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Easy Hainanese Chicken Rice by The Fuss Free Chef

A recipe that I would like to try out someday…

Easy Hainanese Chicken Rice, Rice Cooker recipe

Yet another sweltering day.  Such weather really does not foster any inclination to cook.   471 more words

Chicken Rice

Moments and Moment

This was a weekend of moment.

Not just for me, your humble author. Not just for this trio of Farangs who are together navigating a foreign lifestyle. 855 more words

[RESEP] Nasi Kuning Simple dengan Rice Cooker

Sejak tinggal di Sariwangi, suka ekperimen berbagai resep masakan, walaupun peralatan dapurnya terbatas. Salah satu yang lumayan sering dibuat si Bubu ya nasi kuning, soalnya si Baba doyan banget, bisa nambah makannya. 240 more words

Eksa...Eksa...Eksa... (my Life)

Using the rice cooker, Ume Jam | 梅ジュース&ジャム

it’s mostly raining in June but the good thing is it becomes a busy month for fruit jams.

starting the with the japanese plum….it’s called ‘ume’ in japanese which is a very common very sour fruit when pickled. 316 more words


The Jeon Series: Kimchijeon (김치전)

I was really excited to cook this. As a big fan of Maangchi, this recipe was again based on her own. Feel free to visit her website… 254 more words


Rice cooker for every budget

When buying a rice cooker, one of the major factors that we put into consideration is their cost. While there are many rice cooker brands… 321 more words


My Rice Cooker

I love cooking and I love rice cookers!

Some people may have experienced cooking other things using their rice cookers, but for many this is absolutely ridiculous. 205 more words