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Top destination for hippies - blue Chefchaouen

Chillax in fifty shades of blue

Fancy to lay in a field of marijuana? Or just looking for a picture-perfect hippie destination? Chefchaouen is definately one of the best, and the most photogenic options out there. 285 kata lagi


Guest Post: Connie Williams On The Importance Of Volunteers In The Battle To Flip The Literacy Narrative

The past couple of weeks I’ve been obsessed with the dismal student reading scores coming out of Nashville’s public schools. I’m known be a tad dramatic, but 17.5 percent is a low number no matter what you’re measuring. 560 kata lagi


Finding Success

When I was growing up, kids when asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” would respond with things like: Actor, Postman, Astronaut, Scientist, TV Star, Pilot, Explorer, Teacher, Disc Jockey etc. 939 kata lagi


Morocco's marijuana plantations - views of a weed farmer

The truth behind Morocco’s hashish industry

Morocco is known as the world’s largest and best producer of hashish. Lushy marijuana fields have been the green gold for the farmers in Chefchaouen for centuries, since very few plants grow well in the bare, barren landscape of the mountains. 544 kata lagi



This information came across my desk recently from the RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) organization, a cause which I believe in and support financially. The flyer deals with “America’s Literary Crisis,” and the statistics that appear are alarming.   188 kata lagi

All our solidarity with Kurdistan and Catalonia.

Beyond the frank and open hostility of the neighboring states of Iraq, Iran and Turkey to the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan; in Kabylie, it is with particular interest that we observe the reactions of international institutions that are supposed to guarantee respect for the right of peoples to self-determination; just as we observe with attention the “edifying” reactions of the great Western nations, especially those who claim to be “references” in the defense of human rights. 330 kata lagi

Freedom Of Speech

Protests In Morocco: When Will The Sun Set For The Riffians?

From my piece in The Young European – writing on the recent protests in the Rif.

The Morocco we know today, and have known for the last few years, is one of a thriving tourism and culture – often hailed as a beacon of peace and tranquility in a ocean marred by political turbulence, war, and coup d’etats, the Maghreb has been remarkably stable. 684 kata lagi