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Twice As Nice As Other Rice

I have no idea where that little ditty came from. I suspect it was from a radio or television commercial from my childhood, but if we assume that 15 years of age is the official end of childhood, mine was 50 years ago, so I can be forgiven for my lapse of memory. 402 kata lagi



By Nancy

Tea has branched out and is being infused in cake and cookie recipes alike. But when you add some sake to the picture, you’ll find that pairing these two ingredients makes one great cake. 267 kata lagi

Rice Cooker

Vegetable Medley Quinoa

If you do not own a cute little rice cooker, I highly recommend getting one!  It makes cooking quinoa and rice so easy, because it pretty much does it all for you.   171 kata lagi



by Wen

If you are ever on the island of Oahu, everyone that you meet will tell you to try the Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp and for good reason too! 170 kata lagi

Rice Cooker

Twice Weekly Quinoa

One of the staples in our house is quinoa. This superfood is a complete protein, so when we add veggies to it, we have a balanced and nutritious meal. 65 kata lagi

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Mushroom Rice

One of my Thanksgiving side dishes is Mushroom Rice, and to optimize the flavours I cook it in my rice cooker. Nice side effect: you do not have to do anything, but put all ingredients into the rice cooker and wait until ready or focus on the Turkey or other dishes in the meantime. 84 kata lagi



by Nancy

Some soups almost verge on decadent. This one does it for me; it is well beyond comfort food. Its richness doesn’t rely on added cheese or noodles but rather the flavorful combination of six different members from the onion family, which also gives you the sweet finish. 153 kata lagi

Rice Cooker