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Horror of horrors! To even suggest such a thing? And the logic of it says NO. But this thought may emerge when confronted with the scripture in Acts concerning the CHANGES going on because of the shift from the old to the new covenant. 576 kata lagi



She wakes up, enclosed in white. All she can feel is the pain shooting through her thighs, the constant beeping causing the pounding in her mind to get worse and worse. 739 kata lagi


The Foundations must be shaken!!

Greetings beloved, The bible talks of foundations in many places,a foundation is by definition

  1. The act of founding, fixing, establishing, or beginning to erect…
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A revelation in the cemetery and the five people.

I share this story with you to help us understand how the commands of God Almighty get manifested in this reality.  And the heartbreaking experiences of our lives are based on the “Design” of the cosmic system and are serving a greater purpose according to his “plans”. 

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God the Father - "As your Father, I cannot make anything more clear to you"

Holy Love Ministry

August 14, 2018

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. 236 kata lagi


Who are You?

My wife Kathy spent several years working in a large kitchen for a ministry. Starting at the bottom cooking for the daycare she eventually moved up to assistant chief. 1.459 kata lagi

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Sporty women break barriers

Zanzibar (an archipelago that is part of Tanzania) is predominantly Muslim. Culturally, women participating in sports of any kind is seen as taboo. These women, however, are… 43 kata lagi