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Meet The Robot DJ.

Watch collaborative robot deliver a storming live set with his mentor, award‑winning DJ Yoda, at the unveiling of the next generation Ford Fiesta.


The Disappearance of the Empathy!

In the world of Crake and Oryx, everything seems acceptable. Severe themes such as animal abuse, violence, public execution, and child pornography are well stated in the book and do not seem to disturb anyone. 540 kata lagi

Area Computer Science Teacher Slowly Becoming an Actual Computer

AUSTIN, TX- Giving instructions to students in a monotone, area computer science teacher Mrs. Platterson, 41, is reportedly slowing turning into an actual computer. According to sources, Mrs. 128 kata lagi



MOVING PARTICLES: **CC** – Eternal Flame @ FGC NEW!!
**CC** – Eternal Flaming Palms (RARE) (Blue) (r&l hand)
**CC** – Eternal Flame Burning Orb Halo (Blue) (add to wear) 34 kata lagi


Chii my Valentine

I finally have some lovely photos as other characters to add to my blog!

Character: Chii

Series: Chobits

Photographer: Hacklight Photography


Had a wonderful time shooting this one! 24 kata lagi


How a robot got Super Mario 64 and Portal “running” on an SNES

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Can you really, playably emulate games like Super Mario 64 and Portal on a stock standard SNES only by hacking in through the controller ports? 1.369 kata lagi


That Dreaded Sunday Feeling

I have waited all week for that Friday feeling. Monday gone, we’re on Tuesday. The half week is pretty cool but the pain of working two more days is still hovering somewhere in the background. 403 kata lagi