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Forget or Not to Forget Crimes?

Should crimes that were committed many years ago simply be forgotten?

According to Jane Addams, a famous public philosopher in the early 20th century, “True peace is not the absence of war, but the presence of justice.” To many, the presence of peace would be a sign of the existence of human rights and a positive regard for life, as defined by the United Nations. 1.944 kata lagi


Yoga Stretch Class is Still Yoga | Beginner Yoga, Restorative Yoga

Worried you’re not flexible enough for yoga?

I know yoga can look intimidating and some yoga poses look totally out of reach but that is only one way to look at and practice yoga. 145 kata lagi


April 2017 focus and class schedule

Each spring we experience the explosion of sensory delight as we witness the renewal of lifeforms…plants and animals blossoming and birthing. April is the month of Easter, the Christian celebration that reminds us that rebirth follows death. 608 kata lagi


Book review: The Myth Gap, by Alex Evans

Alex Evans is campaign director at Avaaz, formerly a Special Advisor and climate negotiator, and – where I first came across him – a blogger at… 916 kata lagi


Chapter three - restorative forest

This city is in a state of constant change and evolution. New buildings are rising up from the rubble; repaired buildings reopen their doors. The people in the city rush from one milestone to the next. 506 kata lagi

Yoga for Emotional Balance (Bo Forbes)

Yoga for Emotional Balance: Simple Practices to Help Relieve Anxiety and Depression (2011)

Bo Forbes, PsyD


Summary: This book by Bo Forbes, who is a clinical psychologist and yoga teacher, is one of my absolute favourites. 492 kata lagi