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Long distance crush - Poem

Excite & Shiver, it is the long distance crush,
I want to stay in and want her to stay in too.
Crush is very soft, so slight push will break it, 229 kata lagi


How to Achieve Constipation Relief with These Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

Constipation relief can be achieved easier than you think with some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle. Read on to learn what to do to relieve constipation. 31 kata lagi

The Catharsis - A Villanelle poem

I gave everything, my every bliss,
but that’s not how love works,
Am a soul too, that need smile too.

I weaved letters, my every love, 107 kata lagi


Slash IRS Back Taxes! IRS Compromise - Hire a Professional or Do It Yourself?

Slash IRS Back Taxes!

This video is another in a series on the IRS Offer in Compromise program.

This one is about Hiring a Professional or Doing It Yourself. 34 kata lagi


Silence Kills And Reliefs

Silence is eternity and powerful.Being silence can make you have a clear mind, be thoughtful and it can also make sad, selfish and gives you pain. 314 kata lagi

Relief/ Lega

Day 16 Relief

Teach me O LORD to always come to You when tired and heavy burden. Relief is only in You. In order for me to learn from You and bears the burden of life. 44 kata lagi

Praying For The Body Of Our Children