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New Part Day: Memristors

For the last few years, the people in the know have been wondering about the memristor. The simplest explanation of what a memristor is comes from the name itself – it’s a  494 kata lagi

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STM32F4 SPI VGA Controller

Well it seems all of my projects recently have been based around my LCD monitor! I think its just because its fun to actually be able to see the outcome of your work as opposed to just seeing a statement change in debug or an LED flash.  929 kata lagi

STM32F0 Projects

ElectroDroid v4.0 Premium Apk

electrodroid PRO is a simple and powerful collection of electronics tools and references.The PRO version of Electrodroid does not have any ads, and it has more features than the free version. 26 kata lagi


Resistors, An Overview

Resistors are used in the manufacture of virtually every piece of electrical or electronic equipment. Any device that is powered by an Alternating Current (AC) or a Direct Current (DC) source incorporates… 358 kata lagi

Current Shunt Resistor

Surface Mount Resistor Information

This is a mode of getting electronic circuits as the components are directly mounted on the surface of the printed circuit boards. Surface mount resistors… 386 kata lagi

Current Shunt Resistor

Current Shunt Resistor

A current shunt resistor is a low Ohm, high precision resistor which is used to measure the current flowing through a circuit. Current is calculated by dividing the voltage drop of the resistor by the resistance of the resistor (I=V/R). 354 kata lagi

Current Shunt Resistor

Learn About Pulse Resistors

Electronic engineers and manufacturers are realizing the increasing importance for “designing in” an adequate margin of safety to protect against high energy, short term current surges or voltage spikes. 373 kata lagi

Current Shunt Resistor