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MAROCCO - Rif mountains

Northern Marocco is covered by picturesque Rif mountain range. In colonial times (for Marocco – till year 1952) this area stayed under Spanish protectorate. Even today two towns-enclaves – Ceuta and Mellila – belong to Spain. 39 kata lagi


Did you hear about the Billion e-Book Gift from RIF and USTYME?

Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) understands the power that books provide, yet for many of the children they serve, books are a luxury their families can’t afford. 163 kata lagi


Nothing Like Getting Laid Off

Getting laid off, fired or let go in any capacity sucks.  It peaks emotions and some folks lose control.  Our mental model for life begins breaking down.  645 kata lagi

Random Reflections

RIF Appreciates Your Support

Reading is Fundamental (RIF) would like to thank Delaware, Disney, Field, Gray, Harrison, Hickory Hills, Holland, Jeffries, Mann, Pershing, Pittman, Pleasant View, Robberson, Sequiota, and Sherwood for their generous donations.   27 kata lagi

Thank You!


Góðan daginn! Hreindýrarif? Hafið þið einhverntíman fengið svoleiðis?

Ég hafði ekki fengið svoleiðis en eins og ég hef örugglega sagt oftar en einu sinni og oftar en tvisvar þá eeeeeelllska ég rif. 419 kata lagi


Scan 1 for Mini/mild IVF

CD8 Stim Day 6

Lining is at 7mm

RT Ovary – Unresponsive, this is normal for me as I had an ovarian ectopic on that ovary so I never get any response there… 123 kata lagi

Mini Stimming

Stim day 2 – 100mg Clomid and 225iu Menopur

Stim day 3 – 100mg Clomid

Stim day 4 – 100mg Clomid and 225iu Menopur

Stim day 5 – 100mg Clomid… 132 kata lagi