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Rhapsody in Blue in the Media

Here is the United Airlines commercial featuring Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue (with encouraging comments such as “best airline commercial ever,” “loving the Gershwin,” etc. from random YouTubians, which further proves my argument of this piece’s lasting influence): 131 more words

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Two book sources

There’s a pretty cool chapter in the Duke Ellington Reader (p. 114) about Ellington’s response to Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess… though this doesn’t have much to do with… 133 more words

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Submission Extension for Volume 3.

For those thinking of submitting their work for review and publication to the Global Societies Journal, its not too late!

The final deadline has been extended to APRIL 5TH.  31 more words

More research--draft 2

Found another useful source for comparing Ellington and Gershwin (and it was a seriously interesting read). A eBook called Dvorak to Duke Ellington: A Conductor Explores America’s Music and it’s African-American Roots, it is centered around the issues concerning race and jazz. 144 more words

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Research for Draft 2

Found an old NY Times article before Ellington’s performance in Carnegie Hall in 1943. There is a paragraph where Ellington is quoted mentioning Paul Whiteman and his respect for him despite the fact that his popularization of the symphonic genre of jazz (Ellington preferred to call his own music “Negro music”) was much different than the way he viewed his own approach to music.  25 more words

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Robert Schumann Herald of a "New Poetic Age"

Successful journey today to the New Hanover Library brought me another resource on my search for all things Carnaval.  Two forms of ID later I have a shiny new library card and a promising package. 172 more words

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History of War during Schumann's lifetime

The culture we grow up in naturally is a determining factor in shaping how we view and interact with the world. As I was writing the first draft of my research paper I realized that it would be important to research what was happening during Schumann’s lifetime.   267 more words

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