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Journal 1: Research as a Tool

In my personal life, I see myself as a sporadic but deep researcher. By this I mean I don’t spend a steady amount of time researching my own decisions – like where the best place is to eat sushi in Ann Arbor, or what C.C. 465 kata lagi

Research Journal

Art and archives -- Pau

Hello all! My name is Pau Nava and I am second year grad student in American Culture. My research looks at the art history of Mexican Chicago and larger Chicanx history in the midwest via the arts. 963 kata lagi

Research Journal


So, new semester is completely underway and I’m learning to ride the waves of stress once again. It’s going well so far: remembering to drink water, get ~7.5hrs of sleep, and making time for little bits of progress instead of putting things off until I have multiple hours to do a chunk of work. 849 kata lagi

Research Journal

Welcome to “Reports from the Field”! This is the page where you will share your reflections on readings and research. These journal entries should be at least 500 words long.

Research Journal

Aaaaand We're Back!

Back to school for a new semester full of a plethora of sources for stress!

As for my running to-do list:

  • continue to declutter in preparation for moving out next year (finally!)
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Another Semester Done

I just feel like writing for the sake of… closure? I was planning on working through the Christmas break on this project, but I have enough to keep me occupied, and I need to make more time to relax and take care of things that I neglect throughout the school year like cleaning my room and my workspace… So, for now I just want to recap the running list I have from a few other posts to have a bit of a snapshot of where I am. 337 kata lagi

The Progress Report is due TODAY

Since this journalling thing helped me focus last night, I figured I would continue with it today. My jury is finished and it went mostly well, then my friend Kate gave me a SUPER adorable squishy li’l bunny friend that makes an excellent stress ring when I put an elastic around it, and I have stuck to my phone for now while I type. 346 kata lagi