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Ouazzane: Off The Tourist Trail

The spiritual power of this holy city attracts visitors from all over Morocco. I was one of them. On my road trip from Casablanca to Chefchaouen, I made sure I stop in Ouazzane even if it’s for just few hours. 400 more words


What do you wear, to your own lay off?

Decisions, decisions.
It was in the air, it was in the green “Venti, room for cream” tea leaves.

A RIF, or reduction in force for the uninitiated. 998 more words

Daily Posts

Because I Didn't Want To Sleep on the Couch

Today’s April 1st, and because I don’t like so-called “practical” jokes, I’m giving a nod instead to Reading Is Funny Day.  It’s a day to help a kid borrow a joke book from the library.   230 more words

The Lonely Tomb

The Lonely Tomb | near Mezguitem, Morocco | A marabout’s tomb in the countryside near the Rif mountains | March 2015


MG08/15 first assembly

My aim today was to get the shell of the main body assembled, using the parts from the laser cutting. Overall it was quite a successful afternoon’s welding with the new welder!


First Day at The Perfect Job

“You’ll be working with these guys.  They come up with crazy new ideas, and you have to make them work,” my boss told me.

YAY!  I was dancing up and down with joy, but only on the inside.  373 more words


The Unromantic Adventures of RIF

The other day I paid a visit to Tesco (to my American readers, Tesco is like Walmart but better. There ain’t no party like an Everyday Value Tesco party) and I came across this novelty biscuit…. 1.083 more words