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How to Support Nepal's Earthquake Relief Effort?

A massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on April 25. As of now, nearly 1500 deaths have been reported and this number is expected to rise. To put things in perspective, Nepal’s recent earthquake is 22 times larger in its impact than the… 601 more words


Nepalese in Minnesota raising funds to aid earthquake victims

The Nepali community in Minnesota is raising money to help those in their home country affected by the devastating earthquake that hit southern Asia Saturday. 411 more words


US sending disaster response team, $1 million aid to Nepal

WASHINGTON (AP) – The United States is sending a disaster response team and $1 million in aid to Nepal following a devastating earthquake.

The White House and Secretary of State John Kerry are offering condolences along with pledging the support. 100 more words


Condolences and Support.

I cannot sleep tonight, 
And neither can I weave words of sadness and beauty.

Sadness because Nepal, beautiful Nepal and her capital, Kathmandu are in crumbles… 354 more words


The Service Station

Do you remember taking a long road trip and after what seemed like endless miles of road, the relief of stopping at a service station. Somehow, a 5 minute toilet trip turned into a much needed break and the journey itself momentarily forgotten. 258 more words

Nepal Earthquake, prayers...

prayers for Nepal for rescue, aid, relief, fresh water, generosity, healing and peace.

more than 1400 lives lost. many many injured. many with whereabouts unknown, many possibly buried with nightfall, rain, cold and aftershocks complicating the situation. 21 more words


Unencumbered (A-Z Challenge Day 21)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the freedom old age brings.

I know there are many burdens that can come with old age, such as mobility problems, memory loss, loneliness.  662 more words