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Rock Opera cu Sound Horizon

”Printre cele mai inovative și complexe producții de operă rock”. ”Chiar dacă sunt consumator împătimit de rock progresiv, mărturisesc că n-am ascultat vreodată ceva similar”. ”O îmbinare unică de muzică rock și muzica clasică”. 844 kata lagi

Psihopatul Muzical


Tadi malam mau bayar cicilan motor. Selalu ditolak. Boleh jadi sudah lunas.

Ini hari ke jalan Hankam – untuk lunasi dan ambil bpkb.. Punya motor cuma sekedar diangetin. Lha nggak punya SiM C.

Abu Garcia Revo SX Casting - $79.88

MSRP: $159.99
Discount: 50%
@: Cabela’s
CC: 7HOLIDAY 107 kata lagi


What Really Happened in Grenada? Part 2

Gleaner column of Sept. 27, 2017

In this column I continue my reportage of the launch of Bernard Coard’s book The Grenada Revolution: What Really Happened? 1.006 kata lagi

What really happened in Grenada?

Maurice Bishop being embraced by Fidel Castro

Bishop at firing range

One of the many revolutionary billboards

Militia training

Militia training


Gleaner column, September 20, 2017. 1.132 kata lagi


Revo-lutionary shades

(Source: www.timeout.com)

Whether you’re out at sea, trekking through a nature reserve or cruising down the expressway, protect your eyes with REVO sunglasses. These stylish shades are designed for the more active among us: they shield your eyes from a full spectrum of light, including UV rays, blue light, and high-energy visible light. 395 kata lagi


Ridell Revolution Speed Helmet Review

The Riddell Revo Speed is one of the most used helmets throughout all levels of football, due to its reasonable price and great protection. The revo speed is a great helmet which comes with many great features to keep the wearer safe and comfortable while they are playing during a game. 420 kata lagi