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Yoga for Sciatica Nerve Pain and other remedies


The need to help others

Coming from a Western country, I’ve always felt a sense of privilege. I’ve been out of the country quite a bit, to areas that don’t have the kind of infrastructure we take for granted. 532 kata lagi

Yoga for Your Lower Back

I know after a long day, gravity has compressed my back and I get terrible back pain. The following three pages of exercises are the best way that I alleviate pain. 29 kata lagi


My first 5K

So this week our assignment and as apart of the World Wide WordPress 5K, I ran a 5k with my boyfriend.

Now, I am no cross country runner so I broke it up in sections. 291 kata lagi


Glitter Jars

Okay, so I’ve seen these glitter jars on the internet a few times now… They look so cool and fun to make but I daren’t do it by myself. 511 kata lagi


Full of the joys of spring (in autumn?)

Yes, I’m a happy bunny! After months of waiting, referrals etc. I finally got to see a specialist who could give me a clear diagnosis of the pains I’ve been having for the last year or so in my left thigh. 211 kata lagi

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