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Don't Settle for Just a HT

Often a new ham’s first radio is a handheld transceiver (HT).  A HT represents the lowest-cost entry point to amateur radio and is relatively easy to set up and use.  719 kata lagi

Amateur Radio


The practice of briefly keying a microphone (hitting the push-to-talk/PTT button) to see if a repeater responds with a courtesy tone is commonly known as kerchunking (or ker-chunking) in ham-speak. 179 kata lagi


Stuck Microphone

While it’s mainly a local VHF/UHF communications issue, stuck microphones can be a real problem.

A stuck mic situation is when a radio operator inadvertently transmits for an extended time because they have unintentionally triggered the push to talk or transmit switch on their radio.  769 kata lagi

HT (Handheld Transceiver)

Build a More Effective Repeater System for Portables

When we want to extend the coverage of handheld two-way radios, the first option is typically to incorporate repeater as a solution. However, a repeater isn’t the full answer. 219 kata lagi

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Raspberry Pi D-STAR DVMEGA Build

Here is a build of the GigaParts DVMega Pi3 Kit SKU: ZXX-DVMEGA-01-K  This kit is nice since it includes everythign you need to get started with D-Star DV-Mega.   141 kata lagi

Ham Radio

Antique Swiss Gun Metal Chronograph Quarter Repeater Pocket Watch Circa 1900 in Action

Watch this Antique Swiss Gun Metal Chronograph Quarter Repeater Pocket Watch in Action. The watch is from the early 1900s and is a beautiful specimen.