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Shamanism and Ayahuasca Circulation and Places

The new public of ayahuasqueras practices of shamanic reference is mainly urban and is recruited in the American and Europe. This public, coming from intellectual or artistic circles, professions and managers of multinational companies, is often involved in the world of therapies in the broad sense. 170 kata lagi

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Ayahuasca Retreat the Spiritual Tourism

How did the ayahuasca come to detach itself from the multiplicity of psychoactive plants discovered during the colonial and postcolonial encounter with the Americas?

 Unlike other South American hallucinogenic plants now present in Europe and North America whose consumption can be recreational, that of… 148 kata lagi

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Ayahuasca Retreat Peru the Experience of Shamanism

The shamanic phenomenon today constitutes a multisite landscape, drawn by regular long-distance movements of ritual specialists and practitioners and by the constant spin-off and reconfiguration of discourses and practices. 168 kata lagi

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Rudra Yoga 2 : Hatha Yoga I

The Rudra Yoga Program is a complete teaching of yoga presented in 20 courses over 5 years (2017-2021).  It reconnects us to our spiritual roots, seeded in various times, places, cultures and traditions, through the philosophies and techniques of movement, breath, sound and meditation.  254 kata lagi

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Ayahuasca Reviews and Diet to Make Your Holidays Wonderful In World-Class Retreat

Planning to celebrate your holidays by reaching a world-class Ayahuasca retreat is certainly a good way of rejuvenate your mind and body. From a world-class retreat, you will get the best… 177 kata lagi

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Get the Best Ayahuasca Experience from Gaia Sagrada

When it comes to get the best Ayahuasca experience or want to know about the real DMT Ayahuasca, you will have some better options of fulfilling your requirement by going online and reaching the right center. 180 kata lagi

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Ayahuasca Retreats for Luxury and Divinity with Best Treatment

For those who want to spend their holidays to a place where they can get the best of Ayahuasca with luxury, divinity and the best treatment, various better options are available to fulfill their desire. 179 kata lagi

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