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Shaheen’s Weekly Intuitive Forecast Video May 29, 2017

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Shaheen’s Weekly Intuitive Forecast explores the energetic atmosphere for the week ahead. Discover what hurdles and opportunities lie ahead. 214 kata lagi


What's Next?

As soon as I made the decision to leave Korea, I was then faced with the next big and seemingly impossible question.

Now what…?

Do I go home? 543 kata lagi


Relacja z warsztatów Świadomości Bogactwa na Lanzarote

W maju 2017 całą wyjątkowo dobraną grupą polecieliśmy na piękną i pełną magii wyspę Lanzarote. Warsztaty pod hasłem Świadomość Bogactwa to jedno z najpiękniejszych moich doświadczeń. 1.956 kata lagi

Rozwój Osobisty


Last night I dreamed that I was in a kennel/vet office type place and I had a pure white German shepherd that was placed in a kennel. 89 kata lagi



#post4_Helloo friends. Its been a #long_time. Hope you guys are doing good. When I ask people they have got their own experiences to tell. Some are good. 319 kata lagi


Book On Karuna Reiki Free Download

Book on karuna reiki free download

1 review for The Book on Holy Fire Karuna Reiki by Laurelle Looks very clear and the insights in this books 9:30 am Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master Reiki 3 Manual A Complete Guide to The purpose of this book is to give the reader a comprehensive guide to the teachings and disciplines Reiki Level 3 Manual The Book on Karuna Reiki: Advanced Healing Energy for Our Evolving World TheBook on Karuna Reiki Advanced Healing Energy for Our Evolving World by Rand, Reiki. 460 kata lagi

Discovering your True Self and Oneness

We are one.  That theme keeps coming up for me lately in a variety of ways.  I have always felt a connection to the Earth through my love of stones and gardening.   381 kata lagi