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Expect more troubles and eat them in breakfast!!

Just seen a post from Robert kiyosaki the author of “rich dad, poor dad” and started writing an article on it..
Most people around the world are being so strong like metal they just know how to hit it hard and when they fail they can’t bounce to where they were.In life we are gonna have to be a ball, ether get through it or get back where we are to hit it harder this time.This time we know how much force we need by the previous experience and not by prediction. 196 kata lagi

Rich Habits: I'mma read, I'mma read, I'mma read!

Did you know that, 86% of all millionaires were self made according to Fidelity Investments. Meaning they were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. 330 kata lagi

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Final Thoughts

The 5 main takeaways from the book:

  1. When it concerns money, do not let your emotions, fear and greed, take control of your actions. Use your mind to do the thinking.
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Financial Education (Rich and Poor Dad)

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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İnsanların çoxu hele de anlamır ki, heyatda ne qeder pul qazanmağınız vacib deyil, elinizde ne qeder qalmağı vacibdir. 974 kata lagi

Personal Business

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Chapter 8, Overcoming obstacles

  • Fear is not the problem in investing; everyone loses money before making money from investments. It is how you handle that failure that makes the difference in one’s life…
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Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Chapter 7, Lesson #6: Work to learn – don’t work for money

  • Workers work heard enough not to be fired and owners pay just enough so that workers will not quit
  • Seek work for what you will learn more than what you will earn.
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Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Chapter 6, Lesson #5: The rich invent money

  • Old ideas are the biggest liability simply because it is only an asset of yesterday. Yesterday is already gone
  • Be creative and take calculated risks