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April 2015 focus and class schedule

After an especially snowy and cold winter, we now see new life rising out of the dark underworld of hibernation and into the light: grass is getting greener, bulbs are emerging, buds are swelling! 617 more words


Bottoms up!

Do you ever feel stressed, lacking energy, run down, anxious, or overworked?
Then lets get ourselves feeling better.

The thought of yoga can conjure up all kinds of stereotypes and fears amongst a lot of the population, but fear not, the answer to all of the above ailments and many more lies in a couple of simple restorative yoga poses. 490 more words

Traveling Mango's Post Travel Recovery Regimen

I value my time off. I’ve never been the type of person to come back from a vacation and take a day off to settle back into a time change, unpack or rest. 914 more words


Restorative Dentistry – A Guide to Dental Inlays and Onlays - Video Dailymotion

The Chandler dentists at Shumway Dental Care will make sure you have a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. Whether you need cosmetic dentistry, bridges or crowns, or just a checkup, their staff will make sure your visit is comfortable. 20 more words

Now Teaching Restorative Yoga at Gaealana Healing Arts Center!

Join me Sunday evenings at Gaealana Healing Arts Center in Portland, OR from 6:00pm to 7:15pm. 

This slow-paced class is perfect for those looking to relax… 51 more words


Lunar Energy

written at ford food + drink on division st in portland, or

When typing up a blog post for WordPress, in small gray letters appear the words “Share your story here…” My story, for today, is one of embracing lunar energy, the feminine side, the Shakti that is also the stillness (as always, this will all make sense in a mOMent, I promise!). 753 more words


Biophilic Design Patterns in UK Landscape Architecture


This dissertation aims to identify the opportunities and constraints for the implementation of biophilic design patterns and assess its need/importance in UK landscape architecture. 231 more words