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CULTS AND SECTS - Mormons [705]

I have made reference to these sects and cults elsewhere, with the exception of perhaps the Mormons who are a peculiar crowd of their own. (But not as peculiar as Scientologists, who are SO peculiar as to not needing refutation. 237 kata lagi


Sharing Book Reviews

My thanks to Sally Cronin for featuring Strongbow’s Wife on her blog, along with an excellent review.

For anyone that’s interested, there are two ways in which the Strongbow story connects with Archbishop Becket. 76 kata lagi

Irish History

CULTS AND SECTS - Christadelphians [703]

This group, in common with Jehovah’s witnesses and others, also shun those prior members with whom they disagree, and by which  the resulting isolation and supremacy destroys family relationships. 395 kata lagi



Paul’s summation in verse 25 of Romans chapter 7, goes something like this. “I have reason to be thankful to God because of Jesus for having been set free from this body of death. 467 kata lagi


Why religious belief isn't a delusion – in psychological terms, at least

Why religious belief isn’t a delusion – in psychological terms, at least.

If someone told you, in all seriousness, that they talk to invisible beings who control the universe, you’d probably back away slowly, nodding and smiling, while desperately looking for the nearest exit or escape route.

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The Contradiction of Radical Islamic Terrorism

Radicalized Islamic terrorists and their supporters say that Jihad states in the Quran to “kill the un-believers, wherever you find them” which they use to justify terrorism and murder. 149 kata lagi


What if you are wrong?

One thing that kept me religious for so long is the fear that in my inquisition, I might inadvertently come to the wrong conclusion. What if I determined that there was no God and then that turned out to be the wrong position to take on the matter? 950 kata lagi