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Does VR need Dante Alighieri?

2020 Vision: Experts Predict the Future of Virtual Reality

The inaugural Unity Vision VR/AR Summit just wrapped up, where 1,400 Unity developers converged on Hollywood to learn from some of the legends of virtual reality. 76 kata lagi

Virtual Reality

Henrietta & GRIF

New painting

GRIF and Dr. Henrietta Sparks

12 x 12″

Oil Painting

SciFi Haiku: Transformation

she swallowed it down,

the capsule she was prescribed

turns metal to flesh

Science Fiction

Chewing on Iron.

Every brick is porous, red and solid, but not solid red. This unit can smell every shade of it; no, smell is not accurate. Instincts allow this unit to understand that the ability to precisely assess input is unique to this unit. 368 kata lagi

The Study Of Life

Swarm of Robot Boats Coming To An Ocean Near You Soon

Planning a hostile takeover of your local swimming pool? This might help: sent us a note about his work at the BioMachines Lab of the Institute of Telecommunications in Portugal. 211 kata lagi

Robots Hacks

2 1/2 Stars - Tomorrowland

This week Erik, Kelly, Jason, Rick and Steve discuss the Future, Dimensions and Robits as we talk about Tomorrowland.  Join us next week as we watch Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.  191 kata lagi

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