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Automatic Resistance: Resistors Controlled by the Environment

Resistors are one of the fundamental components used in electronic circuits. They do one thing: resist the flow of electrical current. There is more than one way to skin a cat, and there is more than one way for a resistor to work.  1.814 kata lagi


6.2K Ohm 1W Flameproof Resistor 10 Pcs.

These metal oxide power resistors feature an excellent flame retardant coating and stable performance in diverse environments. Each resistor is 1 watt with a 5% tolerance. 6 kata lagi

Resistance in Motion: What You Should Know About Variable Resistors

Adjusting the volume dial on a sound system, sensing your finger position on a touch screen, and knowing when someone’s in the car are just a few examples of where you encounter variable resistors in everyday life. 1.527 kata lagi


Measure Current with a Current Sense Resistor


While working on the magnetic levitation project, I came across the problem of wanting to monitor the current through the electromagnet so I could feed it back into the control system. 519 kata lagi


Steve Unruh Updates Fans!

I spent my music time this weekend recording violin and flute for the next King of Agogik album! As usual, it was a thrill ride to solo over bizarre time changes and difficult key signatures. 229 kata lagi


What is There to Know About Resistors?

Resistor: A passive chunk of material that resists the flow of electrical current. A terminal is connected to each end you’re done. What could be simpler? 1.563 kata lagi