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Error: LP0 On 🔥

You don’t need fancy ICs and DACs to build a sound card for a PC. As ’s build over on hackaday.io shows, all you really need… 163 kata lagi

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The W5100 bug(s) - and how to fix it

Bug 1- The SPI bug

On a recent project in which I shared the SPI bus of a 3V3 8MHz ProMini, with a W5100 Ethernet module and another SPI slave, I experienced some problems: sometimes it would work perfectly, sometimes not. 1.017 kata lagi


Lera Lynn speaks electric words on ‘Resistor’

This article originally appeared in the Kentucky Kernel.

Born in Houston and raised in Georgia, Lera Lynn has had a passion for music pumping through her veins since childhood, carrying her passion to three full-length albums and repeated appearances on HBO’s True Detective. 618 kata lagi


Hackaday Trims Its Own Resistors

There are times when you might want an odd-value resistor. Rather than run out to the store to buy a 3,140 Ω resistor, you can get there with a good ohmmeter and a willingness to solder things in series and parallel. 991 kata lagi


Simple thing that's lacking. 1996.

The simple thing that is lacking

Is sitting in a bar or watching TV.

I cannot seriously say that you

do not get a kick from it… 57 kata lagi


Reduce the volume of telephone ring

Diconect one wire on the speaker, solder 1 kOhm resistor. It reduces loud sound of the telephone ring. ^^


Tips Mengerjakan Rangkaian Seri dan Paralel Fisika SBMPTN

Pagi ini gua iseng-iseng aja bikin video tutorial tentang rangkaian seri dan paralel fisika SMA khususnya untuk SBMPTN. Alasan gua buat tutorial ini karena dulu waktu SMA dan persiapan SBMPTN gua kesulitan gimana caranya nentuin bagian mana sih yang paralel, terus mana sih yang seri ? 75 kata lagi