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Spiraling out of control

Sometimes I tell myself I’m an over thinker. Do you realize how many thoughts a day just pop into our head? It then leads to another thought, then another, then another, until it spirals out of control. 134 kata lagi


1,000's of Asthma Relief Products!

Anyone who suffers from asthma understands knows how miserable it is to deal with severe asthma attacks. At National Allergy, we carry products that are portable, natural, and will provide long-term relief for asthma sufferers. 13 kata lagi

Allergy Relief Products for Babies

If your baby suffers from skin allergies, we have a list of doctor recommended laundry detergent, bedding for cribs, and hypoallergenic dish washing liquid that will keep your baby free from irritating allergy symptoms. 12 kata lagi

Dominica struggles to recover from devastating storm Erika

The night of 26 August began as any other night for Mary Fontaine, her husband and their two children. The family live in the south-eastern community of Petite Savanne, in Dominica, a 290 sq. 595 kata lagi


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Please remember our brothers and sisters in Dominica

Is this REALLY relief??? (Cee's Odd Ball Photo Challenge #35)

To see a boat on the other side of the bridge pylon, the land side, very high and very dry AND named Relief, seriously, you gotta wonder… 17 kata lagi


a long massage

really enjoy a good massage. The first real massage I received was when I was was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. My dad got a deep tissue massage, and my sister and I were interested enough in what that meant and how it felt, that he booked us back-to-back 45 minute massages as well. 177 kata lagi