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From Hayley's 'Red Letters' Blog

Monday has arrived and it’s the start of a brand new week. Here are some affirmations of faith for you and I to stand on this week.

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When there’s something troubling us about our health, we go and see a doctor. When we have problems is our life, who do we ask for help? 83 kata lagi


It's Not Racist If Whites are the Victims. (Is That an Adequate Excuse?)

These are paintings done by Kehinde Wiley, (the artist that Obama chose to paint his presidential portrait).  Isn’t it amazing? To witness the double standards practiced by the left? 108 kata lagi


On Maimonides' 13 Principles Of Faith

Regarding faith, it only temporary, and it will someday be replaced with awareness and confidence in God.  Obviously, you cannot make someone believe in the unseen, yet you can give them hope, nevertheless. 652 kata lagi


God Allegedly Has Bigger Plans for Me

When Michael Schur was coming up with The Good Place, he asked Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof for advice. “ told me, ‘Here are the pitfalls. 2.257 kata lagi


Lent Day 3-5: The 'Good News'

God is a God of increase, an extravagant and generous creator. His universe is ever expanding, and he invites us to live a bigger and more generous life. 567 kata lagi