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Chappie: The Implications of Man as Creator

Review by Logan

Hard as it is to believe, science fiction is cool now.  Whether we’re talking about Star Wars, Doctor Who, or the Alien franchise, I’m reminded of something I heard a fantasy author say earlier this year: “We (nerds) won the culture war.”  That’s opened up a new horizon for science fiction filmmakers, where it’s much easier to get a big budget and do your imaginative sci-fi film justice.   793 kata lagi

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Scribblenauts Remix Apk v6.0

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Robotic Vision

Nowadays, we are surrounded by countless electronic devices that primarily facilitate certain situations that arise in our daily basis, and helping us to save time and to increase our efficiency and performance in various activities. 363 kata lagi


Choosing the Right Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaning is very essential if you want to keep swimming regularly in your pool. For quality pool cleaning services, you need to find good pool cleaners. 525 kata lagi

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This could be the first airplane on Mars - Graham, Morrison & Wilson Inc.

This render shows what the Prandtl-m might look like on Mars. NASA

When I think of airplanes on Mars, I imagine a sci-fi scenario with… 385 kata lagi


Best gifts 2014: Herbie Mousebot Kit

Herbie Mousebot KitA great introduction to the world of building robotics, Solarboticís Herbie the Mousebot is a 9-volt battery-powered, light-following robot that loves to chase flashlight beams. 31 kata lagi

Best Gifts 2014

Teeny tiny Robotic Tentacles can Grasp an Ant without Hurting it

How does a robot grasp? Most use grippers modelled on human fingers, but when it comes to manipulating tiny, delicate objects, clumsy fingers and tweezing… 22 kata lagi