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     As the carbon resistors are very small, the resistance values cannot be mentioned on them. Therefore a technique is used to represent the R values for such resistors. 157 kata lagi

Basic Electricity


     A resistor is a small component that’s designed to provide a specific amount of resistance in an electronic circuit.

     Resistor has no polarity. Current can pass equally through a resistor in either direction. 123 kata lagi

Basic Electricity

Global Current Sensing Resistor Industry 2015 Market Research, Developments, Applications, Analysis and Forecasts

Global Current Sensing Resistor Market Research report offers comprehensive analysis of the Current Sensing Resistor market. Right from market history to the latest developments of the Current Sensing Resistor market are covered in this report. 105 kata lagi

Hackaday Links: July 12, 2015

Adafruit is working on a series of videos that’s basically Sesame Street for electronics. G is for Ground is out, where discovers pipes and lightning rods are connected to ground. 250 kata lagi


New Part Day: Memristors

For the last few years, the people in the know have been wondering about the memristor. The simplest explanation of what a memristor is comes from the name itself – it’s a  494 kata lagi

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STM32F4 SPI VGA Controller

Well it seems all of my projects recently have been based around my LCD monitor! I think its just because its fun to actually be able to see the outcome of your work as opposed to just seeing a statement change in debug or an LED flash.  929 kata lagi

STM32F0 Projects

ElectroDroid v4.0 Premium Apk

electrodroid PRO is a simple and powerful collection of electronics tools and references.The PRO version of Electrodroid does not have any ads, and it has more features than the free version. 26 kata lagi