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Crystal Healing for Horses offers a modern, scientific approach to the ancient practice of using the power of crystal vibrations to rebalance energy fields. Information is presented on the science behind crystals, methods of use, and application of the principles to horses. 84 more words


Recovering Sleep

I slept so well last night that I woke early and charged for my day. I generally sleep really well–although for about a decade in the worst years of being sick, I couldn’t sleep. 268 more words

Lyme Disease


Often as not, it is the small and insufficient details of living that will tarnish or break our happiness. – dbA

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Dans Chaos

Visibility and The Power of Witnessing

There is a great power in allowing yourself to be witnessed, to become visible undoes the knots that bind us to the past. When I was twenty-one I was part of a Reiki Sharing Circle that met once a month. 414 more words


Tips To Choose The Right Reiki Courses In Melbourne

Due to the numerous health advantages, reiki techniques are gaining popularity across the globe. There are many institutes offer reiki courses in Melbourne, you need to find the best suitable as per your needs. 160 more words


Angelic Reiki 

I got attuned to Usui Reiki few years back but I never practiced it on friends or family nor did I do the self healing. After attending a few workshops with Jayn Lee Miller, I was inspired to do Angelic Reiki. 193 more words


Animal Healing @ AchyPaw

We are always adding to the toolkit of services that we can offer to dogs and constantly attending courses and workshops. The other week Chris took part in a hands-free massage course and we have managed to adapt and incorporate many of the moves learned into our canine massage techniques. 392 more words