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HIRED! My Favorite Words

Woot Woot! On March 2nd, I will join the ranks of the employed. Company A hired me to do my dream job! No, I’m not going to be a pirate. 386 more words


Break Up Brunette

I dyed my hair brown after the break up.

No, I’m not referring to ending things with Jason. He wasn’t around long enough to call it a “break up.” Likewise, I’m not referring to Greg. 308 more words


Shoot that poison arrow through those boring old Hollywood rom-coms and check these out instead

I am one of those people who pretty much despises what passes for romantic comedies these days, they all either have Kate Hudson in them (one of the worst/best examples of nepotism in Hollywood) or are pure sap written by the likes of Nicholas Sparks* (otherwise known as the Thomas Kincaide of fiction) and are in general just God-awful. 2.002 more words


The Waiting Game

I’m waiting to receive a job offer after interviewing for five jobs. FIVE!!! Waiting sucks. Patience is not my strongest virtue.

Last week, I interviewed with two different companies for 5 different jobs. 798 more words


RIF actualizado es fundamental para declarar el ISLR

Las Personas Naturales y Jurídicas deben tener actualizados sus datos en el Registro Único de Información Fiscal (RIF), y en caso de no poseerlo deberán efectuar su registro ante el Servicio Nacional Integrado de Administración Aduanera y Tributaria (SENIAT), para realizar su declaración definitiva del Impuesto Sobre la Renta (ISLR), correspondiente al ejercicio fiscal 2014, Así lo informó el Superintendente José David Cabello Rondón, en el marco de la campaña para la declaración y pago del mencionado tributo. 297 more words


I Got Laid (Off)

“Yesterday was my first day back to work since Dec 31. And my last. The reduction in force hit me; my position was eliminated.” I stared at the text on my phone before sending it. 846 more words