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Saudi Arabia, Waging War in Yemen, Gives It $66.7 Million in Cholera Relief (LOL....)

The newly elevated crown prince of Saudi Arabia, who as defense minister has led the country’s bombing and blockades of Yemen, showed his charitable side on Friday with a $66.7 million donation to fight the cholera outbreak in that country. 546 kata lagi

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The Divine Story(-ies)

Listen to LP’s “Into the Wild” before the story unfolds. It will give You goosebumps You need this sunny day. 

Once in a life time everybody finds that one book to which we turn back in the worst moments. 541 kata lagi



This past week was terribly stressful for me. We found out we are settling on our first house this coming Thursday which is amazing. I started to feel overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done by that time. 384 kata lagi


Prenatal Yoga Musik

Avslappning Musik Akademi has created another album, which is designed especially for pregnant woman. This compilation of instrumental sounds offers peace & harmony – factors that are important & needed for child’s healthy development. 60 kata lagi

Relaxing Music

Day 3. The bodies are starting to stink. Just kidding. But I betcha I got someone’s attention. 😝 anywho day three of the CBD oil. Still no headaches.

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Borderline Personality Disorder