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My Awakening.

Not many people know what an awakening really is….I can tell you that you basically fall apart, just so that you can rebuild yourself again. Like an onion peeling off the layers, you strip yourself down to the bare bones. 1.680 kata lagi


Reiki | Meditation | Grief

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This feature is written by Avril Ewing.

ABOUT AVRIL… 671 kata lagi


The Reiki Journey Continues

Just wanted to post a quick update to say I am happy to announce I am now a fully qualified Reiki Master! Or to be more precise, a level 3 Master Practitioner Shinpiden. 214 kata lagi


The Five Elements of Intimacy.

I was just listening to a Bars Facilitator zoom with Simone Milasas author of The Joy of Business, and she reminded me of the five elements of intimacy that… 977 kata lagi

Authenticity. Your freedom awaits.

To become utterly authentic, we require a want for freedom… from limiting beliefs, self preservation + sabotage, from fear – and from instinctual behaviour learnt throughout our entire life. 329 kata lagi


Benefícios do Reiki para a saúde

Estamos ouvindo falar a cada dia mais da “energia universal”, o Reiki. Esta é uma técnica que se utiliza a energia vital para trabalhar com diferentes aspectos no ser humano, tanto físico, mental e espiritual, resolvendo as dificuldades na vida. 390 kata lagi