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The Lonely Tomb

The Lonely Tomb | near Mezguitem, Morocco | A marabout’s tomb in the countryside near the Rif mountains | March 2015


MG08/15 first assembly

My aim today was to get the shell of the main body assembled, using the parts from the laser cutting. Overall it was quite a successful afternoon’s welding with the new welder!


First Day at The Perfect Job

“You’ll be working with these guys.  They come up with crazy new ideas, and you have to make them work,” my boss told me.

YAY!  I was dancing up and down with joy, but only on the inside.  373 more words


The Unromantic Adventures of RIF

The other day I paid a visit to Tesco (to my American readers, Tesco is like Walmart but better. There ain’t no party like an Everyday Value Tesco party) and I came across this novelty biscuit…. 1.083 more words


HIRED! My Favorite Words

Woot Woot! On March 2nd, I will join the ranks of the employed. Company A hired me to do my dream job! No, I’m not going to be a pirate. 386 more words


Break Up Brunette

I dyed my hair brown after the break up.

No, I’m not referring to ending things with Jason. He wasn’t around long enough to call it a “break up.” Likewise, I’m not referring to Greg. 308 more words


Shoot that poison arrow through those boring old Hollywood rom-coms and check these out instead

I am one of those people who pretty much despises what passes for romantic comedies these days, they all either have Kate Hudson in them (one of the worst/best examples of nepotism in Hollywood) or are pure sap written by the likes of Nicholas Sparks* (otherwise known as the Thomas Kincaide of fiction) and are in general just God-awful. 2.002 more words