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Hi my sweet friends and family. I am sitting here on a Friday listening to Prince. He came to me in my dreams the other night like an angel all dressed in tight white sequins. 1.045 kata lagi

Reiki Playground's 52 Journal Prompts to Deepen Your Connection to Reiki: 1. I became attuned to Reiki because...

52 Reiki Journal Prompts from Reiki Playground

  1. I became attuned to Reiki because…

The short version of the why I was attuned to Reiki is I originally heard of Reiki when I was researching a modality for a character I was writing, but I didn’t decide to get formally attuned until my current Reiki Master managed to ground me out of a shaky/floaty panic attack and I decided I had to learn how to do that for myself, so I did. 157 kata lagi

52 Journal Prompts To Deepen Your Connection To Reiki


Chakra Balancing:

Up to one hour.
Chakras are energy centers in the body through which energy flows. These energy centers are directly linked to mental, physical and spiritual attributes.   525 kata lagi

Chakra weight training?!

Not into yoga? More of a weight training person? Wondering how you can connect spiritually without the oldest and most practiced exercise for meditation? No worries, because it’s quite simple. 409 kata lagi


About Me and HMR

Thank you to Bryce Hilton for helping me put this video together

Love and Compassion

This is a great card for the current energy of Moon in Taurus. Taureans are all about love, compassion, and beauty! Take a step back and think on this. 195 kata lagi