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This is why we can't have nice things...

This article is a sad commentary on America, validating the things that other countries (who can apparently be much nicer to robots) think about us. 62 kata lagi

Softbank's Pepper robot offered as rental assistant for Japan businesses

When Softbank made its Pepper helper robot available for sale back in June, the device sold out almost immediately.

Now, before announcing the availability of additional units to the general public, the company is offering the robot as a rental device, officially putting robots in the same category as other mainstream rental appliances (at least in Japan). 24 kata lagi

Robot Technology

Robot's cross-country trek ends abruptly in Philly

So much for that idea. HitchBOT, the hitch-hiking robot which traversed Canada and parts of Europe successfully, did not fare as well in the U.S. 292 kata lagi


Canadian hitchBOT creators mull rebuild after robot destroyed in Philly

TORONTO – The friendly Canadian hitchhiking robot that met its untimely end on the hard streets of Philadelphia might be given another chance at life. 410 kata lagi


Chinese Firm Rolls out First Phase of "Robots Replace Humans Program" -Firing 90% of its Workers to Set up First Unmanned Factory

The fearful reality that has long bristled through humanity, is the threat that robots, will someday, replace humans, and take our jobs.

While some may laugh this fear away, and others say this will happen in the future, the truth is that it’s actually happening right now.   1.467 kata lagi


Gardener Robot

This was my church doodle for this week.  Our climate has been forgetting to water my plants for me for a couple of weeks, so I was wishing I had a huge ‘bot to do it for me.  18 kata lagi