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"You want to know what a robot's designed for"*...

In examining the history of famous robots, you’d be forgiven for overlooking a 1950s children’s toy named Robert.

Robert the Robot, who was a product of the once-mighty Ideal Toy Company, didn’t do much, at least compared to the standards set by science fiction at the time.

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The Wild Robot

The Wild Robot (ebook)

by Peter Brown

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I was really excited to read this book, because it received rave reviews from fellow readers whom I trust.   344 kata lagi

Once Upon a Time, a Robot Met a Robot

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Angela Sarafyan and Rami Malek at the 8th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards held at Beverly Hills Hotel on October 5, 2012. Image via… 72 kata lagi


New journal Science Robotics is Established to Chronicle the Rise of the Robots

Devin Coldewey reports: Robots have been a major focus in the technology world for decades and decades, but they and basic science, and for that matter everyday life, have largely been… 278 kata lagi


A Painful Shot-By-Shot Breakdown Of The Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer

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The first trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight went up last night, giving fans a first look at the flashy nonsense that will make Michael Bay, Hasbro and Paramount a ton of money next year. 1.085 kata lagi


Robotics 💯

Last December 3, 3016

Thank God for giving me the chance to be a Robotics Coach again this year. Yes, it was not an easy thing to do, of course for a usual teacher like me, I really need a lot of time to study more about this robotics thingy.

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The robot has to be saved and in Electricity you will be in control!

If you feel like doing something heroic, you should probably launch your Electricity app and save the galactic robot seen in-game! That’s right, the latter is pretty vulnerable, as you know, and it will require your assistance to make it pass the levels. 61 kata lagi