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Delta Y Conversion : Exercise

Q1.Solve the Following

For the following circuit find

a. Total Resistance

b. Total Voltage across resistance

c. Voltage across Ra

Q2 For the Following Circuit… 19 kata lagi


Wheatstone Bridge

Linear Circuit Analysis
Chapter 6 .
Engr. Ahmad Bilal


1 Construction

There are two knownresistors, one variableresistor and one unknown resistor… 194 kata lagi

Wheat Stone Bridge Excercise

 Question 1 : For the Following Bridge confirm if 

  1. The following Bridge is balanced ?
  2. The value of Vout
  3. Which resistor should be used at R4 to balance bridge …
  4. 68 kata lagi



The last band of color indicates the the snake’s tolerance for being held before biting.


Menghitung Resistor untuk LED

LED (Light emmiting dioda) dalam bahasa Indonesia bisa diartikan sebagai dioda pemancar cahaya. LED banyak digunakan dalam peralatan elektronika diantaranya untuk indikator ON/OFF atau sekarang sering kita temui pada tulisan berjalan atau sering disebut LED matriks. 447 kata lagi


The new element in electronics - MEMRISTOR!

Ever imagined any device which is infinitesimal yet so powerful to revolutionize the technology? We had hardly heard of any new components in electronics other than resistors, inductors, capacitors, transistors and diodes. 480 kata lagi


Global Adjustable Power Resistor Industry 2015 Market Demands, Key Applications, Growth, Analysis, Trends and Forecasts

The report is a summary of competitive analysis of the global Adjustable Power Resistor market. The key local and international companies are examined in the research report by using industry standard techniques such as SWOT analysis. 70 kata lagi