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Classic replica air pistol review: Crosman Model 451

If you asked replica air pistol collectors to name the first CO2 powered, pellet shooting replica airgun styled to look like a semi-auto pistol but using a concealed internal rotary pellet carrier, many might suggest the Umarex CP88 from 1996.  2.978 kata lagi

Top 5 albums ever

just to give you some kind of idea of musical style, I hearwith present my 5 favourite albums ever. (As of today, the list changes every week!) 270 kata lagi

Beastie Boys

Classic replica air pistol review: The Marksman Repeater

Many wonderful classic replicas are now out of production while others seem to go on and on despite not being terribly impressive. The Marksman Repeater has been in production for almost sixty years now in one form or another. 2.557 kata lagi

Verizon Fios Network Extender

What is it?

The Fios Network Extender does two things:

  1. Extend your wireless network
  2. Extend your wired network

I separated wireless and wired because I cannot stress enough the importance of wired networking. 1.614 kata lagi


Repeater: the 2017 Drawing Subscription

As a nod to the classic Fugazi album of the same name we’re taking inspiration and liberties with the concept of repetition, which has always been something of a constant for the studio. 331 kata lagi


Testing BYU-H Repeater

From: Roland Smith K7OJL


For the next couple of weeks I’m going to host a net on the BYU-H repeater on both Sunday evening at 9pm and Wednesday evening at 9pm. 317 kata lagi

Amateur Radio