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Day 2 of the Sprint

I did not spend as much time on this as intended yesterday, but I finally filed my taxes! I’m taking a much time as I can to write something here to get my thoughts flowing before supper, and then after supper I’m going to work for ~3.5 hours before I shower and get ready for bed. 516 kata lagi

*Cue the Rocky-esque montage*

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I have 1.5 hours to spend on this today, and 4.5 hours tomorrow (which may end up being closer to 3.5 hours, but that is still a good chunk of time). 286 kata lagi

Life Happens, Get on With it.

First, let’s just get the self-deprecation and excuses out of the way:

I feel like a failure. I feel like I’m drowning. I have no logical explanation for why I do this to myself. 921 kata lagi

RR for “Article Y

RR for “Article Y

     The article “When and Where to Actively Restore Ecosystems” published in Forest Ecology and Management Journal, seemed to be more opinionated as to the systems that are currently being utilized for the restoration efforts. 357 kata lagi

Research Journal


  • backlog for ARTICLE Post
went to JSTOR on mtsac library
search details : wild life extinction, checked article box and time frame for 200-recent
Research Journal

Gotta Love that Mid-Semester Chaos

I’m drowning in my own head. I did make a spreadsheet of a few programs and made some notes about their entry requirements, program structure, and end skills/future careers! 590 kata lagi

Research record keeping

Jumbo Defence by Thimindu Goonatillake, Attribution-ShareAlike Licence

Keeping a research journal helps your thinking during your project, and you will refer to it constantly when you are writing up. 224 kata lagi

Being A Researcher