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Foodie Friday: Rice Cooker Kitchari

Since the house is on the market I haven’t been cooking much. I planned to do this Spring Cleanse. I know I swore I was never going to do a cleanse, it wasn’t necessary, I just got dizzy. 266 kata lagi


Rice Cooker Mac and Cheese??

We love, LOVE, LOVE macaroni and cheese! But when you have to feed seven people (one of which is a runner that seems to have an endless pit for a stomach!), it makes it ridiculously hard to keep it on hand. 543 kata lagi


Good for Everything Sponge Cake

Autumn and winter is the time to bake… at least for me. Baking in Australia during summer is unbearable. Outdoor is hot enough I don’t want another wave of heat inside my home. 577 kata lagi


This is what happens when you cook rice with coffee in your rice cooker 【Rocket Kitchen】

In the name of science, our caffeine-addicted team of intrepid reporters continue their culinary tradition of trying their taste buds to the limits. 480 kata lagi


Spanish Rice

This tasty rice is very simple to make. We put the ingredients together in a blender jar and mix. They Vitamix blender jar is solid (doesn’t leak) and we measure out the ingredients by weight on a scale – consistent results and fewer dishes used when cooking! 55 kata lagi

Cook rice with rice cooker

Automated rice cookers are convenient. The most basic models require just a press of a button to start cooking.

The steps are basically:

  1. Measure and wash rice.
  2. 80 kata lagi
Multiple Sequences


chirp! chirp!
the bird in my electric