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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Dads, here’s a simple treat for you. For the family-oriented, responsible patriarch, and financially astute head of the family, what could be intellectually stimulating than a cup of coffee with the freshly-baked aroma of a chocolate cake prepared by Mom, and of course a good read! 393 kata lagi


92 ways to make money while sleeping


92 ways of making money sleeping.. is this possible? Is this believable? READ ON…

While having a lazy morning, unable to get out of bed I reached for my phone. 298 kata lagi


Why You Need Financial Independence to Be Truly Free

Here’s an interesting question, would you rather be able to retire in 3, 5, 10 or 20 years?

If you’ve answered anything other than 3, I’d love to hear why in the comments, do note however that I am simply asking whether you’d like to  247 kata lagi

Why you SHOULD buy a house

What a contradiction….

Last time I gave you all the reasons of why buying a house (in India especially) did not make sense.

I have a friend Sanjay, who almost 27 years back had given me a very nice philosophy, which I did not heed. 301 kata lagi

Two Important Concepts Covered in Rich Dad Poor Dad, The "Gateway Drug" of Finance

Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book most financially literate know about, it’s often known as the initiation to the concept of financial literacy. 286 kata lagi

Got Good Financial Habits?

Have you ever considered that your spending habits are a reflection who you are? And, who you will become?

Your future is molded by every dollar you earn and use. 825 kata lagi


What Is a Liability?

We’ve covered what an asset is (here), now it’s time to cover liabilities, the other side of the spectrum.

Liabilities, quite simply, are the opposite of assets. 189 kata lagi