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Her Dawn .

“And she has always poured her heart out to anyone who seems to understand but now she gets it . All she ever needed was herself .

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Better Days 

” Want what you have , love who you can and effortlessly be who you are . One day you’ll understand that you were all you ever needed . “

25-Word-Stories .


Creeping crawling under your skin

Not sure of where you should begin

Twisting turning trying to reach

Scratching clawing unable to find

Driving you crazy outta of your mind… 94 kata lagi

Meet Dr. Len Bauduin --an incredible man, healer, and holistic chiropractor

This article cites my originally published article of Nov. 16, 2013 on EXAMINER

After going up north–to be with my daughter while she birthed our glorious twin granddaughters–last week, sleeping on a hospital pull-out chair bed for three nights, then the flight home, lugging a suitcase in/out of a car, and so forth, it shouldn’t have, but it did, surprise me that while I was getting into our truck last week–I tweaked my back. 1.038 kata lagi

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Repose - Hard Work

The bones of my feet ache from the pressure of holding my body up all day.

The arch of each foot throbs as though they’ve been looking for a way to relieve the pressure. 224 kata lagi