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At The FFXP, we employ trainers who use a wide variety of techniques. Holly Dixon is our Pain Management and Holistic Care Consultant. Using natural techniques is something we advocate strongly for; medicine is overused to help with weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 297 kata lagi


My 15 minute guided angelic healing meditation for mind, body & soul

As part of my work as a Reiki Master I created the 15 minute guided angelic healing meditation below. The aim was to help people release past and existing emotional and physical pain and to bring positive thought and contentment to their present and future. 935 kata lagi


Using The Reiki Box to Detox your Body, Mind and Soul

     I recently had a baby. I was especting to go through a natural vaginal delivery without anestesia. I took every training recommended to get ready for this magnificent moment. 205 kata lagi

Gaja Elephant Reiki available now!

Picture source unknow or I would give credit.

This attunement was channeled by Eva Norlén.

Gaja means Elephant in Sanskrit and as it is similar in name with our beautiful planet Gaia I chose this picture of these green elephants created with living plants. 284 kata lagi


I fly to the west

I fly to the west
Imagining that I may chase the day
As it falls beneath the earth
Setting embers alight as it rests there… 133 kata lagi


50 Grand Spa Collection

50 Grand Spa Collection – Relaxing Spa New Age Music, Healing Nature Sounds, Massage, Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, Stress Relief, Beauty Center Music, Wellness Therapy is an album created by various artists. 34 kata lagi


Cats and Energy Fields

Cats have an incredibly positive aura. Their energy is high vibrational and healing to humans as well. This is due to the nature of a cats energy field and how it transmutes our negative energies. 513 kata lagi