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Don't Do Reiki On an Empty Stomach!

As I write this blog, I am eating noodles, an unopened can of strawberry soda waiting patiently beside my agate book end for me to open it. 1.339 kata lagi

What is Reiki?

Reiki (Ray-Key) is a Japanese word meaning “Life-force energy” or “Spiritual Energy”.  It is both ancient and new.  Palm healing exists in many cultures, but palm healing is only  part of Reiki.  553 kata lagi

Salvation (an excerpt)

The gray haze of Midwestern humidity hung over the stopped traffic on Interstate 70. Matthew clicked the radio on to hear the news while he waited for the wheels to start turning again. 545 kata lagi


Serving Rather Than Achieving

Having grown up in a large, dysfunctional family, I internalized the sense that earning love and approval were grounded in achieving success in the world. Self, chores, school and eventually career were measured by their intrinsic worldly value. 456 kata lagi


Chanting Meditation Master

Chanting Meditation Master: Background Calm Music for Chanting, Reiki, Massage, Nature Sounds

The album is available on iTunes music store:

You will also find it on Google Play Store: 50 kata lagi

Lisa Zen

Animal Reiki

This is why I teach Animal Reiki, and use it on my own dog. Axel had to have extensive dental surgery to remove a few teeth. 111 kata lagi


Painting Witches

I had the best time at the paint and sip tonight! It was so nice to hang out with dreads girl….the girl that I mentioned before who is so pretty but I don’t “get” the dreads. 451 kata lagi