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Restorative Work: Legs up the Wall

Legs-up-the-wall is an especially good habit for athletes or people who stand a lot at their jobs.  It will help your legs feel lighter.  It also helps give the heart fresh blood.

Yoga & Habits (January/February)

Foam Roller Mat Class @ Studio Flo Pilates, Clairemont

Date: Thursday, 12:00 pm

Teacher: Jennie

Cost: $20 drop-in, packages/monthlies available

Length: 1 hr.

Sweat level:  4/10

Fun level:  7/10

M/F ratio aka. single factor: 419 kata lagi


Finding Peace in the Chaos

Yes…it’s “one of those weeks.”  Lots of stress, not enough sleep, feeling overwhelmed…  I’ve had a few “venting” moments, but…at least for me…I REALLY need some time where I can just breathe, focus, and relax.   241 kata lagi


Restorative class: Fri., June 26 and Sundays in July

Many yoga students are already aware of the substantial benefits of Restorative yoga to relax and calm both the body and the mind.  (Yoga Journal… 96 kata lagi


Yummy Yin #Yoga and the Power of Viparita Karani

I entered into a really dark studio called the Moon Room, and at the teacher’s recommendation, I unrolled my mat right up against the wall. She was planning to have us use the… 625 kata lagi

Do Nothing

I have a tendency to worry about what I should be doing, what I need to do next, and what I should have already done. What if it is sometimes best to just do nothing? 76 kata lagi

Off The Mat