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Is Network Marketing the Business of the 21st Century

There are network marketing business opportunities in a wide range of industries as technology, financial services, health & wellness, skin care, coffee, and dark chocolate! 707 kata lagi

10 Tips for Being Money-Smart

I am not a financial expert and I have zero training in this are, but I did have parents who talked openly about money, taught me and my brother how to be entrepreneurs, and gave us books on financial literacy when we were barely old enough to read.   869 kata lagi

5 Things I learned from Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad

If there is anything that can help me and other people in their mid-20’s, that is to read self help books on leadership, productivity and life. 1.015 kata lagi


My Responsibilities Created Insecurities

In 2003, I was hell bent on owning a home. I was 27 and just tired of moving so much. I had made up my mind I was on a search of what I needed to do to become a homeowner. 666 kata lagi


The Two Types of Income

There are 2 types of income, active income and passive income.

Active income is what we earn in exchange for a job or task we accomplish, our salary is the prime example of active income.   168 kata lagi

My Review of: Before You Quit Your Job

Owning a business is desired by many but only successfully created by few. Every single person that has attempted to create a business knows that it’s not always the easiest thing to do. 358 kata lagi


How Do We Get Out of the Rat Race?

A Disclaimer

Before I begin with this post, let me go back to my previous one. I mentioned that I will be writing about my goals and my reasons for wanting to be financially free. 1.073 kata lagi

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