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Robot Rubio parrots identical talking point 4 times at ABC News debate

The big exchange of the ABC News debate in New Hampshire last night was Chris Christie taking on Marco Rubio for his habit of using canned 25-second responses like some sort of conservative talking points robot. 765 kata lagi


Robotic fingers

École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne’s (EPFL’s) robotic “fingers” don’t even look like that but they can pick up and hold delicate objects like eggs thanks to the electroadhesion. 118 kata lagi


Video: Robots Make Ramen in 90 Seconds in Shanghai

Two robot chefs Kona and Toya are programmed to complete a sequence of noodle-making tasks in about 90 seconds. They are able to serve four types of ramen in a Shanghai restaurant. 170 kata lagi


My Robotic Title As A Human

Every day of the week, I wake up and I go for a run. Then I drink my dietary supplements, get dressed, take the bus to school, after school I come home, undress, shower, homework, sleep, repeat. 689 kata lagi

Model testings

We decided to use Plexiglass sheets. then made a quick model.

There were a couple of problems. Such as friction, deflection, compulsion etc.

Then we had to try to ease the movement. 32 kata lagi


prosthetic in the future

prosthetic in the future will be all robotic but instead of it moving slowly it will work just like a regular limb.

Information Technalogy

Video: World’s First Robotic Kitchen which Can Cook by Mimicking Chef

UK based Robotics company “Moley Robotics” has unveiled the world’s first Automated Kitchen at Hanover Messe, the premier industrial robotics show in Germany.

Moley’s Robotic system features a dexterous robot integrated into a kitchen that cooks with the skill and flair of a master chef. 96 kata lagi