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The Wonders Of A Rice Cooker

We were misled. That meek appliance sitting at the corner is not just for cooking rice; it can do wonders. Because it’s been named “rice cooker,” we were all led to assume that this appliance is just for rice. 524 kata lagi

Commissioned Work

Home-Made Yoghurt (自制酸奶) - Song-Cho Claypot Rice Cooker (松厨土锅电饭锅)

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Enjoy yoghurt? Try making your own using SONG-CHO rice cooker, simple and no-fuss!

Serves 3 to 4


Rice Cooker

Thai Green Curry Chicken in Pasta Nests

Here’s one for that special lunch or dinner. Chicken simmers in a green Thai sauce while you mold your prepared pasta noodles in oiled ramekins. When chicken is done and you are ready to serve, gently place chicken pieces in the center of your nests and spoon over the sauce. 143 kata lagi

Rice Cooker

Aloe Vera Beauty Food

We all know about ‘beauty sleep’, but what about ‘beauty food’? Wouldn’t it be even better if it was a ‘detox’ food? Aloe vera is known as a beauty product, but it has benefits as a ‘detox superfood’ too! 215 kata lagi

Rice Cooker

Electric rice cooker: Here is what you can cook along with rice

You’d be surprised, in addition to cooking rice, the rice cooker can do a lot more. Despite its name, this cooker is not relegated to a single-minded kitchen unit – tasker. 435 kata lagi

Electric Cooker

An Unexpected Favorite Gift: A Rice Cooker

On Thanksgiving, my family and I were talking about Black Friday and what we were hoping to get a deal on. One thing I had mentioned was a rice cooker. 319 kata lagi

Creamy Cilantro and Coconut Rice

Here is a delightful rice recipe for your consideration. As a side dish it goes well with turkey, chicken or pork menus as well as many Thai dishes. 199 kata lagi

Rice Cooker