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Comic Relief 2017: Debacle and Debauchery (Angry Rant)

As I start writing this piece it is 12:15am on a Saturday morning. I have just invested five hours in watching the Comic Relief broadcast – the purpose of which is to raise money to combat the route causes of poverty and social injustice. 757 kata lagi

Experimenting with acrylic inks

I found some oval wood shapes at the hardware store today. This is printed with acrylic ink and gouache acrylic paint added to the background.


that Serpent named Anxiety

Another heavy week.

This Serpent is wrapping around many of us.

Let’s not ignore what’s killing us.

Ignore what’s killing you, and you’ll drown. 471 kata lagi


The Truth, Honesty, and Life!

Hey y’all!! Thanks for visiting my neck of the woods, Yes I know I am new but just stick around and in no time I will be cruising along and hopefully you will get something out of my blog. 484 kata lagi


It really provide a relief to the eyes……

Choosing To Be Free

Today was a really weird day for me. This sounds so sad and trust me when I say I know it does, but I got so used to being alone here at school. 219 kata lagi

Manage Low Back Pain At Home

Perhaps you bent the wrong way while lifting something heavy. Or you’re dealing with a degenerative condition like arthritis. Whatever the cause, once you have low… 1.379 kata lagi