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pix2code: teaching AI to build apps

Last May, Tony Beltramelli of Ulzard Technologies presented his latest algorithm pix2code at the NIPS conference. Put simply, the algorithm looks at a picture of a graphical user interface (i.e., the layout of an app), and determines via an iterative process what the underlying code likely looks like. 190 kata lagi


The Adventures of Laurie and Cookie: Issue 3

Laurie tried to break free of the robot’s grip, but with no success. She struggled along with Cookie and Flora as the three robolice dragged them out of the store. 702 kata lagi


Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) ☆1/2(1.5/4): Another unbearable epic mess

It is an understatement to say that “Transformers: The Last Knight” is a cinematic equivalent of blunt instrument. This is another unbearable epic mess as brainlessly loud and bombastic as three previous sequels following “Transformers” (2007), and it will relentlessly bludgeon your aural and optic nerve system for no less than 149 minutes while making no sense at all in terms of story and characters. 832 kata lagi


You Will Like My Son

“You have a lovely home, Dr. Michaels,” Karen said as she stepped into the hallway.

“Please call me Judith. Dr. Michaels is for the office. By the way, how is it going with the smoking, any more cravings?” 920 kata lagi

Short Story

More Money, Less Problems

The title may be misleading in that it implies that I have more money now, and therefore less problems.  However, quite the opposite is true.  As I am in the process of transitioning between a broke college student and a wildly successful Tony Stark wannabe, I’m finding that the middle phase is in fact me being a wildly broke Tony Stark wannabe.   218 kata lagi


Chip-E Remix Challenge entry

Work on the Quadbot has taken a backseat as I have been working on an entry for the Chip-E Remix Challenge on Thingiverse.

My main motivation was the 18 or so servos on the hexapod prize, which would be exactly what I need to continue with the build of the Quadbot! 24 kata lagi