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Protests In Morocco: When Will The Sun Set For The Riffians?

From my piece in The Young European – writing on the recent protests in the Rif.

The Morocco we know today, and have known for the last few years, is one of a thriving tourism and culture – often hailed as a beacon of peace and tranquility in a ocean marred by political turbulence, war, and coup d’etats, the Maghreb has been remarkably stable. 684 kata lagi

Police Respond to "Million-Man March" With More Tear Gas and Beatings

At least one protester is dead and several injured in the aftermath of a “Million Man March” in Al-Hoceima on July 20, during which protesters say police used brutal and deceptive tactics to attack marchers. 402 kata lagi

Al Hoceima

"Million-Man March" begins in Al Hoceima

Protesters in the city of Al Hoceima are taking part in an “million-man march” this evening, the latest in a series of demonstrations associated with the Hirak movement. 405 kata lagi

Al Hoceima

Morocco: an interview with Hirak activist Yassmin B

Yassmin B is an activist who has been actively involved in The Popular Movement (al-Hirak) in Morocco since October, in al-Hoceima and elsewhere. … 1.138 kata lagi

Moving How? An interview with an al-Hirak activist (part two)

This is the second half of an interview with a left-wing activist in the The Popular Movement (al-Hirak al-Sh’abi; The Movement, or al-Hirak). In the  2.726 kata lagi

نش د الحراك - ⵏⴻⵛ ⴷ ⵍⵃⵉⵔⴰⴽ

تنبيه و توضيح و اعتذار: بغيت نشير قبل هاد ماتقراو هاد التدوينة بللي انا ماعندي تا شرعية باش نهضر باسم الحراك، انا ماشي من اللجنة المنظمة و لا من لجنة التواصل و الاعلام.

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Moving How? An interview with an al-Hirak activist (part one)

Here we present the first part of an interview with an activist in the Rif region of Morocco about the protest movement which has grown dramatically in the last few months. 1.596 kata lagi