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Modeling of Student’s Performance Evaluation

Abstract:- We proposed a Fuzzy Model System (FMS) for student performance evaluation. A suitable fuzzy inference mechanism has been discussed in the paper. We mentioned how fuzzy principal can be applying in student performance prediction. 79 kata lagi

Automatic Bottle Filling Inspection System using Image Processing

Image processing has been one of the important area in each and every domain of Industry. Many Automated plants working with robots and Highly advanced Machines needs to be evaluated by the time so the Production can meet the Performance. 376 kata lagi


At 19, this boy (Aadarsh Mishra) has 23 research papers & counting

Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Deepthi Sanjiv,  | Aug 9, 2015 |

Aadarsh Mishra

The Manipal alumnus now features in the India Book of Records for his feat… 682 kata lagi

Engineering Education

Thursday 7/23/15

  • Lab pictures!
  • Checked out books on genetics, transport phenomena, and differential equations – started reading about genetics
  • Talked to Jason about things to read re: his work, so that I can properly present the poster at the AMBIC conference…
  • 16 kata lagi
Research Journal

Wednesday 7/22/15

  • Spent almost entire day and night getting XSEDE account set up, troubleshooting, etc. (after getting log in issues resolved, scripts run on login node with version of pyrosetta in home directory – need to get MPI working and sending things to the compute nodes, various errors with the MPIJobDistributor, re-implementing it in my main script as described in documentation) …
  • 79 kata lagi
Research Journal

Monday 7/20/15

  • (travelling)
  • Chem BE app (supposed to be open for 2 hours)
    • App not open, emailed tech support, pending answer
Research Journal

Thursday 7/16/15

  • Give lit meeting
  • Group lunch
  • Prep application materials for Chem BE app (follow up with recommenders, make sure GRE/etc sent)
  • Work on getting data from Jazz, MARCC (rosetta issues), or Stampede
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