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Do you know that you were made for more?

I always have. I still do. I have this continual desire to evolve into a greater version of myself. 408 kata lagi


JBUL 23: My Commentary On The Article With Title Of How Long Will I Be Allowed To Remain A Christian


For this introduction of this post, I will give an example of how this post will look like.

“How long will I be allowed to remain a Christian?” 880 kata lagi

John E Boardman

Why Can't You Just Pray Hard Enough?

As many of you probably have noticed, I’ve been a little absent on my blog and Instagram lately. And though, most of my absence can been explained by me finishing up my school work and other things that comes with being a senior in college, I’m going to tell you what has… 1.018 kata lagi

Don't Be A Victim !!!

Evil thinking is what we might want to define as deciding upon a situation and drawing conclusions in our minds although there is an absence of authentic evidence.

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It’s Friday.  Turn.  It’s a choice today.  Will I let my eyes fearfully stare at the overwhelming stuff of life?  Will I glare at things I have no power to change? 547 kata lagi



Ps. 37:23  The steps of a man are established by the Lord, and He delights in his ways.

As I keep my watch over you… 258 kata lagi