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Mark Lanegan Band - The Gravedigger's Song

Mark Lanegan has one of the most haunting and gravelly voices in Rock N Roll history. He is best known for being a founding member of Screaming Trees and his appearances on almost all of the Queens of the Stone Age records. 52 more words

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Live Worldwide Robotic Surgery Event!!!!!!!!!!

Azure Media Services enables live stream of global robotic surgery event.The event, focused on robotic surgery training and certification, streamed from 10 leading robotic surgery centers of excellence from four continents and broadcasted live for 24 continuous hours.The videos were streamed in real-time and also allowed for pausing or rewinding – leveraging Microsoft Azure Media Services Cloud DVR capabilities, including seamless live to VOD transition for later viewing. 46 more words


iLex 7s

Hi, My name is Alex.
My name means “helper and protector of mankind”, so I Am here to help. Just so you know, I am an upgraded model from the previous generation of human beings. 58 more words


Twinkle - Vacuum Cleaner

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Overview: Twinkle is a robotic vacuum cleaner that uses both its body and specified nozzle for cleaning. It’s designed to go under tight and low spaces, and it features heavy-duty power suction. 23 more words

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Grow Home Review

Climbing is like any other basic human instinct, we love doing it. Thinking back to when I was young, whenever I was outside I would find the biggest tree, judge whether I could reach the top and start my adventure. 750 more words

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Careful What You Say - Gargleblaster Microstories #201

Dr. Marx patted the robotic surgeon. “Be careful what you say. It interprets sayings as literal directives.”

Director King observed the patient’s ten thumbs. “Really?” 17 more words

Short Fiction

This teenager is trying to change the world in an amazing way

From a young age, Easton LaChappelle had the drive to create. As a teenager, Easton is creating some of the world’s leading technology in prosthetic limbs.