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Cogs, coils and wires.

Cogs, coils, wires.

My mechanical heart

Pulsates like the bass of our song,

Keeps time with the rhythm of my tears.

I took a hammer to that heart… 76 more words


Variable Resistor

Another double-duty post. This story is written for the A-to-Z Challenge: V is for Vacuum Tube, a switching component commonplace in electronics (and thus in golden-age sci-fi) prior to the development of the transistor. 228 more words


And then I was invested...

Whether it was the glasses of whiskey, the lull of boredom, or an erroneous mouse click, I may never fully appreciate the forces that culminated on that fateful evening in January to cause me to submit an order to the great and powerful Amazon for the key components necessary to build my own miniature robot arm. 326 more words


De Patos, asombro y culpa capitalista

Hoy vamos a hablar de patos.

Dato curioso que me hizo feliz 1: La forma torpe y graciosa en que caminan los patos es llamada “anadear”, que significa, según la RAE: … 400 more words