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#1: 'On Second Thoughts'

Chance'd be a fine thing, if
It wasn't me it happened to
Nor you, nor us
The bike, the bus
One down, and one across
Die between two hands
Spin around three times, and stop
And nothing is the same, when
I saw the lights go by
I was three miles west away
I was inches
I was seconds - no
I don't know what I was - away
From losing you
Too close, but far enough
And, for that
We have
Chance to thank, and
Chance to blame
One down, and one a cross
The die, two hands
Come home with me
Be near me now, and never go
And when
It all comes down to chance
That is
Not ours, on second thoughts.


Endo Day

New endo. Lesson for how to be. How to be health care provider, how to pediatrics, how to communicate parents, how to boots, how to breezy, how to smart. 293 kata lagi


It always feels the same after a particularly challenging practice. My voices become loud – deafening even. But, despite the challenge I told my ego to shove it and let go of the physical difficulty of the class. 353 kata lagi


The Journey

When I started out life, I didn’t know I had to try so damn hard at it. Nobody told me it was easy, but nobody told me it was hard, either. 912 kata lagi


The Ordinary, The Mundane

It’s odd, now that I’ve been out of the relationship drama for over a week, how I have to search for something passionate to write about.  202 kata lagi