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Prayer retreats for every need

Prayer retreats are meant for anyone who wants to get away from the haggling hustle and bustle of life to gain fresh perspective on the life they are leading and where it is headed. 534 more words

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Benefits of Attending Prayer Retreats

If you are of the view that prayer retreat is a new concept, you are entirely wrong. It had been with us for centuries. Jesus spent forty days in retreat before beginning his ministry. 533 more words

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Why Go for Prayer Retreats?

Retreat is a time one sets aside for God. The person withdraws from a busy life with all its tiring routines and distractions. Without it, man gets stuck in a vicious circle of action leading to exhaustion. 535 more words

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Prayer Retreats: Some Suggestions to Consider

The first question which comes up when planning for a prayer retreat is where to go. Choices are there in plenty. And, you can opt for the one you feel will fit into your budget and preferences. 529 more words

Acquiring Spiritual Directions in a Healthy Way

The fast-paced life of our time is going to have a toll on your mind and body one day or the other. Attending retreats at regular intervals is the best way to protect yourself from collapsing under the ever-increasing pressures of a tight schedule. 528 more words

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Spiritual Retreats Some Suggestions

A spiritually oriented life may be difficult. But, spending some time under supervision to better understand one’s inner desire to meet God is a must to succeed in life. 497 more words

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11 Things to Consider Before Selecting a Location for Your Next Youth Retreat

Planning a youth retreat is a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding for youth groups and youth leaders. These types of retreats create memories children will remember for a lifetime as they form strong bonds with one another around their shared experiences. 829 more words

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