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Pernahkan anda melihat komponen hitam kecil pada PCB Motherboard? Komponen tersebut adalah resistor SMD. SMD ( Surface Mounted Device ) Resistor adalah resistor dengan bentuk kotak kecil yang cara pemasangannya menempel pada pcb… 319 kata lagi

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In my job interviews for manufacturing technician, recruiters have asked me if I had ever put anything together or troubleshot anything. Being a teacher for 15 years, I never really had this as part of my job task, so I decided to strength this part of me and decided to play a little with electronics. 166 kata lagi


3296 Potentiometer Assorted Kit 12value 60pcs variable resistor Out

Industrial SMD resistors are the leading resistors. These resistors are almost making you financed with many of the facilities like the data sheets available on chipping up and the resisting service available. 236 kata lagi


     As the carbon resistors are very small, the resistance values cannot be mentioned on them. Therefore a technique is used to represent the R values for such resistors. 157 kata lagi

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     A resistor is a small component that’s designed to provide a specific amount of resistance in an electronic circuit.

     Resistor has no polarity. Current can pass equally through a resistor in either direction. 123 kata lagi

Basic Electricity

Global Current Sensing Resistor Industry 2015 Market Research, Developments, Applications, Analysis and Forecasts

Global Current Sensing Resistor Market Research report offers comprehensive analysis of the Current Sensing Resistor market. Right from market history to the latest developments of the Current Sensing Resistor market are covered in this report. 105 kata lagi