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GB7ES Back online

On the 20th February a new ISP is now running at the repeater site.

Regular users of GB7ES will be aware of recent issues with the network connection on site, and more recently with there being little or no connection at all. 57 kata lagi


Grosir Networking - Tenda WiFi Router Extender Repeater N301 300 Mbps Easy Setup

TENDA N301 – Wireless Router N300, Easy Setup 300Mbps Wireless Router

Tenda N301 Wireless Router / WiFi Extender / WiFi Repeater… 194 kata lagi


Asus RP-AC68U Range Extender Issue

I was in the market looking for an Access point for my home. I wanted a strong access point to cover the entire ground floor. 389 kata lagi

How To

Ξεκινώντας το DMR από την αρχή

Αρχικά πρέπει να γίνει μια εισαγωγή από την βάση στο σύστημα DMR, γιατί έχει πολλές ιδιαιτερότητες, πρωτοτυπίες και νέα ορολογία, που στην αρχή ίσως ξενίσουν τους συναδέλφους και θα γίνει εδώ μια προσπάθεια ώστε να αναλυθεί όσο πιο απλά γίνεται, για κάποιον που θέλει να μάθει τα στοιχειώδη και να ασχοληθεί ή όχι με αυτό. 232 kata lagi


The WiFi Repeater You Probably Have on Your Bench

Few things are as frustrating as a WiFi signal that drops in and out. On a public network it is bad enough but at home? Even if you can live with it, your cohabitants will certainly impune your technical abilities if they don’t have solid WiFi.   294 kata lagi


Trivia Question for December 14, 2017 – LA Emergency Repeater Net


Not including today’s check ins. How many total check in have we had on the LA Emergency repeater net for 2017? 33 kata lagi


Fugazi - "Repeater" (1990)

Fugazi are punk rock royalty with being credited as one of the founders of the post-hardcore genre. “Repeater” was the band’s first full length album and is widely acclaimed as a keystone album for post-hardcore and punk in general. 292 kata lagi