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Draco X Anku - Drunken Fist

Deep, robo dubstep action. Pretty good track. Worth a listen.


ROBOTIC CAR PARKING SYSTEM -A solution to the conventional Car Parking Systems


 In metropolitan cities, vehicle parking has become a major concern in all busy areas and a good traffic system needs a good parking system. Different types of vehicle parking are applied worldwide namely Multi-level Automated Car Parking, Automated Car Parking System… 1.748 kata lagi


Quirky! Dancing Robots break the world record

It’s official, robots are alive and keen to invade our world. Human flaws have now been ironed out by the steam that is robotics programming! I mean, since when have robots flirted with synchronised dancing? 275 kata lagi

Terrifying Activation Of a Real Life “Transcendence” Avatar Now For Sale—Prolonged Life, AI Body, and…

By Lisa Haven

Ever see the movie Transcendence with Johnny Depp? The fictional movie where a dying scientist opts to transport his human consciousness into a super computer where he can live on forever. 1.103 kata lagi

Conspiracy Facts

Brain training with exoskeleton and VR spurs recovery for paraplegics

(Source: arstechnica.com)

With brain training, paraplegics can once again move and sense their limbs despite having spinal cord injuries that were previously considered irreversible, an international team of researchers reports Thursday in Scientific Reports. 525 kata lagi


Don't Do the Smart(Logical) Thing

Few look past but fewer see….The ripple in the pond distorts the eyes…

Reflection stares up at the sky but fades away…Perhaps then, there is something deeper something yet unseen by most… 1.207 kata lagi

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