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Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Life-cycle assessment (LCA, also known as life-cycle analysis, ecobalance, and cradle-to-grave analysis)[1] is a technique to assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product’s life from cradle to grave (i.e., from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair and maintenance, and disposal or recycling).

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All people in the world need language to communicate. Language is a very important element to communicate with others in everyday life. 939 kata lagi

The Theatre of Memory (Symposium), Abbey Theatre, Dublin

Unlocking the myths of our past to understand the present.

The symposium takes place at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin January 16-18, 2014

In this time of historical centenaries, Ireland’s national theatre presents a three-day symposium to debate the role of theatre in commemoration.  229 kata lagi

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A 'Very Modern Struggle': Allan Sekula

In August of this year, the artist, activist, writer and educator Allan Sekula passed away following illness. The subject matter of the majority of his project work was framed by the relationship between capital and labour. 1.839 kata lagi

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ALLAN SEKULA 1951-2013

An artist, writer and educator of great conviction, it is very sad to hear of the passing of the remarkable Allan Sekula.

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Beyond Control

There have been longer gaps between recent posts than would be liked, in the preparation for installations and events regarding the project in August & September in Ireland. 256 kata lagi

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No Longer Indifferent: The Photography of Milton Rogovin

He is dangerous to the internal security because of his strong adherence to Marxist-Leninist principles (internal FBI memo dated April 8, 1968)

In 1909, five years after… 1.695 kata lagi

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