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SONIC WAVES....Skid Row/Slave To The Grind

Ya know from Aug 1989 to June 1992 i seen Skid Row 5 times! 4 as a opener and once as a headliner when they actually showed up to Tbay back in June Of 92! 1.260 kata lagi

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Soulsystem Orchestra Lyrics Strike A Chord At Weddings

For anyone who is planning a wedding, among the most important elements of the big day is the music. It is a key aspect that defines the energy of the crowd, gets the guests (even the wallflowers!) on the dance floor, and is often what makes photographs as memorable as they are. 349 kata lagi

Wedding Wednesday

You Can't Be King Of The World If You're SLAVE TO THE GRIND....

June 22 1992/Skid Row/Killer Dwarfs

Wowzers,Skid Row just a year earlier score a 1 album in the US of A and there playing Tbay as part of there Canadian Tour? 600 kata lagi

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