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Literacy.  Is it possible to take this precious gift for granted?  Well, meet Joseph.  He is author J. Hale Turner’s Spokeskid For Literacy.  Although he’s fairly young, he still wants everyone to take literacy seriously and be able to read.  163 kata lagi

Part 3, project 3, exercise 1: Landscape - Developing your studies (preparations, stage 1)

20 July, 2015. I am fascinated by how the natural landscape is manipulated by man. We tend to divide larger units into smaller ones. We fence off, parcel, grade and number. 253 kata lagi


Georges Rif: Demanding a fast execution for Tarek Yatim isn't justice.

Georges Rif was horribly attacked by a thug following an altercation on the road. Georges Rif refused to let his car overtaken by a small Kia. 633 kata lagi


Chefchaouen, Morocco!

The journey began after a ferry to Tanger Med from Algeciras, Spain. Why was the ferry so cheap to Tanger med (10 Euro per person), when it was considerably more expensive to Tanger Ville? 1.155 kata lagi

The "continuity council" that rarely meets and barely debates

WALTER CRONXITE welcomes a rare opportunity for Croydon’s councillors to meet at the Town Hall tonight

Croydon’s well-rewarded cabinet, the nine Labour councillors hand-picked for his top team by leader Tony Newman… 720 kata lagi

Croydon Council

RIFfed. Or..."Fair Only Comes To Town Once A Year."

The end of the school year is always stressful for all teachers, but the end of the 2014-15 school year was, for me, purgatory. Which is ironic. 1.103 kata lagi