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Working on a tutorial

Mini Felix is a noisy and jittery fellow. Walking is ok, but doing animations with it is quite annoying. Instead I decided to assemble a new chassis using… 76 more words


Good Robot! The Upside to Automation

Sure, robots might kill us. They also could rescue us from land mines, natural disasters and collapsing buildings.

Aerial drones can be used to locate disaster survivors… 1.193 more words


Recall: Wooden Flexi Robots sold at Tiger Stores

The following notice has been issued by the retailer:

Tiger Stores

Product Recall

Flexi Robot

We are recalling the Wooden Flexi Robots, item number 1701300 batch 73722 on sale since November 2014 due to a manufacturing fault. 73 more words

Trading Standards

Junk Bot

A Junk Bot is a robot built from whatever spare parts you have. To build one, take a bunch of pieces that are all one color and fit them together to make a robot. 25 more words


Family | Lunchtime 2016

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This robot learns things like a child.

NEW YORK: Heard of a robot that can learn things on its own, through trial and error? Well, here is one.

Researchers at the University of California-Berkeley have developed algorithms that enable robots to learn motor tasks through trial and error — much like humans learn things. 280 more words


Robot Camel Jockeys

You might think we’re sinking to lowest-common-denominator, click-bait headlines like the rest of the online press. We’re not. The New York Times Video Notebook series has a… 185 more words

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