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Recording & Transcribing Interview Data

There are a few different styles recording and transcribing interview data. The most common style is tap recording during an interview. This method allows the interviewer to go over the interview to ensure the response is correct. 106 kata lagi

Daido Moriyama - Colour


Moriyama’s primary choice of shooting is to shoot in black and white, the rarity of him shooting in colour is what interests me most about this series, to see the world captured by Moriyama in a vividly colourful perspective is an interesting and beautiful opportunity. 246 kata lagi

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The two images i chose to compare and explain are those of Tim Walker and Juergan Teller. Both very modern famous images from two great present day photographers. 267 kata lagi

Contextual Studies Reflective Journal Tasks

Conditional knowledge and metacognition

Metaconition refers to higher order thinking which involves active control over the congnitive processess engaged in learning. Activities such as planning how to approach a given learning task are metacognitive in nature. 134 kata lagi

simple selection

When doing a research paper their has to contain evidence to support your claim. In this journal discusses different types of researches collecting processes. Probability and nonprobablility are the two types of sampling that are discussed. 157 kata lagi

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Literacy Discourse and Linguistics

As children we mimic adults when we are learning how to speak. This is the being of our discourse development. We identify different roles with in the family. 298 kata lagi