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Council scoops national award

An initiative run by Surrey County Council and Surrey Police that is diverting hundreds of young people away from crime has scooped a prestigious national award. 60 kata lagi

Surrey County Council

Balasana - Finding an Internal Practice

Balasana, or Child’s Pose, is an ideal posture to help us remember that yoga is an internal practice. We are closed to the outside world and our inner self is protected. 455 kata lagi


What Are Yoga Props?

Yoga props are a relatively new invention in the yoga world, coming from a man named BKS Iyengar. His style of yoga is based on proper alignment, therefore props are needed to allow the yogi to stay in a posture for more than a minute. 507 kata lagi

Restorative practice on holidays

I gotta say I am not doing enough restorative practices. If I go to a yoga class I always choose to go to a vinyasa class or a hatha class… yin or restorative would be on the bottom on my list… or to be honest… I can count how many times I take these class for all these years of practice. 350 kata lagi


Viparitta Karani

Viparitta Karani
-Increase blood circulation to the belly
– passive stretch for the thoracic and cardial muscle, help facilitate blood circulation back to the heart. 29 kata lagi

Yoga Practice 練習感想

ik 151 for July 2015 wp

ik 151
Joseph’s Star (with words)
this hour

restorative only if
one can actually get
settled in that blissful and calming state
I would perhaps be there now if… 151 kata lagi


Aerial Yoga

What is aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is practiced in a wide silk hammock similar to the silks used in circus performances.  The hammock can be placed at different heights to suit you and your practice – waist height or low to the ground.   102 kata lagi