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Where do I see myself in 10 years?

Now, this is a topic that could go on forever. I pride myself in saying that I am a very ambitious young lady – inspired, motivated and ready to tackle everything in my way. 388 kata lagi

Chương 4 – Bắt đầu (#4)

Điểm số 3: Chọn bạn một cách cẩn thận

Sức mạnh của tập thể là rất lớn, vì thế hãy chọn bạn bè một cách cẩn thận. 1.236 kata lagi

Rich Dad World

Chương 4 – Bắt đầu (#3)

(Trang 3)

Bước 1: Xác định lý do sâu xa bạn muốn trở nên giàu có.

Hầu hết mọi người đều nói có khi tôi hỏi họ xem có muốn trở nên giàu có hay tự do tài chính. 711 kata lagi

Rich Dad World

Rich Dad Is on The Panama Papers

I have my suspicions that popular author Robert Kiyosaki is a catalyst that encourages everyone who intends on being wealthy to open an off-shore account. The purpose of an off-shore account is to ensure that the holder has confidentiality regarding the amount of money being used and where that money originates from. 556 kata lagi

4 books to help you rock your twenties

The thing about this whole ‘real world’ struggle is realizing how much you don’t know. One thing college taught me is that the earlier you know, the better. 388 kata lagi


Tracking Net Worth

With any big goals you need to track your progress.  I think that financial independence is no different and the most popular method for financial bloggers seems to be to track their net worth.   323 kata lagi

Investing Basics