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[Oct. 2016] Lecture reviews


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Childhood is the perpetual topic of Permindar Kaur’s artistic making. Her installation and sculpture both explore the territories of cultural identity, home and belonging. 965 kata lagi


Research Journal XIX

In the initial meeting for our bibliotherapy workshop, the group will discuss what the teachers feel are the most important topics/issues facing their children. While I think this is important, I also think that they need to do an informal survey with the children afterwards – asking their classes to write down anonymously a few topics that are bothering them or that they wouldn’t mind discussing. 35 kata lagi

Research Journal


Near Wroclaw, there is a town called Bolkow, with a wonderful medieval castle, partly in ruins, but with a connection to a Schubert family.  Is this relevant to my Schubert ancestor? 330 kata lagi

Family History

Research Journal XVIII

I want to make sure that they cross section of teachers that participates in the workshop for gifted teachers is a diverse one. I will invite teachers, counselors, and school librarians and they will be from both public and private institutions across the county. 23 kata lagi

Research Journal

Research Journal XVII

There is such controversy surrounding the term, Bibliotherapy. In regards to my workshop of gifted teachers, I plan on using Bibliotherapy in this manner:

  • Teachers and counselors will be given the information about bibliotherapy as a tool.
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First leadership article

Got my first article on leadership accepted by a LM, that’s encouraging.

It was the hardest one I have ever written so far.  In fact, it is not a very good one, but something good enough to be a start.   26 kata lagi

Research Journal

Research Journal XVI

Updated list of narrowed articles for literature review:

Allen, J. R., Allen, S. F., Latrobe, K. H., Brand, M., Pfefferbaum, B., Elledge, B., . . . 182 kata lagi

Research Journal