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A Spiritual Autopsy

My Reiki client yesterday is a young woman who works in the funeral industry and is the person who, a few years ago, let me know of my gift with Reiki and hands-on healing. 158 kata lagi


Reiki Certified

I have completed my Reiki training!

Reiki Master/Teacher Cert

Now I need to practice. If you would like a FREE distant healing please message me and I will respond within 24 hours. 30 kata lagi


Booking Private Sessions in LA Burbank on 4/3

Hello Friends. I will be taking private sessions for Intuitive Readings and Energy Work on 4/3 in LA Burbank area. Time slots available. Plus, you can combine an Intuitive Reading and Energy session for even more good energy! 9 kata lagi


Tales From A Tortoise

If you love tortoises, this Kindle book is perfect for you. (Stacey has also written Living With Reptiles. I read the latter a while ago and found it absolutely fascinating. 36 kata lagi

Heart Based Reading

Can You Meditate Too Much?

If someone asked me if a person could meditate too much, I would probably have said “No” until this weekend. Normally, I like to do 10-25 minutes of meditation a day when possible. 360 kata lagi


My Remedy. Do you suffer with anxiety, depression, uncomfortable paranoid feelings and self doubt? 

Hello everyone, welcome back.

As you all know I have been doing reiki now for 3 months! I have said so little in the beginning as I was sceptical and to be honest unsure of how it works! 353 kata lagi

Irish Blogger

Healing From A Distance

A Review of Angel Light Healing Arts

I have had a quite the journey in all aspects of my life, over the past few weeks. Work has improved and changed (I’ll update you soon), more film opportunities have come to me, I’m healing myself from the inside out, which is bringing up some issues. 525 kata lagi

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