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Daily Quiz.004: circuit analysis

Solve the following questions  and copy them in your notebook. 

Q1.In the figure below, R2, R3, R4 are 4Ω each and R1 is 8Ω. If I1 is 21 Ampere, what is I2? 67 kata lagi

Current And Electricity

Daily Quiz.003: Resistor

Please try solving  and copy the following Question in your notebook. the questions are direct applications of the resistance formula.

Q1: All edges of a block of cubical shape with parallel faces are unequal. 117 kata lagi

Current And Electricity

Daily Quiz.002: Resistor

Please attempt the following questions on combination of resistors. analyse them in the same way as discussed in class for the case when points a and b are two opposite body diagonal points. 173 kata lagi

Current And Electricity

Daily Quiz.001: Resisistor

Q1: The  graph below shows the current through a nichrome wire according to the voltage applied. If and i = 200mA and v  = 125 V what is the resistance (in Ω) of the nichrome wire? 102 kata lagi

Current And Electricity

I got featured on the Make: blog!

Exciting news: I got featured on the Make: blog for a project I’ve been working on for a while: amigurumi resistors rendered in crochet. Basically it’s a really soft and cute form of the resistor. 36 kata lagi

Cara Membaca Resistor

Resistor merupakan suatu komponen elektronik yang berfungsi untuk menghambat besarnya arus listrik yang mengalir pada suatu rangkaian listrik. Resistor dapat digunakan pada tegangan AC maupun tegangan DC. 199 kata lagi

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Lera Lynn - Resistor

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