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Quote explanations for essay
1. The first quote I gathered was “…13 plastics companies have spent a cumulative $3.4 million since 2014 to promote the November 2016 referendum, and another $3.1 million on lobbying against disposable bag bans in Sacramento since 2005.” The reason I chose this quote and how I see myself using it in the essay is because of the numbers it’s talking about. 289 kata lagi

Research Journal

Fashion Style and Ideas

After few discuss we come up with this mood board 

Main colour is black and white, we want to show the cool blood and mystery of soldier. 165 kata lagi


Film Idea Development

During the  Found photos workshop i find out some old photos for mood board  Development. The idea of mask and soldier, to show the power and mystery. 189 kata lagi


Research Journal XI

Below is an example of a survey form given to the participants in the workshop to get an idea of the progress they feel they are making/how we can change the workshop.

Research Journal

Research Journal X

Ideas for the librarians, public or school, to use bibliotherapy resources in their library. These can be discussed in the workshop held at the public library. 119 kata lagi

Research Journal

Textiles and Photography workshop

I think Textiles and Photography workshop is a very new things for me. Is a really good  way to show our photography. Also bring string art in photography can make really good photo impression. 208 kata lagi


Research Journal IX

Possible topics for the bibliotherapy teacher workshop:

  • Divorce
  • Late bloomers
  • LGBT
  • Grief
  • Suicide
  • Bullying
  • New sibling
  • Depression
  • Mental illness
  • Learning disabilities
  • Gifted children
  • Sexual pressure…
  • 30 kata lagi