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How and why do you write? How has it played a role in your thinking process? Your making process? If it hasn’t yet. How do think that it might? 307 kata lagi

Research Journal

object semantics

the object that I have chosen is my old iPod.

I think that it would fit in an object of mourning and memory because when i use it and listen to the music i remember everything it has gone through with me. 182 kata lagi

Research Journal


Why is it so difficult to start things? Projects, posts, sentences… Then there’s the matter of continuing things after starting them, to keep the momentum going… Like rolling a snowball: if you get a snowball started, and then leave it for too long, it can get stuck, and even frozen to the ground, making it that much harder to start moving again. 306 kata lagi

My essay will be based on the ways Dark Souls creatively communicates with the player. Each of these images represent an aspect of communication I may write about in the essay. 173 kata lagi

Research Journal

In Wednesday’s Research Lecture we were looking at Vladimir Propp, the functions of dramatis personae. – What a character does defines them more than just what they look like. 284 kata lagi

Research Journal

The Manifesto of Slow Design: Research Journal


This self-directed undergraduate communication design brief aims to deliver a research- led, social-oriented design project. Provoked by the consumer focused culture, this project is oriented under a slow design theory, understanding the importance of substance over style. 2.409 kata lagi

Research Journal