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Research Journal I

My research will deal with this particular question: How do we educate parents, teachers, counselors, and librarians on the need for using bibliotherapy in the classroom and at home to help with students’ (and gifted students) relevant hardships and emotional issues? 107 kata lagi

Public Libraries

Why bother with a research journal?

The short answer is: A research journal helped me form raw ideas about my research into coherent findings, and it helped me to solve analytic and logistical problems without requiring input from any other human being. 519 kata lagi

Research Proposal #3

Research Proposal

The problem i have chosen to research is insufficient classrooms and professors. I plan to conduct my research by asking students around campus about how they feel about not getting all the classes they need in a semester. 243 kata lagi

Research Journal

Who killed the La river

This article pretty much states that humans are the reason why la is the way it is. People are so blinded by the industrial growth and complaining that wild life isn’t the way it was. 69 kata lagi

Campus issues

The topic I chose was my sacs nutrition. After being at my sac all day, I need to eat something that would benefit my body.after taking a closer look At what mt sac  had to offer, I came to the conclusion that my sac needs a wider range of foods.   47 kata lagi

Starting a Research Journal

Current Research Focus:

Thought Experiments: I’m interested in finding solutions and testing hypotheses, but I never thought I could participate on the same level as “real” scientists, those who have lots of funding and equipment, who are professionals in their respective fields. 372 kata lagi