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3 rounds #HIIT and 30min easy, restorative #yoga

Wasn’t as gloriously enjoyable as yesterday, but I got something in. Today’s fell into the “better late than never” category. My legs & glutes were actually a bit sore from yesterday! 199 kata lagi


Yin/Restorative Yoga 101

What exactly is Yin/Yin Yang/Restorative Yoga? 

           Yin Yoga has many names but the intention for the class is the same, to de-stress the mind, calm the nervous system and allow your body to relax in therapeutic Asanas. 243 kata lagi

What counts as yoga?

I mentioned a little while back that I’m trying to practice five to six times a week, which sometimes means I do a restorative or yin practice to give my body a break from the intensity of the faster-paced vinyasa style I usually enjoy. 276 kata lagi


Be Still

Another deeply restorative playlist for the weekend.

Photo courtesy of Jonna Jinton.


8 reasons why this INFJ, HSP is moving from surviving to thriving...

  1. Information: like my fellow INFJs  (for such a rare personality type the internet seems to be filled to the brim with us)  over the past few years I’ve discovered that a lot of the things about me that I thought unusual, strange, difficult, is in part due to personality.
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Music for Sabbath

Soothing choir music for a healing and uplifting Sabbath. Have a blessed day.

Photo courtesy of Hanlie Joubert.


4 rounds #HIIT and then easy #yoga #asana

15 Minute Cardio HIIT All Over Fat Burn Workout & Thigh Sculpt

  • 4 rounds (10/50) with 1min rest in between. Time was 1:04 vs the 1:03 it’d be uninterrupted, but I had to pause in the 4th set to go find & sequester Henry so the piano guy could leave, lol.
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