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Detecting Genetic Markers

I recently had my DNA tested and am currently navigating this scientific world of the New Age.

I am not going to advocate a particular company but I can advocate doing your research about which one is best. 603 kata lagi

Homework for Tuesday, February 21st

Today’s class introduced you to the Annotated Bibliography, a style of writing that summarizes and evaluates sources used in a larger research project. In case I did not say it enough, your AB is very important, and when done right, can help you write your outline, plan, organize, and write your research paper. 577 kata lagi

Annotated Bibliography

Some tips for using OneNote as a research journal

Tips by Joanna Paterson, Attribution-NonCommercial License

As I have mentioned before I use Endnote a lot, including for keeping a research journal. I like it a lot because it is flexible, searchable, automatically backed up on the cloud, and I can access it from my computer, ipad and phone so its always with me. 324 kata lagi

Using Your Tools

Entry 2 - Michael Ros on gamedramaturgy

´What I am saying is that at its core, the theatre is much more flexible in adding and dismissing media without committing ontological suicide. […] This makes for a more flexible artistic process than when making a videogame. 263 kata lagi

Research Journal

Entry 1 - Michael Ros on gamedramaturgy

Entry 1 – 6-02-2017

Today I´ve read a part of the MA Thesis by Michael Ros. It is something that was recommended to me last week during a lecture on theatre studies and robotics (held by Maaike Bleeker en Dennis Vermeulen). 1.543 kata lagi

Research Journal

Urban Planning - The beginnings

Thinking about what exactly I could observe when on my bus journey through Coventry City. Here are some ideas I’ve started to think about:

Perhaps I could notice people’s front garden and if this differs across the town. 157 kata lagi

Indirect portrait

This frame of portrait was referred by  Tecey Emin’s work. I wanted to put comprehensive things in objects.

When I took this task, I was struggling. 188 kata lagi

Research Journal