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A bit of Electronics knowledge

If you are new to Internet of things,I strongly suggest going through Introduction to Internet of Things to get basics right.Also,you can check out my other blogs at… 792 kata lagi


What’s inside a Logic Gate ?

How logic Gates are made?

Diode Logic (DL)

Diode logic gates use diodes to perform AND and OR logic functions. Diodes have the property of easily passing an electrical current in one direction, but not the other. 478 kata lagi

Electrical Engineering

Class 05 - Simple Circuitry Overview

After the shock of last class, I wanted to make a concerted effort to have students evaluate their own knowledge and impart a baseline circuitry understanding. 172 kata lagi

Class Recap

ProgStock 2017: Day 2

Jared and I continue on with Day 2! There was so much to write about, and many awesome moments in between, but we tried to capture as much as we can. 1.030 kata lagi


Annoying buzzer... [background - SHUT UP BUZZER]

Schematic diagram for an annoying buzzer that you might feel like killing:

Student Life

Triple Feature: SEA, Steven DeMartini, and Resistor

Stephen, Justin, and I have decided to start a new feature that allows us to express opinions about albums that might not really inspire a full review in our heads, but we still think they deserve exposure.   1.069 kata lagi

Album Reviews

2k2 2m2 and 470R resistor notation

This style of resistor value notation is called the BSI or British Standards Institute notation where a letter replaces the decimal point, and an “R” replaces ohm.   154 kata lagi