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Publishing Paper in a Free Research Journal Gives More Weight age to Your Degree

In this rapidly advancing world with innovations and discoveries occurring almost every day, there needs to be some kind of mechanism which helps people to express their thoughts and ideas in detail for better understanding.  304 kata lagi

RJ Day 13: Web API's

Today I will be talking about the less morally grey counterpart of web scraping called API’s.

API’s, otherwise known as Application Programming Interface, are gateways set up by the developers of others systems that allow external 3rd party systems to access and use certain data from the 1st party systems. 495 kata lagi

RJ Day 12: Web Scraping

As part of my little mini-series of blogs towards my next semester project, today I will be looking into Web scraping, a technology I will probably need to use during the construction of my project. 512 kata lagi

RJ Day 11: Logic tree's

For my end of year project, I am looking to include a logic tree for taking a users input and processing it to form an output which will suit the user based on their choices. 463 kata lagi

Time Management for Football players a balance between education and football

The hardest part of my research is actually doing the work its self because after practice no one really wants to answer questions and before practice, I am stuck in the film room and when we finish switch with the defense. 391 kata lagi

Research Journal

RJ 10: Web wrapping with Electron

As part WEB701 and SDV701 I will be using the Electron software framework, I also have a great interest in this field and may look to include it in my final project. 789 kata lagi