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Network Elements

1. Network Elements
● Router
● Switch
● Hub
● Bridge
● NIC card
● Gateway
● Modem
● Repeater
● Firewall
● DHCP server… 640 kata lagi

CompTia Network+

Senarai Repeater di Malaysia

Kami telah berpindah ke halaman baharu yang lebih stabil dan selamat. Sila klik di bawah:

Senarai Repeater di Malaysia

Radio Amatur

Networking Devices

Networking devices also known as Networking Hardware or networking equipment. There is no fixed word for them and you can call whatever you want! You must have heard names of many networking devices like Router, Switch, Hub, etc. 1.041 kata lagi


Allstar versus IRLP

We have recently converted our 443.300 MHz repeater from IRLP to Allstar Link.  We turned off IRLP node 3013.  We have started building a new Allstar Link node for our 146.700 MHz repeater as well.  507 kata lagi


Our First Allstar Link Node

We’ve been working on a project for the last couple of weeks and now we can reveal it. Our 443.3 MHz repeater is now Allstar Link node 28941.   410 kata lagi