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Bury Me Free

Have you ever been to a place
So dark
You’re not certain whether your
Eyes are opened or closed?
Something like being stuck in-between a… 70 kata lagi


May Percival Preen A Bit? Just a bit?

Is Percival allowed to preen a bit? Just a little bit?

Well, while the young pig knows that he will get some really awful reviews of the book from time to time, and that this is a part of the game, it really made him feel a bit chuffed to see that the first review that he received on Amazon is a five star. 117 kata lagi


Don’t be mad at yourself for feeling like crap!

It is OK to lose your emotional balance! It is not the end of the world! It truly is alright!

You don’t have to feel joyful and in love with life at all times – nor can you! 176 kata lagi

How To Allow

Where Do You Find Hope?

Gratitude List:
1. (What inspires you?)  A child I know.  This morning, I was watching video of President Obama placing a wreath at Hiroshima, and Joss asked what it was about.   372 kata lagi


Follow up

A few posts ago, I mentioned that my oldest son had cancer. He has since had a PET scan – positive emission tomography – and we got the results today. 253 kata lagi


Ann Lewis

In my research so far, I’m finding a mixture of artists using linework in lino and those creating pictures from block tones. Ann Lewis’ work rarely uses a graphic, white outline; instead her images are made up of areas and shapes… 350 kata lagi


#fridayflexnight-Getting Your Groove On Friday

Once again it’s Friday; #fridayflexnight. Feeling quite relieved, Thought I heard you breath a sigh of relief…Laugh!

Remember whatever it’s going to be for you today, … 90 kata lagi