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Call for Papers: Lexkhoj Research Journal of Law & Socio-Economic Issues, Submit by 3oth January 2017

Lexkhoj Researchl Journal of Law and Socio-Economic Issues is an open access peer reviewed international journal, publishing critical approaches to socio-legal study and multi-disciplinary analysis of issues related to law and socio-economic. 430 kata lagi


Research Journal XXX

I keep starting this final journal entry and stopping it because every idea I have about this project I have to think to myself, “wait, did I already talk about this?” After thirty entries, I cannot remember. 113 kata lagi

Research Journal

Research Journal XXIX

It has rained for the first time in about three months here. I don’t think I’m even rounding up – It was at least two and a half months. 188 kata lagi

Research Journal

Research Journal XXVIII

One of the interesting thing about the project I’m working on, is that there never seems to be an end to my database building. The topics, literature and resources appear to be endless. 24 kata lagi

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Research Journal XXVII

In the workshop, perhaps the participants can talk about Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities (OEs) and how to address them in a bibliotherapeutic way. If the school librarians and counselors are not familiar with this term, literature can be provided on what OEs are, and it can be suggested that they give their students the Overexcitability Questionnaire (OEQ) to find out which students have what OEs to tailor the book response. 16 kata lagi

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Research Journal XXVI

Another reason I think the group meeting together to learn about bibliotherapy should be diverse is the results of this past election.

Everyone seemed to think that things were going one way, but they went another. 81 kata lagi

Research Journal

Body Confidence

For this project, I have chosen the theme of body image and self confidence, I chose this theme because not only is it something that affects me personally, it is something that the majority of people can also relate to. 1.137 kata lagi