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Restorative Healing

Sitting in an quaint yet buzzing cafe located at the base of the most commercialized street in Boston, I exist on a different plane. Free from the anxiety and worries that fill our minds, each thought insignificant, but stacked heavily on our shoulders causing our backs to crunch over in the weight of our mental state. 324 more words

Light & Enlightened

March 2015 focus and class schedule

Wake up, little seed! Usually the month of March in Bowling Green is characterized by rapidly rising daily temps, although with the recent uncharacteristic shot of winter, it may be hard to believe! 610 more words


Have a Restorative Dentist in Charlotte, NC Install Dental Implants

A dental implant is connected to bone and takes the place of a natural root in order to hold fake teeth in place. A restorative dentist in Charlotte, NC would first examine the mouth, take a look at the space between the jaws, perform X-rays to get a better idea of the situation, and determine if the patient is a candidate for implants. 47 more words

Knowing My Limits

I really wanted to go to the gym today but I didn’t think it was a good idea. I’m in a lot of pain from my first two workouts (Monday and Tuesday). 93 more words



Repost from host @dalima26:
Hello friends & #YogaFamily! 👋 Please join Joanna and I again in March for #MarchYogaDetox ❁ – a two week yoga challenge {cleansing}, exploring Spinal Twists and Hip Openers. 116 more words

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Yogi The Bear Ain't No 'Yogi' (neither is boo boo)

Yogi, from the Urban Dictionary; “One who practices yoga and has achieved a high level of spiritual insight” or this; “to have sex with a girl using no condom… 659 more words

I FILL EVERY SPACE WITH LOVE: Week 6 Day 6 of the 2015 Meditation Challenge


In the silence, we breathe in the energy of love and allow it to fill our entire being – not just in the flesh but also in the soul and the spirit of who we are.  355 more words