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MFA Boston

Our last stop on our trip to Maine was Boston. The day before we flew home we visited the Fine Art Museum. Aside from appreciating the art I also found  interesting moments that were worth capturing.


Breakfasts of the Tsumugi Cafe of Tsukuji Temple in Tokyo

The 1,944 yen breakfast of 18 items with congee, miso soup and 16 kinds of side dishes

The 1,100 yen six-piece set

The 980 yen elegant breakfast with granola and frothy steamed milk


Ресторан Gianni

Как реагировать, когда ресторан, в котором рассчитываешь провести идеальный во всех смыслах ужин, разочаровывает почти всеми блюдами? Понять и простить? Нет. 



“Just Like in the Magazines”

This is a main street in Sapporo, Hokkaido, that is packed with stores, bars, restaurants, karaoke, Pachinko parlors and red light establishments. 199 kata lagi


Restaurant Review - Market Street

Its great to discover new restaurants to eat at. I’m not only a groupie, but after many years of working in hospitality, mainly in food preparation and service, it should come as no surprise I’m a bit of a foodie too. 678 kata lagi

Group Travel


I must say that Marylebone high street is such a cozy street! Marylebone is an area situated right beneath Regent’s Park and only 10 minutes walking from Selfridges. 58 kata lagi