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A Dentist in Raleigh, NC Performs Cosmetic and Restorative Procedures

While teeth are composed of the hardest tissue in the body, they are still vulnerable to breaking, decay, extraction, and staining. Fortunately, dentists in cities like Raleigh, North Carolina have an arsenal of aesthetic and restorative services that help prevent or fix tooth loss and damage. 84 more words


Let the glamping begin!

Horay! the summer is coming and I cannot wait for the ‘glamping’ season to begin. We haven’t decided where to go for our week long glamp but I’m thinking Wales might be in the runningĀ as friends of ours highly recommend it. 351 more words


Reiki is a terrific tool for breaking the pattern of insomnia. It resets energy flow, calms the mind, and enables one to relax and welcome rest. 377 more words


Restorative Yoga: Wall Caterpillar for Edema

I teach about three restorative yoga classes a week, and every couple of weeks I like to focus on wall postures. Wall postures in restorative yoga are not only highly relaxing and beneficial for the body, they can easily be done at home between visits to the studio. 40 more words


Week 4 Recap: Yoga & Thanks


Generally I hit the gym 4-5 times a week and focus on my weight training and cardio. I’ve never attempted to attend a yoga class. 615 more words

Yoga Studio Spotlight: Soho Yoga, Hermosa Beach


B: Soho Yoga is my home studio. By home studio, I mean home away from home. Soho has the most incredible community of people that I have ever met. 1.000 more words