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The Adventure of a Lifetime

I love adventures! I enjoy the magic and mystery of not knowing and the surprises I will encounter along the way. Almost five years ago my best friend and I found a little piece of heaven in the mountains of Western North Carolina and settled down. 371 more words

Letting Go

A Path I've Never Walked Down

Almost 12 weeks ago I began a journey through a class at our church called the “210 Project”. This course helps people discover their passion and true calling by God. 872 more words


Prayer retreats for every need

Prayer retreats are meant for anyone who wants to get away from the haggling hustle and bustle of life to gain fresh perspective on the life they are leading and where it is headed. 534 more words

Retreat Center

Benefits of Attending Prayer Retreats

If you are of the view that prayer retreat is a new concept, you are entirely wrong. It had been with us for centuries. Jesus spent forty days in retreat before beginning his ministry. 533 more words

Retreat Center

Why Go for Prayer Retreats?

Retreat is a time one sets aside for God. The person withdraws from a busy life with all its tiring routines and distractions. Without it, man gets stuck in a vicious circle of action leading to exhaustion. 535 more words

Retreat Center

Prayer Retreats: Some Suggestions to Consider

The first question which comes up when planning for a prayer retreat is where to go. Choices are there in plenty. And, you can opt for the one you feel will fit into your budget and preferences. 529 more words

Program November 2015

 Yoga Retreat  November 2015


08 – 14 November 2014
 Experience – Emergency – Lifestyle


Dear Yogi,

8 Month until the Yoga Retreat at Blue indigo yoga Cottage ! 1.959 more words

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