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Sense of humor

Sense of humor! Sigh! If common sense is uncommon, a sense of humor is, too. You know, if you want to remove your blocks within yourself, learn to laugh at yourself about the very things that hurt and angered you earlier. 126 kata lagi


Capture the Moment in Sound

Writer and flautist Britta E Potter came to visit us today with one of her favourite Native American flutes.  Britta who writes a popular blog called… 81 kata lagi

What is Crystal Healing?

Hi y’all!  Happy Monday!

Some of y’all have probably noticed that I have added another certification this last year.  I became a Certified Crystal Healer in early November and plan to study more about crystals and crystal healing later this year to upgrade my certification to Advanced Crystal Master. 335 kata lagi

Clarifying ideas on witchery, a blog post

Once I went to a medium, because that’s the sort of thing I do, and she connected to my deceased friend who kept telling the medium to tell me that I’m a witch. 240 kata lagi


Enriching What You Do

Reminder:  Soon I will be using this blog minimally as a means of sharing reflections, news, classes etc.  Instead  I will send out a Newsletter 6 times a year via MailChimp.   455 kata lagi


C.O.T.W - Septarian / Dragons Stone

Thanks for checking out the very first Crystal Of The Week post! I’ve been wanting to blog about crystals but wasn’t sure where to start, then it hit me!

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Spiritual Growth

Reiki I & II Lessons / Attunement

Yesterday, I traveled to Virginia to participate in a Reiki I workshop led by two friends of mine. I came out of it attuned at the Reiki II level, which is simultaneously awesome and kind of intimidating. 224 kata lagi

Magic And Mysticism