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Construction Robot Can 'Print' a Building in 14 Hours

Dubbed the Digital Construction Platform (DCP), the robot is essentially a mobile 3D printer that can roll into any environment and start building  Ameican 3D Supply is a US 3D printer filament and accessories supplier devoted to improving 3D printing Read More The post Construction Robot Can Print a Building in 14 Hours appeared first on American 3D Supply. 76 kata lagi

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#Novel: Isaac Asimov's Utopia by Roger MacBride Allen | A comet is to be smashed into the home of #robots, how will they survive? #scifi #climate #astronomy #lawsOfRobotics

As part of a terraforming project, the humans intend to smash a comet into the home of the robots.

How will the robots survive? About 315 pages or a 10 hour read. 142 kata lagi


ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • 2017 improved version of ILIFE A4. Available in California
  • Powerful suction picks up dirt and dust easily, spiral blade brushes does efficiently cleaning on carpet, sides brushes gets dirt free even in the corner, along the wall.
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Robot Unicorn Attack Isn't Screwing Around This Time

(Source: kotaku.com)

Since the release of the 2010 original, Adult Swim’s unicorn runner has been delighting players with fanciful flights over fantastic dreamscapes to the turn of Erasure’s “Always.” Robot Unicorn Attack Forever takes that base and builds a collectible robot gacha game on top. 229 kata lagi


Arduino IDE for Building Compiling Environment of ESP8266

Wifi Bee ESP shall also support arduino programming and customization of wifi Bee communication module.

Required hardware:
ESP8266 Wifi Bee (Arduino Compatible)
Xbee USB adapter (FTDI ready) 461 kata lagi


Cult Mechanicus- Kastelen Robot WIP Pt.2

I have to say the Kastelen Robot has been one of the most difficult models I have had to paint.  I decided to break up the yellow a bit more and painted the shoulder and thigh pads black. 117 kata lagi

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