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The Truth on Taxation

Let The Truth Be Told

After reading the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by author Robert Kiyosaki, my mind had began to grow a new perspective on finance and why the rich don’t get taxed as much as you think they do. 519 kata lagi


Mindset of a Top Sponsor-Simon Chan

90% of your success comes from your mindset.

Network Marketing helps us to fulfill our potential.

Success Requires hard work & sacrifice

Success also requires new skills & patience… 106 kata lagi

Stocks and other “Paper” Investments

“If you hate risk and worry, start early.” – Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This is particularly true when talking about stocks because the prices can fluctuate so much. 311 kata lagi

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Understanding Money

When it comes to money, the first thing that I would advise anybody to do would to read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki. 509 kata lagi


What I've Learned from Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of the first 3 books of BBR (the book club I’m in) and it’s the perfect read to jumpstart our road to financial freedom. 1.790 kata lagi

Personal Finance

Rich Dad Poor Dad : A book review that I've owed for 10 years. 

[ As Robert Kiyosaki dedicated his book to all parents everywhere, I would like to dedicate this book review to my not-so-rich-yet-not-too-poor Dad. — A book that given by him 10 years ago in 2005.

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This is How I Budget

The first step in the Ladder of Growing Your Money is increasing your cash flow. This may mean 1.) looking for a part-time or freelance job to increase cash inflow; 2.) managing expenses to decrease cash outflow; or 3.) doing both. 1.334 kata lagi

Personal Finance