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Quinoa in the Rice Cooker

I have to admit, when I first saw this word, I thought it would be pronounced Kin-Oh-Ah, and went by this misconception for some time.  After all, that’s what it looked like.   644 more words


12 More Things I Learned from a Year (Eating) Abroad

After my first year in China, I wrote about 12 things I’ve learned from living abroad. Here are 12 (tastier) things that I learned while eating my way around the world. 481 more words


Five Kitchen Favorites

A few weeks ago (has it really been that long?) I gave you my Top 10 Kitchen Must-Haves. Once you have all of these and are looking for a way to invest in something for your kitchen (or need to tell your mother what you want for Christmas so she’ll stop nagging you), here’s a list of my five kitchen favorites (all of which are technically owned by my parents, but they let me use them). 578 more words

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Coconut Curry Tofu: Simple and Scrumptious.

Heat up your night!  I’ve posted before on how I will use tofu only on occasion because I try not to ingest a lot of soy.   338 more words

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Chicken Broth

It’s cold, drink broth.

Apparently drinking broth by itself is now a thing in Southern California, which also means that people are also piping up about how it’s been a thing for centuries in numerous other cultures. 355 more words


Pasta from the microwave?

Okay, you know I use my rice cooker to cook some kinds of pasta, but when Cook’s Illustrated  reviewed microwave pasta cookers and gave it a thumbs up, I had to try–I mean that should be even faster and easier than rice cooker, right? 132 more words

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The Rice Cooker

I got a rice cooker about a year ago.  We had talked about rice cookers in one of my food classes and it sounded like a fool proof way to cook rice.  398 more words