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Sundown Rundown - February, 2018

Good twilight, my precious book clan! Hope February has been good to you.

Right now, the sun is setting behind that beautiful horizon, you are currently relaxing with some good food or a glass of wine (or pop if you’re below the legal age *wink*) and you’re checking around social media because it rules our ever-loving brains. 1.140 kata lagi

Book Review

Drittes Reich: savon humain

Drittes Reich : savon humain

Grüß Gott !

Le bon peuple allemand, soucieux de propreté, se serait lavé, avec de la graisse juive.

Wikipedia.org / Savon / Mythes et réalités du savon humain / Internet: … 1.053 kata lagi

Sundown Rundown - January, 2018

Good evening, book clan! It is the inbetween and the end of the month! Pardon my excitement.

I hope you all have had a good month! 935 kata lagi

Book Review

The Calm After The Storm? Assessing the Rif Uprising in Morocco

Last June the newspapers were full of the Rif uprising in the northern area of Morocco. Nonetheless, today it seems that the momentum provided by the uprising has faded, and is hard to find information in the mass media about the movement. 685 kata lagi

Patrick Davey

Gitaris /rif Merilis Album Proyek Sampingan Terbarunya, 'Bertuhan dengan Marah'

Jikun mengaku bahwa tema album terbaru Jikunsprain ini berangkat dari kegelisahannya

Jikunsprain, band besutan Jikun, gitaris /rif dan Oktav, bassist Edane baru saja meluncurkan sebuah album bertajuk  1.484 kata lagi

A Roma, voci e storie dal Marocco ferito

“Dentro le prigioni marocchine ti violentano con le bottiglie, lo sanno tutti” Ahmed Tachfine Belkezize mostra le fotografie del suo Marocco, stampate in grande formato, davanti a una platea di qualche decina di persone. 603 kata lagi

Top destination for hippies - blue Chefchaouen

Chillax in fifty shades of blue

Fancy to lay in a field of marijuana? Or just looking for a picture-perfect hippie destination? Chefchaouen is definately one of the best, and the most photogenic options out there. 285 kata lagi