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department hosted its annual robotics competition last week. The contest has robots designed by students in the Electrical Circuits course taught by Yih-Choung Yu, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, compete for the coveted ECE 221 Robotic Championship Trophy. 13 more words

Mountain Biking

Robotic Vision and Microsoft Kinect

Recently gaming industry observe a revolution with the use of 3D sensor. A sensor designed to capture motion of players, and well know as Microsoft Kinect. 1.327 more words


[ARTICLE] Mechanical Design of an Affordable Adaptive Gravity Balanced Orthosis for Upper Limb Stroke Rehabilitation


In this paper a novel design of non-powered orthosis for stroke rehabilitation is reported. Designed for home based use, it is the first low-cost, passive design to incorporate an assistive level that can be adaptively varied within a closed-loop control scheme. 83 more words

Tele/Home Rehabilitation

Tiny robots that crawl and climb carrying 100 times their own weight

Two robots borrow techniques from both inchworms and geckos to climb up walls while carrying huge loads


[ARTICLE] Efficacy of robot-assisted fingers training in chronic stroke survivors: a pilot randomized-controlled trial - Full Text PDF

Abstract (provisional)

Background: While constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) is one of the most promising techniques for upper limb rehabilitation after stroke, it requires high residual function to start with. 286 more words

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More than steel For a Phone

How do you stand out if you’re a fledgling smartphone maker that can’t compete on specs alone? If you’re Turing Robotic Industries, you pour your energy into clever design — both inside and out. 13 more words