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RJ Day 11: Logic tree's

For my end of year project, I am looking to include a logic tree for taking a users input and processing it to form an output which will suit the user based on their choices. 463 kata lagi

Time Management for Football players a balance between education and football

The hardest part of my research is actually doing the work its self because after practice no one really wants to answer questions and before practice, I am stuck in the film room and when we finish switch with the defense. 391 kata lagi

Research Journal

RJ 10: Web wrapping with Electron

As part WEB701 and SDV701 I will be using the Electron software framework, I also have a great interest in this field and may look to include it in my final project. 789 kata lagi

RJ Day 9: Acidemic paper analysis

For today’s class, Clare has asked us to perform an analysis. Here are the results of such:

The main components of an academic paper are: 387 kata lagi

Research journal 2

  1. our problem is the institutional racism in the education system.
  2. The inequality at the heart of America’s education system,research performed by the American Psychological Association (APA) they showed that children from low socioeconomic households showed issues in slower development of academic skills,in many cases having a better education leads to better opportunities to get higher payed jobs.,
  3. 344 kata lagi

Research Journal - International -

This list is a copy paste from the mentioned blog below, only to make me easier to reach sometimes later. 188 kata lagi

Islamic Finance

IJIRST Journal New Impact Factor = 4.371

New Impact Factor Received.
Latest Impact Factor : 4.371(Year-2016)
International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology
Click here for more Details : www.ijirst.org… 68 kata lagi