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On the Other Side

What does the other side of the Jordan River look like? What does it represent? For the Israelites who wandered around the wilderness for 40 years, you might think the other side of the Jordan looked like “freedom” or “deliverance.” 800 kata lagi

Spiritual Formation

Of Hydrangeas, Rose of Sharon, Arbors and Tenneball...

Last week we had a great vacation in a village on a bluff overlooking the ocean.

It’s kind of a private place, but I have to share a few glimpses. 596 kata lagi


Prayer for Those Who Are Exhausted

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Thursday, August 20, 2015

Prayer for Those Who Are Exhausted

I thank God for my job. Really, I do. 462 kata lagi

9. Welcome to the Waterfront

A five-minute straight shot downhill, this wouldn’t be hard without your flock of small children, darting about in their saggy-bottomed swimsuits or waddling in their Crocs, goggles bunching up their bangs over sunscreen-smeared foreheads. 1.447 kata lagi


What Can I Do Today But Give It To HIM?

It seems every day I wake up with just one thought on my mind  “how can I reach more people with the idea that speaking gratitude into your day will… 388 kata lagi


Where does the time go?

Can you believe it’s almost July? And it’s been 3 weeks since I posted. I do have excuses! We’ve been camping and that is so rejuvenating, being outside, on the water, in a kayak, swimming…summer stuff. 54 kata lagi


Retreating into Silence and Solitude: Preparing to Retreat

re·treat: n

1. the act of withdrawing, as into safety or privacy; retirement; seclusion.
2. a place of refuge, seclusion, or privacy: The library was his retreat. 684 kata lagi

Silence & Solitude