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Several Rutgers University researchers devised a new method for “reinforcement learning” (a sub-area of machine learning) using Object-Oriented Markov Decision Processes, which is described as “a representation that looks at a higher level than usual and considers objects and interactions.”

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Beyond Clouds

Jia Jia Humanoid from Chinese

Peneliti robotika China telah menciptakan sebuah robot humanoid bernama Jia Jia , yang dapat menggerakkan lengannya , membuat ekspresi wajah yang berbeda , dan menanggapi percakapan manusia . 218 kata lagi


Arduino Uno Instalation Problem?

Getting Started with Arduino UNO on Windows

This time I want to share how to use the Arduino Uno , for those who want to engage in the microcontroller world can read the tutorial below .. 316 kata lagi


Humanoid Robots Scary Realistic

This humanoid Root would be a perfect match for Cyber City 9. This is a very realistic looking robot and there getting better each new advancement I see.This one was just released on April 16,2016.Her characteristics will are clever and she is  very popular! 50 kata lagi

Another form of help II

Besides the robotic vacumn cleaner, I got a new machine. It is a mopping and sweeping device. It is not a vacumn cleaner (only realised this when I unsealed the box! 36 kata lagi