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"Life is waiting for you"

“Life is waiting for you”. The poster is mocking me from where it hangs, in the window of a bus going to and from its given destination every tenth minute. 884 kata lagi


domestic bliss

A quick spin and the job’s all done!  That’s teamwork.


Exploding Robotic Cat !

A Lifelike Robotic Cat Explodes For No Particular Reason ! 1. Exploding Cat ! Video available at: . Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/thomasl11/exploding-cat-4tqw

2 Wheels Smart Robot

What is it?

two-wheeled robot

Before Asimo, Paro and Aibo, there was the Omnibot. Made by Tomy in the 1980’s, Omnibot was like R2-D2, only Japanese and with a cassette tape player built in! 330 kata lagi

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Self-Switching-Off Robot

What is it?

"Useless" gadget that turns itself off

A Japanese internet viral hit, the Self-Switching-Off Robot is as “pointless” as it sounds. Created by Kairoshi and inspired by Claude Shannon’s “ultimate machine”, this gadget became a success through a series of videos posted to Nico Nico Douga, a video hosting service in Japan. 234 kata lagi

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#scifi Rover Inspired by Classic Lost in Space Chariot #MarsSurvivalTips

I give my Martian settlers a pair of pressurized rovers in Glory on Mars, classic pieces of science fiction equipment for exploring planets. As the movie… 227 kata lagi

Science Fiction

A Robotic Tabletop Makes Simple Structures All by Itself

A robotic table that’s capable of manipulating objects placed on its surface may inspire new types of telepresence interfaces, as well as new approaches to manufacturing.

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