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Konshen - Bruck Off Ya Back (Remix) (Ft. Chris Brown) (Review & Stream)

In our favorite ratchet clubs of America, Konshens ‘Bruk off ya back’ is getting some serious burn. Well for the inviduals that don’t quite go to ratchet clubs, here is a new song by Koshen called ‘Bruk off ya back’. 71 kata lagi


Dreadlocks In Derry (Lee Perry)

I didn’t really need an excuse to return to Derry, on my two previous visits not only friends but everyone I met seemed happy to see me & to share stories. 1.003 kata lagi


Lost in the Reggae House

I remember. I miss that glorious body heat, that social animal feeling. There we were, my so-handsome dance partner, and me, butt against the plank walls of the reggae house.  1.041 kata lagi

Laha Lele

Drizzy VS. Drizzla

When Drake’s “More Life” premiered on OVOSoundRadio last Saturday night, it seemed like the world stopped to tune in. Okay, maybe not EVERYONE but definitely the music fans on my Twitter timeline… 547 kata lagi


Almighty Uprisers - Systematically Screwed Interview

Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started? What about your name?
Almighty Uprisers: Started in 2015, the name sounded the best from a list of half a dozen most bands create before settling on a name. 415 kata lagi


Metro City ZIGGY - bar

Metro City Ziggy

A music bar in the center of downtown Kanazawa. With a dance floor, bar counter, and a lounge area as well, Metro City ZIGGY is a great club/bar/hotspot mix. 89 kata lagi