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I came across this article this morning it’s certainly very interesting… I know I’m overly attached to my robot and if I had a robotic pet I would be even more so. 24 kata lagi


Snickerdoodle a $55 computer for Robots, Drones and more

#Snickerdoodle a $55 mini PC for #Robots, #Drones and more

Snickerdoodle a $55 mini PC for Robots, Drones and more

Snickerdoodle is a Raspberry Pi + Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, and an FPGA with a whole bunch of I/O options, and what’ve you got? 90 kata lagi


Robot Clock Writes Time Over and Over and Over

We’ve seen quite a few clocks that write the time out with a pen or marker. If you think about it, this really isn’t a great solution; every whiteboard marker will dry out in a day or two, and even if you’re using a pen, that’s still eventually going to run out of ink. 226 kata lagi


10 Robot Crafts for kids

IrobotHow would you describe this?
Irobot 10 Robot Crafts for kids Robot Clock Bobblehead Mint Robot Angels, Dragons, Starships & Bikes
Summer reading…make a robot out of trash…maybe a digging robot. 12 kata lagi

Robot Cheats at Rock Paper Scissors

It is hard enough to beat computers at games like chess. Now robotics engineers at the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory in Japan have created a janken robot that wins every time… 188 kata lagi

Robots Hacks

Brian the Robot from Confused.com Hates Children

We bought car insurance through Confused.com and, a few weeks later, received a toy Brian the robot through the post. Elsa enjoyed playing with him (she’s developed a love of robots, which I heartily encourage), although it turns out that he is actually fairly sinister. 52 kata lagi

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