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Swim Spa For Arthritis Pain Relief, Swim Spa Dealer Chandler, Phoenix ☎ 480-969-6224

A safe, all natural strategy, a swim spa can be highly effective at reducing pain, relieving stiffness and promoting muscle relaxation. Here’s how water therapy and the right swim spa can bring you the relief you deserve. 9 kata lagi

Best Hot Tub Dealers


There are instances in life that punch us in the gut and we lose something we’ve only thought we had earned. It could be acknowledgement, recognition, reward, a home, job, car, or boat. 273 kata lagi



Yesterday was my son’s ophthalmologist appointment.  I was not stressed out about it, though perhaps I should have been considering one of the major findings the MRI from May showed was an optic glioma.  441 kata lagi

Final Reflection and Exhale... #relief

As part of my coursework in Professor Remi Holden’s INTE 5340 Learning with Digital Stories Summer 2015 course at the University of Colorado Denver, I have looked on my experience as a learner with (digital) storytelling given my participation throughout the semester. 1.730 kata lagi

Flash Drive Friday.

I don’t make any decisions without weighing out not only the options but also asking my self why I am making those choices. I am calculated, it allows me to regret less. 248 kata lagi


How to ease acid reflux symptoms

Having problems with acid reflux? You’re not alone. Dr. Hashem B. El-Serag, section chief of gastroenterology and hepatology at Baylor College of Medicine says the number of people experiencing acid reflux is increasing. 152 kata lagi


Watching a Movie About Your Life is weird, right?

Funny meeting you here, Notebook by the Bed (wtf kind of name is this anyway). Well, I’ve just returned from the late showing of “Trainwreck” and am wired off of Mr. 527 kata lagi