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(LIFE) roller coaster down up or down?

Life’s a roller coaster.

So I was on site looking at the final set up of the exhibition hall (our experience center in cyberjaya), had a chat with an engineer (they call themselves solution architech) and before too long he realizes that I was holding a relatively big role before this and cannot comprehend why I choose to degrade a step or two below. 661 kata lagi

What My Father Taught Me About Money

Art & Money Matters:  In the Spirit of Father’s Day, 3 Lessons My Dad Taught Me About Money.

My Dad was NOT frugal! Nahhhhh.
He’s what I like to call a financially conscientious or planned person. 57 kata lagi

Personal Finance

'The Millionaire Next Door' and 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad': Double Book Review

After finishing two personal finance books back to back, I decided that I’d review them together since many of the ideas are similar. Plus I can only write about finance for so long…. 1.156 kata lagi


Pastoral Diary 13


David Olalekan Anthony will be taking us through a series titled ‘wisdom for living’ and he will be focusing on financial intelligence. He will taking us on eight week series every Thursday. 135 kata lagi

Pastoral Diary

Why is it important to be financially literate?

Back in 2001, I remember a schoolmate of mine who introduced me in Multi-Level Marketing business or MLM. It was the very first time that I heard of such system that makes people rich despite of not having a good educational background. 924 kata lagi

Money Management

Mind Your Own Business

Lesson 3: Mind Your Own Business

Quotes from Rich Dad, Poor Dad Chapter 4

Chapter starts off with a retelling of a story about Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, who was giving a talk to MBA students. 793 kata lagi

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